Managing Your Modern Workplace With Microsoft Office 365

John Smith

  • May 08, 2019

All the familiar tools such as Outlook, SharePoint, and Skype for Business, Microsoft offers advanced interfaces and platforms for efficient environments.

Microsoft Office 365 Yammer, created by teams and groups and is so-called modern workplaces. I will tell you the latest workplace creation with the help of Microsoft office 365. If you are running a business and you do not know about Microsoft Office 365 feature, you are still working as old school. To get information or to buy Microsoft Dynamics from Xcentric Services.

Old School To A Modern Workplace

The users used to create one file and save the file on the desktop. If any user wants the file you made and saved, there were different levels of difficulty to pass and get the file. After that it was impossible to tell which saved document is the most recent. Moreover, it was a part of sharing where you have to send huge attachments by e-mail. Forwarding them to several receivers and all of them willing to add comments. Changes brought about by the shaky steps of digitization have finally restricted this form of communication and cooperation to the accounts of history.

Classic Versus Modern Communication

That is the reason why companies and organizations are currently searching for a future strategy known as the modern workplace. The focus is placed extremely on end-users. It is commanding to understand which requirements the users have in command to provide suitable technology for faster, more productive, and modern collaboration. Generation Y known as the millennial can no longer think life without any of social networks. They use social networks to obtain and also share information and communicate. Right now, social media are the fastest way of staying updated. Microsoft Yammer Enterprise is a social network solution for organizations but what added value will you actually get from Yammer Enterprise? The point is that!

The Yammer Enterprise social platforms help in the socialization and sharing of ideas throughout the organization or in areas of the same interests. You can substitute communication and collaboration by ensuring a greater influence and by including internal employees, external business partners or target groups in your company’s social network. This takes place using different groups and topics.

What is more, you want to know, you can quickly and simply share information with your organization and business partners to guarantee that everyone remains constantly updated and to provide them a platform to discuss ideas on different topics? You can also start surveys to get new understanding in a flash and to praise employees for good achievements. Overall, a universal contribution to this kind of platform will openly increase staff satisfaction.

Office 365 Groups offer group and workspaces created on SharePoint Online, bringing together e-mail, calendar, notes, tasks, and file directory functions at a suitable location. This allows group members to cooperate on various topics and projects and to air their ideas. They use a shared interface and are not compulsory to switch back and forth between different programs and screens.

Office 365 Groups can be used as a browser-based service as well as integrated into the Microsoft Outlook client. It also supports collaboration with external users. Business partners can be invited into the groups and have complete collective access The Yammer Enterprise technology is united in Office 365 Groups. This means that social network functions can only be used in Office 365 Groups.

This was a brief look at how the workplaces are managed now instead of years before. If you make up your mind to buy Microsoft Office 365 just visit Xcentric Store.







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