Why Businesses need to Integrate Magento Store with Dynamics 365

Ali Kazmi

  • Jun 11, 2020

With 6 million users and more than 360 thousand customers all over the world, Dynamics AX provided to small and mid-sized businesses for more than 25 years. In 2020, the system has emerged into something more reliable and focused – Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Businesses realized the impact of the Dynamics 365 Magento Integration. And surprisingly, not only did the integration make the whole process smoother, but it paved the way to a very productive future as well. In a comparatively brief period, the integration of Magento and Microsoft ERP and CRM systems grew popular.

Businesses began analyzing integration opportunities to make stable decisions, and Microsoft Partners in Pakistan, like Xcentric Services, made it easier for them by offering Microsoft Dynamics ERP Consulting Services. At a certain point in time, top-notch enterprises accepted the E-Commerce Platform Integration Services of Dynamics AX and Magento E-Commerce Development as an absolute solution. However, Dynamics AX still experienced changes and was re-launched as Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

However, can Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Magento E-Commerce Platform Integration be useful for small and mid-sized businesses too, or is it just for more influential companies? If you are eyeing out for an answer to this question, you’re certainly at the right place; We’ve covered this article for you. So let’s delve deeper and learn how the Magento and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations integration is relevant to small and mid-sized businesses. 

What Evolved; What Didn’t?

Launched in the year 2002, Dynamics AX gained the trust of mid-sized and huge businesses. Besides, Dynamics AX grew popular immediately because of its features; accomplishing various operations like HR, merchandising, manufacturing, and finances.

Though unfortunately, Dynamics AX has officially been withdrawn now and is no longer accessible. But hey, did Dynamics AX just go through a transformation? And Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations is just the latest name? The answer is No!

We know, they boast similar features, but they are not identical. The most obvious difference is that Dynamics AX was a desktop-based application, that also had some mobile and web add-on features. On the other hand, Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is a comprehensive web-based, as well as a cloud-based solution.

Even though Dynamics AX went through a development process, and there were modifications, the general opinion on Microsoft Dynamics Services didn’t change – Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations are ONLY for large enterprises.

Microsoft Dynamics Services

How can Magento and Dynamics 365 F&O benefit a Small Business?

Just to declare the obvious – The basic idea behind Magento and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O integration is to make your business operations scale quicker, and conceivably make the data exchange error-free.

Do you want to make sure that your F&O installations are sturdy and scalable? Below are some features that the integration will enhance;

  1. Order Processing Period
  2. Streamlined Inventory Management
  3. Real-time order Completion
  4. Flexibility

The stated factors make sure that an E-Store operates well, and at the very moment, conclude that there are no pauses in the internal business processes.

However, in this article, we’ll also observe if there is any possibility of Magento and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O integration doing better than many or most of the Dynamics 365 E-Commerce Integration and Microsoft ERP Strategy.

1. Order Processing Period

As an entrepreneur, leader, or manager, you might not prefer to drive through a complex process where you will have to go through complicated processes. When you reflect on it, not being able to provide a stable processing time to your customers will also irritate them during the process.

The most common reasons behind a delayed or lagging order processing time are;

  • Calls for re-entering information; Leading to the delayed order processing time as well as errors.
  • Incompetent Warehouse Management

Magento E-Commerce Development Services and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O will enable you to experience a much more agile order processing time. With the order processing operation working online, you can set up the sales team and your consumers with an automated order form. Moreover, you can restrict the constant re-entry of sales information or any other information. And there will be no requirement for supporting information into various systems.

The perks of healthier order processing opportunities that you will get from the Magento and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O integration are much more than you can imagine. With a more accelerated order processing time, you also;

  • Enhance Customers’ Shopping Experience
  • Extend your Customer a Sense of Possession
  • Lessen Accounting Costs in the Long Run
  • Control Data Better
  • Dispatch and Ship Faster

2. Streamlined Inventory Management

Holding on to streamlined inventory management is crucial to every type of E-Business. It guarantees a minimum or no duplication, inaccurate information of the stock, decrease overselling, and variations in the stock. A streamlined inventory system and a dynamic order processing time are significant for any E-Store, of any capacity.

The Magento and Dynamics F&O integration lets you develop much more and achieve more, which will not only guarantee better results but also pave way for a more influential and brighter future. You acquire the following features;

  • Package Overview –This will give you an overview of all the merchandise that is arriving soon at your store. Knowing that the products are expected soon will support you a lot in your business prevailing tasks with an estimation of the products’ quantities, order models, mass, volume, etc. Moreover, it will assist you in planning and implementing them more stably.
  • Quality Assurance –This is essential because you will bring in merchandise in moderate volumes. And offering products that are of low quality can do a lot of harm to your business; Financially, as well as its reputation. Moreover, when you record the non-conforming products, you will be capable of tracking them down through the manufacturing process. Thus, recognizing a potential problem that can hinder your productivity.

Inventory Management

3. Real-time Order Completion

Amazon has raised the ante when it gets to the shopping experience. And perhaps, you might be able to get much more when you will offer your customers real-time order satisfaction.

With Magento – Dynamics 365 F&O integration, the customers see what is happening in real-time and receive all the updates in real time as well. Thus, creating a sense of transparency and trust among your customers; making them reach back for the enhanced shopping experience.

4. Flexibility

Dynamics AX users were able to customize the workflows and additional features of the platform with the help of the Microsoft in Pakistan community. Hence, there’s no doubt to the fact that Dynamics 365 F&O holds identical adaptability concerning functional flexibility.

Today, E-Store owners can design a custom workflow that entertains their specifications and automates their business processes. And when combined with a platform like Magento, we being Magento Implementation Partners are convinced that this setup can be robust. Considering that it enabled E-Store owners to develop and support platforms that can support diverse business processes.

Magento Implementation Partners


Every business needs a solution that makes sure that the business can keep on achieving success in the long run. Therefore, picking the appropriate integration is very important.

We at Xcentric Services assure that your E-Store will get the best-suited solution; We’ve always gone beyond conventional ideas to offer our clients a practical integration solution. Get in touch with us today and get Microsoft Consulting Services because that’s a proven way to analyze that which integration suits a business the best.







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