Magento Website Development Services – Why Invest In Them?

kashif ali

  • Feb 08, 2021

In the past, E-Commerce websites were are an investment that only large organizations could afford. However, as more and more consumers have started purchasing online, and very recently, the pandemic took over the world, retailers have seen a decline in in-store visits. Therefore, if you are a retailer, building an online presence is imperative to win that sales share back. While there are many E-Commerce platforms out there combining hosting, ease-of-use, and even POS, we suggest investing in Magento Website Development Services. Why? Because the platform’s CMS is quite powerful when it comes to functionality and customizations. And especially, our clients at Xcentric Services also vouch for the platform’s unbeatable performance.

Want to know more about this retailer-favourite E-Commerce platform before you make the big decision of building your online web store on it? Keep on reading the blog as we have you covered with every nitty-gritty of the platform.

What Are Magento Website Development Services All About?

Magento is an open-source CMS for online web stores that have empowered more than 200,000 online retailers to date. Whenever a business gets our Magento Website Development Services, we offer it powerful and flexible features along with advanced marketing capabilities, SEO, and catalog-management tools. Our services revolve around making the platform as scalable as possible for our clients. Therefore, making it easier for them to improve the overall online shopping experience for customers. Currently, we offer development services in the following editions:

· Magento Community Edition

Filled with a bundle of features, the Magento Community Edition is open for modifications. Hence, when building a Magneto Web Store on this edition, our developers extend its functionalities with plug-in modules – to meet the client’s requirements. Recently, this edition has been a very popular choice of many start-up online stores because it allows them to build their dream web store just right.

· Magento Enterprise Edition

Even though this edition provides the same core files as the Community Edition, it extends more functionalities and features to developers and users. Mostly, we prefer choosing this edition for clients that have large and expansive businesses, as they need more technical support and configuration.  

Why Get Our Magento Website Development Services?

You might be thinking that there are many agencies out there providing Magento Development Services, so why choose us as your Magento Web Development Agency? Here are the reasons why:

·  Flexible Content Management

As Magento is an open-source platform with a visual-based and intuitive page editor, our developers build customized online web stores to cater to the needs of the clients. By integrating extensions and layouts from Magento’s wide array, we put no limits to customizability.

Furthermore, when building a Magento Web Store, we also enable marketing and promotional tools that you can later on use to establish discount codes and provide memberships to customers.

·  Responsive design

Imagine shopping online only to find out that the brand’s web store will only open up on a desktop and not your mobile phone? We know, this sounds frustrating, as we all are habitual of shopping online using our mobile phones while laying in our bed.

Magento Website Development Cost

At Xcentric Services, we take this need-of-the-era very seriously and hence build responsive web stores on Magento for our clients. This means each of our clients’ website works perfectly fine on every kind of device – be it a mobile phone, desktop, or tablet. Therefore, creating a powerful online shopping experience for their customers. And not to miss out, this also increases the chances of a customer leaving their online web store with a couple of purchases.

·  Analytics And Reporting Features

To make the Magento Web Store a perfect administration platform for our clients, we integrate it with Google Analytics – which gives an insight into behind-the-scene numbers. By analyzing data through those analytics, you will be able to evaluate your regular profits and get an accurate sales report. On the whole, this element is critical for every business – as you not only need a CMS that creates a seamless E-Commerce experience for customers, but also the one that helps you improve.  

·  International-Friendly

The internet has opened up thousands of doors for retailers, and suddenly, sales are not just limited to where your physical store is located. Retailers can now sell their products to customers anywhere – regardless of which side of the world they live in. Due to this fact, when building an online web store on Magento, we make sure that it is international-friendly. And for that, we enable features such as language alternatives, price conversion rates, and multiple payment gateways.

·  Multiple Storefronts

Want your business to have more than one online storefront? Then getting our Magento Website Development Services is your way to go. Magento being a powerful E-Commerce platform can run multiple online storefronts from one dashboard. And we being a Magento Digital Agency enable businesses with this capability of Magento.

Magento Web Development Agency

All Set To Get On Board With Us?

We at Xcentric Services are a Magento Digital Agency with over years of E-Commerce website development experience. We have professional and trained Magento Developers who know how to work with Magento and create seamless shopping experiences for customers. Hence, without any second thoughts, you can hire us to build your Magento Web Store. Though before that, if you want to know about the Magento Website Development Cost, feel free to drop us an email, and we will respond back with a quote at the earliest!







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