Magento E-Commerce Development Services – How Much Do They Cost?

Ali Kazmi

  • Nov 19, 2020

Currently, there are countless E-Commerce platforms available in the market. Out of all, Magento gets the most fame. This open-source platform was released back in 2008. With brand-new updates in its previous version, Magento 2.0 was released in 2015. So if you had been planning to open up a digital storefront, getting our Magento E-Commerce Development Service is the way ahead. But before anything else, at Xcentric Services, we prefer discussing in detail the cost of launching an E-Commerce store on Magento.

How much do our Magento E-Commerce Development Services cost?

Estimating the cost of Magento E-Commerce Development in Pakistan isn’t as easy as planning other finances. It depends on countless factors. However, today, being a Magento Development Company, we’ll provide you a rough costing plan. Plus, considering that Magento offers several pricing plans, we’ll also help you choose the best-suited plan. So let’s get started!

Magento Pricing Plans Explained

Magento offers users three editions to choose from, out of which the basic plan is FREE. The enterprise edition costs users approximately $22,000 annually, and the cloud edition costs $2,000 annually – without hosting services. Though don’t worry about it, our development services will include getting you the most reliable web hosting services.

Getting more into the details of Magento’s Enterprise edition, its costing plan starts around $22,000 annually. However, the cost might increase depending on the extensions and plugins we’ll install – considering your requirements. For clients who choose to go ahead with the open-source plan, we usually splurge on extensions and plugins; to boost their online web store’s functionality.

The Types Of Magento Editions

Currently, considering the pricing tier, Magento is offering the following editions;

  1. Magento Open Source – Formerly known as Magento Community
  2. Magento Commerce – Formerly known as Magento Enterprise
  3. Magento Commerce Cloud

Every year, Magento changes the names of these editions and adds new features to them. Now, talking about the cost, it all depends on which edition our client chooses. We’ll further discuss each one of them in detail to give you a better insight.

Magento Open Source

This open-source edition, formerly known as Magento Community, is free of cost. Mostly, we suggest small and mid-sized businesses to choose this edition. But even though it is free of cost, you might have to pay some charges. We know you have a WHY in your mind right now.

Being an open-source edition, the user has to pay separately for the hosting services, domain name, plugins, and extensions. There’s one thing we can promise you here as a Magento Development Agency – every dollar you pay will be worth it. Our team at Xcentric Services will make sure to get you the best hosting services. Plus, they’ll also install plugins and extensions that will ensure a seamlessly running online web store. Besides, let’s discuss a few more features of this edition and our take on them;

magento ecommerce development services in Pakistan

· Security

While running an online web store, it is essential to ensure the security of the customers. They’ll be the ones trusting you with their details – including credit card details. Hence, security needs to be the top-most priority. Considering that this edition of Magento isn’t compliant with PCI, we spend a little extra on securing our client’s online web store. So yes, you won’t have to worry about the security of your customers when we have your back!

· Performance

As mentioned earlier, the open-source edition requires installing many extensions and plugins. Many agencies go overboard at it. Unfortunately, this slows down the performance of an online web store. However, that’s not how we do it at Xcentric Services. Before installing any plugin or extension, our team makes sure that it is the best fit. Thus, guaranteeing an effortlessly running online web store.

· Functionality

Even though the edition is free to install, we usually take support from the extensions available through Magento Connect. The reason behind leveraging on these extensions is giving our client the charge of their online web store. From order management to seamless navigation, multi-store abilities, and much more – We enable them with every functionality.

Magento Enterprise Edition

Second to Magento’s open-source edition comes the Magento Enterprise Edition. This edition is not free and requires users to pay a subscription-free. However, there’s one thing for sure – It provides many more features as compared to the open-source edition. Combine them features with our Magento E-Commerce Development Service. You’ll have a perfectly running online web store empowered with the best of;

· Security

For clients who choose the Magento Enterprise Edition, we don’t spend much on the security of their online web store. This edition already comes with an authoritative security feature of PA-DSS. Hence, the security of your customers won’t be compromised in any way. And in case there’s still a loophole, our expert Magento Developers will handle it.

magento ecommerce website development

·  Performance

There’s a bitter reality about Magento E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan. Being an agency, we’ve noticed that the paid editions perform better and faster as compared to the free edition. And considering that launching an online web store is a one-time investment, choose Magento Enterprise Edition if your budget allows. It will help us build you a better performing online web store.

· Functionality

Along with ensuring great performance and better security, the edition also offers many other features and functionalities. Our team uses them to provide clients an enhanced catalog management system, a fast checkout flow, and advanced administrator roles. Plus, they’ll also be able to manage a large number of products more easily. However, with advanced features and functionalities come tech-challenges. The good news? Our Magento team will be available 24/7 to provide you technical support.

Magento Commerce Cloud

Magento’s most expensive pricing plan is Magento Commerce Cloud. Though it’s the most expensive one, it comes jam-packed with features. The security, performance, and functionalities it offers are much better than what the other two editions offer. Out of all the features it offers, our Magento E-Commerce Development in Pakistan services are focused on the following; 

  • Product Recommendations
  • B2B E-Commerce
  • ERP Integration
  • Shipping
  • PWA Studio
  • Sales and Advertising Channels
  • Inventory Management
  • APIs
  • Customer Service

Final Thoughts

On the whole, Magento Website Development in Pakistan costs approximately $22,000 to $50,000. However, many web development agencies might claim to build you an online web store that costs much less. The bitter truth behind will be them compromising on the performance, security, and functionalities of your online web store.

Xcentric Services gets a competitive edge over them all. We build online web stores that are aesthetically appealing and function seamlessly. Our development team not only focuses on the development part. They also help businesses choose the right Magento Edition and get them the top-rated hosting services. Moreover, they also choose the best themes and extensions to meet client requirements. So if you had been looking for a Magento Development Company to build your dream E-Commerce store, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to further discuss your Magento Website Development in Pakistan options!







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