Marketing Blunders that can Ruin Your Profits

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 26, 2019


While a smart marketing blunders strategy can bring a new boom to your business, any bumps and blunders along those lines can be proven irrevocable.  And perhaps, your Online Reputation Management strategy has a direct impact on your business’s reputation, its customers, and subsequently its profits. Hence, while strategizing, you need to be super sure that you’ve considered all the Dos and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing to avoid damages beyond repair.

Being a business in this tech-savvy era, it’s a good idea if you target your audience and switch to personalized marketing blunders for reaching out to specific people personally. Marketing blunders retention is also a beneficial tool as it will help you focus on your Loyalty Management Services and long-term customers. Hence, make certain that your audiences’ attention won’t divert to your competitors. 

Are you facing troubles and your business isn’t making the type of profit you aimed at in the first place? Being a Digital Marketing Agency, we assume, it’s now time that you look into your Social Media Management strategies and analyze them. Though to help you out, in this article, we’ve covered some marketing blunders which businesses have been making forever. Read on and see if you’re making any of these mistakes so that they can be fixed in time.

Creating Feeble Content

If you are a new business or you want to retain customers or even for the sake of SEO Services Chicago, quality content is the way to go about it. For a website, long articles and stories have proven to hold prominent SEO Services in Lahore power. Having said that, creating larger and more frequent content won’t do much good if the content is neither relevant nor attractive to its readers.

While drafting the content, keep your audience in mind and understand what they might be looking for. Any content, boring or irrelevant will bring bad faith to your business. And unfortunately, the products and services you are offering will lose their appeal.

Content is a way to connect with your target marketing blunders and help them build their perception of your expertise. So if you’re drafting content, before you begin, ask yourself these questions; 

Is your content educating, entertaining, or engaging for your audience? 

Are you sure that’s the type of content you want for your business?

Being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we’ve come across numerous businesses who are publishing content just for the sake of having a blog up on their website. And if you’re also one of those companies who just write content for the sake of just writing it, STOP; Start focusing on producing quality content, not just the quantity published.

A Slip in Choosing the Right Marketing Channels

Oh yes, not choosing the right Digital Marketing Services in Chicago channels can account for big marketing blunders. You can market your business in a number of ways; From direct messages to Email Marketing Services, Facebook Marketing Services, and Online Marketing on Instagram to downright sending flyers.

The only catch here is which medium would suit your business better. Considering that the tech-savvy generations of today are all drooling over technology. Focusing on your target demographics is a good way to understand how, and to what your potential customers would respond better.

For instance, if you are a beauty cosmetics company, sending out flyers might only tint your Online Reputation Management Services. While on the other hand, using social media with attractive advertisements and Facebook Marketing Packages directed only to girls between ages 15 and 35 would prove to be more fruitful.

However, marketing blunders in figuring out the right place to access your customers are the key here. Assess social media groups, forums, and channels along with other online platforms to understand your target better. It’s never a bad idea to watch your back and find out what your competitors are up to and what benefits are they reaping out of their Facebook Marketing Chicago strategies.

The Prerequisites to Marketing Blunders

Plotting and planning which channels to choose and how will you loom your Facebook Marketing Pakistan content is a prerequisite to luring more customers onboard. For instance, strategizing  YouTube Marketing Services in Pakistan without a plan is like traveling the world without a map. If you ignore the essential plans, you are probably going to miss your audience. Plus, you’ll end up wasting time as well as resources spent on YouTube Marketing in Chicago.

It’s a general perception that spending a lot of money on WhatsApp Marketing Services is the way to go. But what they fail to understand is that money is important, but it’s also redundant to send money without a proper WhatsApp Marketing for Business plan.

It’s crucial to success that you choose the right medium to spread your message and if you feel like you are not the best judge, not an issue. Just consult a Digital Marketing Consultant to guide you with your Digital Marketing Services strategies.

Falling through converting Leads into Customers

If you think placing advertisements, Email Marketing in Lahore, or content ensures good marketing blunders, this might come to you as a shock; What you achieved was just the first step. If you don’t pursue the leads to give you any contact information, you won’t be able to keep a track of them. So you might want to gather the data of all the potential customers first. When you have a group who is interested in what you have to offer; Start working on converting them into your customers.

An important factor while converting a lead into a customer is the response time. Your success is measured by how quick you are at contacting your lead once you’ve got a way to reach them. You need to diligently keep a track of this conversion process, and be quick in responding. But also responding correctly because your responses put your business’s reputation out at stake.

Shrugging off Online Reputation and Reviews

You do realize that your online reputation and reviews have a direct impact on your business. So if you thought not paying attention to this part would matter, you might want to rethink. Moreover, consider reading our latest article on Google Reviews: How to increase them? to understand the importance of these reviews. For a lot of people out there, online marketing blunders and reviews are the deciding factor. Whether your business is worth the try or do they have better options out there. Unfortunately, ignoring your company’s online reputation is something that happens more often for your own good.

Negative online reviews can be calamitous for your business. And at the same time important too. Since you get insights on what changes or betterment can you bring to your business. Responding to these negative reviews can be a tricky business. This can be a turning point if you are tactfully responding to your unhappy customers to control the damage. And perhaps, it can be a dual benefit because you might be able to retain the customer with a promise. The promise is – You will improve and at the same time give out compassionate, professional, and knowledgeable business vibes.


In this competitive and tech-driven business world, without a well-thought-out plan, you will be at a disadvantage with your competitors. Hence, put a good amount of time and effort into marketing blunders planning and strategizing your marketing blunders campaigns. However, if you need some help with digital solutions, get in touch with us today. We are a Digital Marketing Company having years of experience in providing expert marketing blunders solutions to businesses. So if you are aiming to boost your business’s profits, contact us at your earliest! 







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