Magento Ecommerce Website Development – The Way to Survive the New Normal

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 28, 2020

Globally, people are self-isolating in their homes because of restrictions caused by the pandemic. However, the good news is that amid all this, E-Commerce has emerged as a lifeline for consumers. They can now buy essential goods and services through online web stores. And so, considering the current scenario, retailers around the world have started prioritizing Magento E-Commerce Website Development Service.

However, the catch here is to create an exceptional E-Commerce experience for the target audience in such challenging times, which requires the help of a development agency. So why not get our Magento E-Commerce Website Development Service and let the professionals handle it all? Our team of Magento developers will evaluate your products and services, strengthen your limitations, and then use the insights to build you the best online web store. Here’s a detailed narration of what primary steps we take to provide our clients with end-to-end Custom Magento Development services.

The Initial Step – Analyzing our client before Magento Website Development

Before we begin developing an operational and forward-thinking web store development strategy for our clients, we focus on understanding what their target audience needs. Our team spends some time researching where the client’s target audience is, reads their customer reviews, and engages with their current customers. This way, they get a sense of where the client currently stands and what aspects we should focus on while building their online web store.

Moreover, before jumping into any conclusion, we thoroughly go through the industry trends and their primary issues. For example, if our client belongs to the cloth retail industry, and there are any supply chain difficulties, we allocate more resources to it. Precisely, we focus more on integrations to streamline Inventory and Supply Chain Management for that client.

Along with spending time on the above analysis, we also focus on things that are now different for our client’s target audience now. Let’s be real – We all know how the pandemic has affected consumer behavior. Hence, when we provide Magento E-Commerce Development service, we make sure to meet the post-COVID expectations of our client’s target audience.

Focus on Customer Engagement

During these uncertain times, focusing on customer engagement and digital marketing initiatives is essential. Alongside being a Magento Development Agency, we are a Digital Marketing Agency too, which is why we understand this aspect very well.

Hence, while building an online web store for our clients, we focus on installing marketing extensions that help build strong brand-customer relationships. Plus, by leveraging these extensions, post-launch, we keep their online web store at the top of their target audience’s mind.

Have you considered Opening up an E-Commerce Store to your Retail Operations? Now is a great time to invest in our Magento E-Commerce Website development service and adjust to the new normal. The cherry on top, we’ll also have your online web store covered with our digital marketing efforts, considering that the consumers of today are living a digital life. All in all, we promise our clients the best of both worlds, be it development or strategizing marketing campaigns.

Magento ecommerce website development

Tapping into the Trends

Considering the fluctuations of customers providing their everyday needs through online shopping, we’ve noticed an unforeseen surge of traffic across the E-Commerce landscape. The conclusion? Setting up an online web store isn’t just enough to earn online sales. Hence, along with providing development services, we monitor our client’s online web store’s metrics post-launch.

Moreover, for driving-in new customers, we tap into the latest sales trends that spike interest in the audience and strategize campaigns that generate leads. Plus, majorly, we leverage the social media marketing trends to boost engagement rates, as mentioned above.

24/7 Customer Support

COVID-19 causing disturbances to daily life calls for altering current retailing processes to carry on serving the consumers in 2020. While launching an online web store solves half of the puzzle, providing the customers a 24/7 support is another need of the hour. You might be thinking that why is this such a big issue. Image how many times you were frustrated by the process and had a query when you first shopped online? We know, you must’ve screamed several times – I need some help to make a purchase, or else, I’m abandoning the cart!

The scenario we’ve pictured might sound disappointing. BUT, that’s not what happens when we build an online web store for our clients. We integrate Live Chat features on online web stores to provide 24/7 customer support services. With such features, buyers have an accessible point of contact to reach out with a query.

Moreover, for customers who are looking for premium services, we suggest our clients provide them with expedited shipping options, Free Delivery, or door-to-door delivery service. Though it is all up to the client, whatever sounds feasible to them.

Clear and Concise Information

At Xcentric Services, we consider the information displayed on an online web store as a fundamental piece of the online retail journey. Therefore, we make sure that every detail we upload on our client’s website is accurate; be it returns and refund policies, delivery policies, or any other T&C’s. This way, when customers shop on our client’s online web store, they know what to expect in return and place an order with confidence.

Moreover, we display discounts and promotions on their online web store at a place where they catch the customer’s eye instantly. Precisely, we’ve got the expertise to cover everything that the new normal demands from online retailers.

Magento web development services


Everyone around the world has embraced the new normal of living with COVID-19 and no one knows for how long. Also now, online shopping is the way to the future for both; Retailers and Consumers. While consumers expect a more engaging, seamless, and richer online shopping experience, online retailers need to invest in building an exceptional online web store.

So, are you ready to survive the new normal all while delivering the best online shopping experience to your target audience? If that’s a YES, there shouldn’t be any more delay. Contact Us at Xcentric Services today, and let’s get started on building your dream online web store on Magento.







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