Marketing Tips to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 09, 2020


You are super thrilled because you just launched an online web store or probably gave your previous E-commerce Website Development efforts an uplift. However, there is a not so little problem – None of your target audience (by SMM Services) is visiting your online web store. Well, we assume that you might have taken things a bit easy. But let us tell you that even though an online web store signs OPEN 24/7, you still have to put in a lot of effort.

E-Commerce Digital Marketing in Pakistan requires time, investment, and lots of patience; perhaps, marketing a physical store is simple than Digital Media Marketing of an online web store.

Technically, an E-Commerce marketing strategy is dependent on the online retailer’s business goal, capital, and importantly – PRODUCTS. Plus, buyer behaviour, habits, and schedules are changing quicker than ever. Hence, keeping up with the speed of these Digital Consumer Trends of 2020 can be difficult.

Now that we know you have more tasks to manage than ever before, we are here to offer you our Digital Marketing Services. Our automated solutions will help you get everything done in a jiffy – from jumping into trends to growing as a business and everything in between. So are you ready to get Social Media Marketing Services provided by Xcentric Services; to make sure that your online customers buy from you and not from your competitors? Well, if you are still in the middle of nowhere, read through this article. It covers everything you need to know about our Social Media Management Services.

On-point Social Media Profile

Well, you might be thinking that why is this the first thing we want to talk about because it is quite simple. No, it is not. The savvy online customers of today want to keep a double-check over if your brands and products are a real deal. Hence, for that, being a Digital Marketing Company in Pakistan, we make sure that each of our client’s social media profile is up-to-date.

However, if you are a small or mid-sized business that doesn’t need to be on every other Social Media Platform, we get you covered too. Our affordable Facebook Marketing Packages in Karachi and Instagram Marketing Services are all you need to conquer the social media world. Because what’s better than sticking to the basics?

Next, when we talk about creating on-point social media profiles, here are some best practices our Social Media Managers at Xcentric Services follow;

  • They set your business logo as your profile picture. And with that, they also make sure that it is not a super high-resolution image that is not optimized or a blurry image that looks unprofessional.
  • Just as savvy marketers recommend, we post more than once every day on your Facebook and Instagram handle. This way, your target audience is updated that you are up and running, not just digitally, but overall.
  • One common mistake that businesses do is not putting up their contact information on their online web store. But our teams make it unbelievably easy for your online customers to find you by placing your contact details where appropriate.

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Customer Follow-Ups

Assuming that you have asked your online customers for their emails, you will inevitably receive their emails. And that’s precisely where our Email Marketing Pakistan services jump in to help.

When customers visit your online web store, we keep a follow-up with them, ask what they want, and recommend products based on their last purchase. Moreover, we also ask online customers to leave a review of your products, and once they do so, we might offer them a discount. Though don’t worry, before we move ahead with each step of this campaign, we will get your approval.

Retargeting Campaigns

Perhaps, you don’t have such customers to follow up, which we mentioned in the previous point. The question here is – How Xcentric Services can help you target people that are genuinely interested in your products or services?

At this point, being a Social Media Marketing Company, we retarget the prospective customers who have already visited your online web store or may as well have made a purchase.

Google Analytics tracks every business’s bounce rate. Precisely, the percentage of people that leave your online web store just after viewing a single page. Though you don’t need to worry about tracking the percentage yourself. We will help you decrease this percentage with our E-Commerce Platform Integration Services that cover platforms like Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Customer Engagement and Gratification

With our Online Marketing in Pakistan tweaks and tricks, we encourage creating user-generated content. And for that, we ask your target audience to share the pictures of them using your products and services or something memorable.

Moreover, we also interact with them as much as possible through SMM services so that they feel like you appreciate them. And believing the fact that a little fun hurts nobody, we also leverage time-bound challenges. They usually go viral and create a FOMO.

And lastly, just as you need someone to have your back and support you, online customers also prefer buying from brands that support them. Hence, to make sure that your customers feel supported throughout the online shopping journey, we thank them by having a review section on your online web store. It makes your brand transparent and attractive at the same time.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Imagine searching up on Google to find something that you want to buy. The first thing you click on will probably be an image of the product you searched for; without knowing the brand. Well, this is not uncommon.

The good news is that you don’t have to invest huge to be on the highest rank. With our SEO Services in Lahore and our E-Commerce Platform Integrations, you can rank higher on SERPs organically. Rest assured, adding value to your Magento E-Commerce Website Development efforts, achieving the SMM services in Pakistan goals, and inclining your online customers to buy from you is all on us.
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Prioritizing New Opportunities

Being a Magento 2 Development Company, we understand that it is never too easy to keep up with the forever shifting online consumer demand, especially in this dynamic era.

Hence, we use the Recommendations page as the best source for real-time personalization guidance. Moreover, we also discover new opportunities for campaigns with the help of your optimization score.

More than 20 million keyword recommendations are added in Google Ads based on the current trends. Also, recommendations added every day.

In March, one of our clients noticed an increase in demand for hand soaps and sanitizers. By using the keyword recommendation, we were able to quickly pivot their Online Advertising in Pakistan to the new keywords. And as a result, their monthly traffic increased. So, are you ready to experience the best of traffic with Xcentric Services? Get in touch with us if your answer is YES!

Performance Planning

Countless new growth opportunities are appearing in search due to changes in buyer behavior. By using the Performance Planner, we will remove the guesswork in the process and provide you with a performance plan. It will predict clicks and conversion rates based on Ads spend level and ROI targets.

Rest assured, with the use of Performance Planner, we will set your budget at the right level; to capture the best of growth opportunities on searches.

Real-time Campaign Optimization

Usually, we see brands deliver performance while dealing with limited resources and time. But when you partner with Xcentric Services, we make sure that these constraints are balanced – All with the help of Smart Bidding. It helps us drive more performance out of your spending, all while freeing up time.

And now that there are new featured built-in Smart Bidding, we will create, monitor, and manage your strategies. All in all, by combining all your Social Media Marketing and SEO Services in Lahore campaigns in a single portfolio, we will drive performance more effectively.

Plus, for your understanding and approval, we will present you with the bid strategy reports. These reports will give you a deep dive into how the strategy is working and the online conversion rates.

Monitoring Performance

In this forever-changing Magento 2 Website Development market, it is essential to keep a check on the performance regularly. Hence, we prefer using the Google Ads mobile application to monitor our client’s campaigns in real-time. This way, we can take prompt actions whenever required. Moreover, with the manager account in the mobile application, we also;

  • Find business-wide trends and performance insights on the Overview Page.
  • Enhance performance with the help of optimization score and prioritize recommendations.
  • Direct campaigns and compare performances.

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The Road Ahead

By the end of 2020, we believe that new trends will keep on rolling out. You need to adapt to them if you want to keep on driving performance and grow in this dynamic Magento 2 E-Commerce Development arena. However, handling it all on your own can be a bit challenging.

So, let the professionals at Xcentric Services handle your E-Commerce Store’s marketing. We are a Magento 2 Development Agency and a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan as well. Hence, we hold a grip on connecting both these tech worlds perfectly by providing  promising Social Media Marketing Packages in Pakistan and Professional SEO Services. So if you are ready to meet your business goals and boost online sales conversions, hire us as your Social Media Marketing Agency TODAY!







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