Use YouTube Marketing to build your Brand

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 22, 2020


YouTube is a social media platform that has emerged as one of the most popular ones among Millenials and Gen Z – The leads of this era. Today, much flourishing business and reputable brands use it to increase their revenues and generate leads. Because it’s known for converting views into dollars. Hence, the savvy marketers of today have considered YouTube Marketing in Pakistan as a vital ingredient of every Social Media Marketing in Pakistan strategy that is aimed at building a Brand.

Today, every second person is engaged in vying on the latest technologies, fashion trends, and the latest DIYs. Hence, we’re sure that this platform can build you a brand. While you promote any of your products or information over it.

Considering that YouTube can be your secret brand-building weapon, you need to know how to best use it in your favor. Because it’s a bit different from other social media platforms. On YouTube, the users are more focused on watching content. Rather than reading, like we generally see on Facebook and Twitter. Hence, if you have an audience that is excited and browses YouTube for education, entertainment, and everything in between. Here’s your chance to build your brand with this valuable platform. We’ve previously discussed how to Build Brand Awareness through YouTube Advertising. Today, let’s take a detailed look at some tactics that will make your YouTube Marketing Strategies effective.

YouTube-specific Keyword Research is essential

Building a brand with the help of YouTube Marketing requires content that lets the audience discover a business. And keeps them engaged. Hence, to know what type of videos your target audience is interested in, and what sort of videos excite them, YouTube specific keyword research is essential.

What’s the purpose behind creating a video that doesn’t amount much to your brand building, because no one is watching it? – A reason why keyword researching is essential. Considering that YouTube is a powerful platform. And surprisingly, more people prefer searching content here, rather than on Facebook or any other social platform.

Therefore, focus on knowing which keywords are the most searched and create videos hitting on them to build your brand.

Align Content with your Unique Selling Point

Defining what makes you more unique than your competitors and why the audience should invest in your business is essential. Hence, creating content isn’t the real catch, aligning it with your unique selling point is the achievement. Rest assured, the aligned content will surely resonate with your audience.

Let’s take an example of Xcentric Services. We are Magento Solution Partners in Pakistan, as well as Microsoft Partners in Pakistan.

Considering this, if we’re creating a YouTube Video on How to Speed up your Magento Site, we’ll also offer help on Integrating Magento Commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP. With this, we’re showing our unique selling point and our values. Opt for this tactic to build your brand by creating a video that highlights your brand’s unique selling point very precisely.

Magento Solution Partners in Pakistan

Opt for a Distinctive Channel Look

Let’s make one thing clear – Videos aren’t the only thing building brands. The distinctive and unified looks of your channel also contribute a lot to it.

A YouTube Channel goes a long way, considering that every element on it is tied together and impresses the viewers. Hence, having an easy-to-recognize channel, which is based on complimenting colors, thumbnail and banner are essential. So make sure that your viewers know through your video popups and the look of your channel that there is something exciting your brand offers.

Build relationships with your Audience

Fostering relationships with the audience is given the least importance by most of the businesses. Unfortunately, this is the worst you can contribute to building your brand image.

The savvy audience of today wants every brand to recognize and acknowledge the time they’ve invested in their viewing their products and videos, by communicating with them. Therefore, remain open to discussion every time your audience wants to hear from you. Keep up with the YouTube comments on your videos, answer the queries of the viewers, and see how positively this will impact the viewer’s interpretation of your brand.

Build relationships with your Audience

Final Words

YouTube is here to stay, and so is YouTube Marketing in Pakistan. Though some of your videos might not get many significant views, you can still share them on every social media platform, to build your brand identity. Rest assured, a YouTube Channel is an asset for every business in today’s visual-driven world. So if you need some help in planning an effective strategy that builds your brand, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services today!







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