Why Small Businesses need Magento, WordPress, Odoo, Microsoft Office, and Teams post-COVID?

Ali Kazmi

  • Jun 10, 2020


Business tycoons, prominent players in E-Commerce Website Developmentand famous statisticians foresaw the year 2022 to bring in progressive developments in the world, accompanying innovations no human mind could assume. But who would have thought that the world would suffer a bad break and be broken by the COVID-19 crisis? Today, we’re in a time where the world is grieving a pandemic, and the global economy is experiencing a drastic setback. The goals of businesses have collapsed, product launches have been paused, and sales are dropping down-slope.

However, when winds are going south, the top-notch companies are making an effort to contribute some support by extending concessions to small and mid-sized businesses. So if you’re a business struggling to meet ends through these uncertain times, read through this article, you might find a way to drive through this uncertainty.


Google has granted more than $800 million to help small businesses, health organizations, governments, and health workers affected by COVID-19. The amount covers $340 million in Google Ads credits for SMBs operating active accounts in the past year.


In an attempt to combat the crisis, and to render their support to small businesses, Facebook has committed to offering eligible 30,000 of them a $100 million cash grant and Facebook Advertising Credits. So if you’re experiencing disruptions and need aid for your rent or operational costs during this global outbreak, there’s no harm in getting a little financial help because it goes a long way.


The Magento E-Commerce Development platform is extending free on-demand Magento and Marketo Engage training. If you’re a small business struggling, now is your chance to get free access to Magento University and Marketo University training up to June 30, 2022. Rest assured, it will take productivity and your digital operations to higher levels.

Moreover, Marketo University rolled out cutting on Public attendance and Unlimited Passports charges through the period of May 2022. Additionally, it is extending concessions on both, MCA and MCE exam vouchers through the period of May 2022, along with 15% discount on public MU attends, 20% discount on MU Unlimited Learning Passport subscriptions, MCA Exam Offer $75 instead of $95, and MCE Exam Offer $175 instead of $225. Besides, it is extending FREE 90-day access to its e-Learning Passport content by the end of June 2022.

In addition, businesses can get Magento Migration Loan, which can further stimulate their move to Magento M2. On migrating, they will get full credit from PayPal, on the cost of financing. So considering that the Magento M1 end-of-support is nearing soon, you need to be combat-ready and migrate now. And if supported, you can hold full credit from PayPal on the loan fee. Being Magento Implementation Partners, we’d suggest you wait no more and take the plunge to migrate because now is the right time.

Magento Implementation Partners

Microsoft Office and Teams

The Dynamics 365 E-Commerce team is empowering a Dynamics E-Commerce accelerator program, embracing an in-a-day engagement to support retailers conceptualizing and driving more agile implementation and Dynamics 365 E-Commerce Integration solutions for their business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist is also accessible free of charge for up to 6 months.

Moreover, Microsoft Teams now offers FREE TRIALS. Hence, the reason why Microsoft Teams’ daily active users now total up to 44 Million amid Corona Virus Crisis. Work-from-home is presently a convenient trend. Hence, being Microsoft Partners in Pakistan, and a Digital Marketing Agency, we’d suggest you switch over to Microsoft Teams for all your team meetings and conferences, because it is a flagship application.

Here’s the link to the Microsoft Teams Free Trial: https://bit.ly/2y67EDN

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Everyone is familiar with the global conditions related to the pandemic. Hence, being a Web Development Company, we’d suggest you focus on adapting to new ventures, requirements, and economic situations; Aiming not only to rescue your business but to develop it.

Small businesses that drive through human-to-human contact are currently suffering the most at the hands of this pandemic. However, such calamities are a pathway to drive your business digital and bring out the best of it.

WordPress – An example of Content Management Services is your way to survive stiff business challenges. It is an open-source development platform providing loads of security and customization prospects to users – Thanks to the wide variety of available plugins. Plus, it also offers tons of free essential tools to unleash the prowess of WordPress for small and medium businesses. So if you’re a small business looking for a way to establish a strong online presence post the pandemic, the obvious solution is WordPress; Just pick it and develop a simple yet effective business website.

Content Management Services


COVID-19 has revolutionized world reality in a notable number of ways. Due to the requirement of social distancing, businesses have now shifted to the work-from-home alternative. This, in turn, sets Odoo ERP Implementation Services and software that render remote work services in huge demand. Working remotely eliminates all geographic barriers, and can hire talent from all over the world. Moreover, it considerably takes care of the work-life balance. Hence, providing its employees with great mental satisfaction.

Amid all this, here are some key features of Odoo work-from-home that are sure to help small post-COVID-19, considering that the workflows aren’t getting back to normalcy anytime soon.

  • Odoo Attendance App 

The attendance of all employees is efficiently taken; Check-ins and check-outs are in-built. Hence, employees, managers, and HR all have access to attendance at an identical time.

  • Departmental Synchronization 

With Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan, it has become simpler to be in touch with your team members individually as objected to interloping with the tasks of other teams to ensure productivity. Therefore, all departments work independently but with synchronization to grow efficiency and save time ultimately.

  • Odoo Project App 

This component of Odoo Oriented ERP Solution assists in taking care of a particular project and overseeing employees linked to that project. It efficiently creates new projects and allocates tasks as well as provisions gamification facilities to monitor efficiency.

Consequently, utilize all these practical, productive, and automated work-from-home features with Odoo ERP Development Services and ultimately increase productivity through capability. Rest assured, these features are sure to help you ensure a smooth flow of business activities in the locked-down world. Though if you need some Odoo Consulting Services, get in touch with us; we’re Odoo Partners in Pakistan providing Odoo ERP Implementation Services.

Odoo Partners in Pakistan

The COVID-19 pandemic is a trial for small businesses around the world. The monetary grants, concessions, and resources from prominent companies are serving as breathers for the before-mentioned businesses. Thus, enabling them to sail through and get their strokes precise. However, to battle the catastrophe, there is no other way out. But staying united and making smart utilization of the resources that can pull us out of the bottom might help. And for that reason, Xcentric Services – Web Development Company in Pakistan is there to help you out with digital solutions.







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