Why Choose Magento E-commerce Website Development for Your Business?

kashif ali

  • May 10, 2021

With the continuous increase in the number of online buyers across the globe, every business needs to look forward to launching an online web store for selling products and services. However, with several competitive E-Commerce website development platforms out there like Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, make a decision can be hard. If you are a small or mid-sized business, our development experts at Xcentric Services would suggest choosing Magento E-Commerce Website Development for your business. Why? Simply because it is an open-source platform offering countless features and functionalities like catalog management, shopping cart system, and more.

Leading brands around the world like Nike, Adidas, Coca-Cola, and Samsung are using Magento as their E-Commerce platform. As a Magento E-Commerce Company, we are capable of creating user-friendly and responsive online web stores using the features of the platform. Want some more reasons why Magento is a good platform option for you to launch your E-Commerce web store? We have them covered in detail – let’s read!

Magento E-Commerce Development in Pakistan

·  Budget-Friendly Website Development

Budget is an important factor to consider while choosing a platform for E-Commerce website development. If you are looking for a quick and budget-friendly platform to launch your business’s E-Commerce platform, Magento is a great option.

On top of it, when the development team at Xcentric Services manages the process of Magento E-Commerce Development in Pakistan, the cost is lowered by two folds. It will only depend on the number of functionalities and features you want in your E-store and the Magento version. Other than that, we make sure that no extra cost is accumulated and the store is one-of-a-kind at the same time.

·   Multi Storefront Management

For businesses who plan on applying a multi-storefront strategy to their E-Commerce store, Magento is the best choice. The platform allows online retailers to create and manage multiple online shops – from a single dashboard. This way, they can quickly add products simultaneously to all their storefront and save on time. Plus, in case you run into a bug or downtime, our Magento developers are always there to recuse all the storefronts all at once.

·   Open-Source Platform

Magento is an open-source E-Commerce platform, unlike its leading competitors like Shopify, which charge an annual subscription fee. Online retailers who choose this platform to open up a digital storefront for their business get customization options beyond the layout. If you hire an agency like us for Magento E-Commerce Website Development, we can help you develop and promote an E-Commerce store with Magento modules, extensions, and seamless integrations. Rest assured, all of these will add to the impressive look, feel, and responsiveness of your E-Store once it is launched.

Magento E-Commerce Website Development

·    Seamless Performance

When it comes to optimizing the page loading time, processing queries, and other operations, Magento is clearly a winning E-Commerce platform because it ensures high performance. As a Magento development agency, we at Xcentric Services also prefer it because of the countless extensions and customization possibilities the platform provides. So if you up for standing out in the competition by launching a fully responsive and customized E-Store, Magento is the platform to be on.

·    Payment Options

Considering how savvy the customers of today are, it is important to integrate multiple payment gateways with your E-Commerce platform. The good news is that Magento supports almost every popular payment gateway such as Amazon Payment, PayPal, Google Pay, and more. You name it, and our Magento developers will integrate them with your online web store so that your customers can shop and pay online without any hassle.

·     SEO-Friendliness

Surviving on the face of the internet and getting found by customers is only possible with the help of SEO. And that is where Magento gets an edge over other E-Commerce platforms by being SEO-friendly. The platform is jam-packed with features such as sitemaps, URL requirements, positioning layering, and more.

Hence, once businesses get on board with us to launch an E-Store on Magento, we integrate the right SEO plugins and extensions available on the Magento marketplace. This helps in ranking the online web stores high on the search engine result pages, be more user-friendly, and get crawled by Google bots easily.

·     Mobile Experience

More than 60% of online buyers these days use a mobile device to play order. Therefore, it is important to launch an E-Commerce store that is responsive to any and every kind of device.  Luckily, to enhance the online shopping experience, Magento supports HTML5, which adjusts the web store according to the device type. And if there is something left behind that it does not optimize for mobile automatically, team Xcentric takes that responsibility. In simpler words, Magento is the best choice to provide your customers an exceptional online shopping experience.


Whether you have an already existing online web store that you plan to revamp or launch a new one, choosing a platform that meets your requirements and fits your budget is important. Magento E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan can be your ideal choice because it is budget-friendly and offers many incredible features and functionalities.

Besides, agencies like us at Xcentric Services are always there to lend you a helping hand for developing a scalable online web store with features and functionalities of YOUR choice. So why the delay in getting started with the development process? Get on board with us TODAY!







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