What type of Magento Hosting works best for you?

Mahum Khalid

  • Nov 06, 2019

Before you buy a car, it is always advisable that you see if you have the parking space to accommodate it. Or you have to see if you have to create that space for the car. Either way, you have to know beforehand what you are dealing with. Similarly, Magento being a huge program, requires a proper hosting server to be prepared in order to have it installed correctly. Consequently, the type of Magento hosting you choose for your store becomes an integral part of your strategizing.

Let’s walk through some of the many options you get when you are choosing your Magento hosting to make your business flourish. This choice is critical and you might want to put a lot of thought into it before selecting one.

1. Shared Hosting

Sharing is caring, we have all grown up, learning that. But unfortunately, that’s not much of the truth when you are talking about Magento. WordPress, unlike Magento hosting, works seamlessly well in a shared environment. However, Magento seems to outstrip shared memory allocations in a limited time span. Nonetheless, a Magento WordPress Integration can be the key, given the exemplary extensions, Magento has to offer.

For starters, shared packages might work for you but as soon as the number of your products grows, you might feel restrained and that’s not a good feeling. So to avoid that, you might want to upgrade your Magento hosting plan.

2. Semi-dedicated Hosting

If shared hosting is not cutting out for you, the Magento hosting providers have come up with semi-dedicated Magento hosting solutions. These plans aren’t really dedicated, but for instance, if your shared plan offers 1GB RAM, this plan sets out to offer 2 GB RAM and if that’s about the size you prefer, the world is all yours.

This comes in handy when your Shared packages offer 1 GB and your dedicated package is offering you a minimum of 4 GB but you only require 1.5 GB, so, to not waste money and save the business, these Semi-dedicated packages are a blessing in disguise.

3. Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated plans serve more like a big parking lot, all to your name. you get to park wherever you want to park as per your need at one point in time. To put it in better terms, we can say that with dedicated servers you get access to a complete server and you have the liberty to allocate the resources as per your specific needs.

Since this service is only used by big websites, if you are handling a small or medium size Magento hosting installation, you might not require a dedicated server. As fancy as it looks to have a whole dedicated server to your name, giving you a lot of resources and memory allocations but it will also be a pain if you consider the security and updates you have to take care of.

If dedicated servers are a big deal and sharing isn’t sufficient for you and you also don’t want semi-dedicated plans, then look at the VPS. Maybe that’s what you have been missing in your business.

4. Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual Private Servers are cool in their own way. They aren’t completely dedicated servers but more like they give the illusion of being one. The Virtualization layer created by a hosting setup, allows the system admins to differentiate one user’s resource from another.

Basically, VPS helps by forming virtual servers within one server. While the web hosting providers provide you with enhanced resources, you don’t have to pay the high dedicated-server price since you are only using a virtual version of it. If your store has a certain number of products, the chances are that the shared server may not do justice, while dedicated servers seem much like a financial burden on people, hence, the VPS’s ever-so-growing popularity. VPS has the choice of defining the exact amount of disk space, bandwidth, and memory that you need. Scaling up your VPS is also possible if and when your Magento hosting grows.


If you are still unsure about what type suits you and your business better than the rest, it’s no problem. Not being sure is fine but making a wrong decision because of being unsure might not be a wise man’s play. So, contact agencies that can help you. We at Xcentric services have Magento Certified Trainers in Pakistan who know the ins and outs of Magento hosting and are fully capable of helping you choose the hosting that will work for you better than the rest. Trust us and let your audience enjoy the best user experience with your website.







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