Managing Social Media For Businesses – How We Do It At Xcentric?

Ali Kazmi

  • Nov 12, 2020

Being in the social media marketing business can be a frenzy. There is a constant pressure of improving and finding new digital growth possibilities to maintain a strong social media presence. On top of it, when a business has to manage multiple social media accounts, things can get hard. Do you know what this calls for? Hiring a Social Media Marketing Agency that is experienced in Managing Social Media for Businesses efficiently. The cherry on top here is – You won’t have to hunt for one because Xcentric Services is here to the rescue.

Assuming that you are convinced to get on board with us, we’ve covered this article to explain how we get through the process of Managing Social Media for a Company. But before that, let’s get to know the basics.

What Managing Social Media for Businesses covers?

Before knowing we manage social media accounts of businesses, it is essential to understand what it is in the first place. In simple words, Managing Social Media for Businesses in Pakistan covers an in-depth analysis of their type of audience and the creation of personalized and custom-made content exclusively targeted to that specific crowd.

Now, the question comes of HOW? At Xcentric Services, social media management involves tactics that were once highly underestimated but have now ventured their way into the spotlight in the marketing world. These tactics cover; observing web discussions, teaming up with the influencers, providing community service, and keeping a track record of our client’s social media performance and ROI.

We know that the next thing you have in mind is a WHY? As far as Managing Social Media for Businesses is concerned, many agencies do it. However, only a few of them succeed in handling every social like a pro. Ever thought about why is it so? As obvious as it seems, dealing with social media channels with composure and proficiency is the most important step in availing the true lucrative opportunities of social media marketing. And that’s what our Social Media Managers at Xcentric Services excel in.

managing social media for business

The Importance of an Efficient Social Media Management Process

Making it brief, the answer lies in targeting social media marketing strategies that increase communications and help convey a brand’s objectives to its target audience. And that too, while building brand awareness. Once these strategies start bringing in results, you’ll know why efficient social media management is a MUST.

The unfortunate thing here is that even though this is common knowledge among agencies, many of them fail to accomplish it. However, unlike many, Xcentric Services has a fool-proof plan for Managing Social Media for Small Businesses, mid-sized, and industry leaders too.

Managing Social Media – The Initial Steps

The process of efficient social media management at Xcentric Services begins by having a team of dedicated marketing minds that are passionate about the social giants. Next comes the part where we build a social media management process exclusively for every client.

To start off on the right foot, there are three significant stages that we tackle. Technically speaking, these stages are the key contributors in providing our team a direction to follow. It gets them crucial data that they require for management. Thus, giving them an insight into what works for a client and helping them in cutting down on strategies that won’t work. The three stages are described below;

1. Conducting an Online Review

By conducting a review on a client’s social media, our teams get a detailed perspective of the feasibility of the marketing techniques that are already being used. Moreover, we highlight the areas that are draining resources and pinpoint things that are increasing the ROI. In detail, here are the steps our team takes when on a social media patrolling;

  • They list every single social media profile of the company/client.
  • The activity on every profile is then analyzed using different analytical tools. The activities may include an increase in the number of followers, top-performing posts, organic traffic, audience interests, and other behavioral patterns.
  • Next, the data is organized in a very systematic social media review format.
  • Then comes the last step of analyzing the data to know where there are margins of improvement. For instance, if there is a decreasing trend in the engagement rate, we build different hypotheses on this observation; to pinpoint the one reason that could have been the cause of the drop.

2. Choosing the appropriate Social Media Platforms to Engage

While Managing Social Media for Businesses, we at Xcentric Services consider it essential to only be on social media platforms that complement our client’s business goals, needs, and objectives. Often, the target audiences act as a driving force for picking the right social media platforms. Though above all, the most important questions that we ask every client when managing their social media are:

  • What are your business goals? – Improving brand awareness, generating leads, driving organic traffic, and so forth.
  • Is your target audience present and active on the social media platforms that you are considering to be on?
  • Are any of your competitors present on social media platforms and how strong they are in their presence?

choose social media platform

3. Analyzing the intended Interest Group

In the end, it all boils down to the data which our team has collected throughout the process. Following the analysis, the measures that we take are crucial to the customer-business relationship. Precisely speaking, it is what makes the deal for most of our clients.

Customer engagement, loyalty, nurtured relationships, and improvements in social content – everything is determined at this point. And that is how we at Xcentric Services manage the social media accounts of our clients being a Social Media Marketing Company


We all know how challenging it is to manage a business. On top of that, if you also start managing social media on your own, do you know what will happen? You’ll be the jack of all trades, but a master of none. We know, we’re sounding rude here, but that’s the reality.

Looking at the brighter side of it, if you get our Social Media Marketing Services, we’ll have everything sorted out in place. From your social media profiles to your posting schedules, engagement rate, and everything in between. And now that you’ve read through this detailed article, you might as well be considering getting in touch with our team at Xcentric Services. Well then, what’s the wait? Drop us an email at – connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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