Growing with a Magento Digital Agency – A Case Study of Magento Platform Migration

Ali Kazmi

  • May 11, 2020

The platform on which you began your E-Commerce Website Development in Pakistan isn’t assuredly the one that’s still the most competent for you currently. However, being a Web Design and Development Company in Pakistan, we perceive that a lot of retailers have trouble with developing inertia and remaining in their initial store long beyond its prime. Imagine how much your business has evolved and grown since you originated.

Are your preferences the same today as at the time you started? Is it your inventory, the audience traffic, or increased sales that are your ultimate priority? Businesses have evolved a lot. Why shouldn’t your E-Commerce Development Solutions advance along with it? Being a Magento Digital Agency providing Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan, we concentrate on open-source, customizable platforms that can be developed and designed to fit the client’s needs.

Mushtaq Tea House – The Journey from a Brick and Mortar Store to a Magento Store

Mushtaq Tea House was built as a website by its owner while sipping on coffee after a day-long job. As time passed by, it grew from just a mere brick-and-mortar store to a big brand selling online. But still had plans to grow more. In the past years, Mushtaq Tea House has come a long way. And along with that, consistently and technically, its E-commerce Store has also evolved a lot.

“Naturally, we chose it essentially for the price” – The business narrated to us of Volusion; One of the oldest E-commerce site builders. That’s where it took the first fleet from and built the first iteration. They also added that it was easy to learn and easy to use – A reason why they could pull off the website on their own without any prior experience. Volusion was all about drag-and-drop. Hence, it was easier for them to launch an online store quickly, with the help of Volusion’s automation features.

Volusion – The Right Fit or a Misfit?

Though Volusion was an apt pick when the brand initially started, as the business advanced, they quickly found themself bumping into the walls of limitations of the platform. For instance, they weren’t aware that the configurations required for their products were not supported by Volusion. Hence, the more they developed, the more problems increased.

“In our years of inquiring about various varieties of functionality, everyone kept suggesting Magento” – The brand specified. While they certainly had enough while working with Volusion, which led to the switching decision, their priority became customization freedom. Rather than the efficiency of use. Hence, Mushtaq Tea House selected Magento, as it is a notable open-source platform. An open-source platform challenges that the retailer takes on added charge for tasks like hosting their web store, testing their servers, maintaining their security, and agreement standards, along with additional aspects of managing the website day-to-day.

The Big Switch – Volusion to Magento

After Mushtaq Tea House decided to switch, they hired a Web Development Services Provider in Pakistan to make their Volusion-to-Magento switch a success. However, they bumped into some obvious problems with E-Commerce Platform Integration Services in Pakistan.  Their rankings on Google’s SERPs dropped, and this reason is enough to say that Google didn’t recognize their site anymore.

Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Pakistan

Working with Xcentric – A Magento Digital Agency

“We didn’t join hands with Xcentric until some of the loss was already done” – Mushtaq Tea House. They revealed that because their products are precise, the majority of their customers discovered them through very particular Google searches. While their SERP rankings were in trouble, and they were looking for a Magento Digital Agency that might help them out, they found Xcentric Services. As we joined hands, our team provided SEO Services in Pakistan right away after taking a look at their Magento SEO campaigns to get their rankings back.

In addition to Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan, the brand contracted Xcentric for E-Commerce Website Development in Chicago as well.  They’ve perceived that Magento is a moderately complex platform that requires professional hands.

Currently, we’re modernizing the website by accomplishing the Home, About Us, and Contact Us pages to make them more attractive. Moreover, some modifications are also made to the navigation footer. Every modification is made hourly with our Support Retainer Program which is very familiar to our Magento clients. An open-source platform will constantly require extended updates, modifications, and tweaks, as compared to a hosted web store. We have developed this program so that we can work as an extension of our customer’s team. Normally, a business owner would want to employ developers to follow up with their Magento store. Hence, our Support Retainers enable our clients to designate responsibilities to our development team promptly and efficiently.

The Itinerary 

Considering the daily support of a Magento site, we’re also looking for Odoo ERP Solutions in Pakistan to make Inventory and Supply Chain Management more manageable than ever. And because Magento is not constrictive, Mushtaq Tea House has its choice of Odoo ERP Development Services. However, if some businesses don’t have Magento connectors, like Mushtaq Tea House didn’t, being a Magento Digital Agency, we can build them for you.

Migrating from one E-Commerce platform to another is no bed of roses. And that’s the reason why Mushtaq Tea House had to drive through a rough road at first. However, after this migration, the benefits are sure to overweight the losses and costs. Every dollar you spend on your business is an asset, and when you choose a platform like Magento, you’re investing in your business’s freedom. So if you’re one of those businesses that have unique requirements, Magento is the right fit for you.

E-Commerce Website Development in Chicago

Are you still running on Magento 1? Migrate to Magento 2 with a Magento Digital Agency!

If you’re still running your website on Magento 1, it’s time to take notice and pack up again for migration to Magento 2. Rest assured, your E-Commerce store will be much more vulnerable to errors. And violations and will enable you with advanced SEO, a stronger marketing automation feature, and much more. Being a Magento Digital Agency, in this article, we’re sharing some challenges businesses face while migrating to Magento 2, and how we overcome them.

Magento 2 Data Migration isn’t just Drag-And-Drop

Data Migration to Magento 2 is a significant step in the migration process. You are required to hold enough technical expertise and comprehensive experience to counter promptly in case you misplace the database. Primarily, the consumer and inventory data. Besides, your blog content, Meta descriptions, and client orders should move inseparably. Hence, take note that migration isn’t simply copying and pasting data, and you might need professional help to apply migration scripts.

Messy Codes and Data Structures call for Custom Development

Through the migration phase, businesses encounter obstacles linked to the data structure. For instance, if the core Magento 1 code is disordered or not configured appropriately, then the conventional Migration Tool and scripts won’t serve, and this calls for Custom Development, which is only possible with the support of a Magento Digital Agency.

Being a Magento Solution Partner in Pakistan, we’ve encountered numerous situations where the data structure was screwed up to such an extent that we had to re-install Magento 1, before beginning with the migration.

SEO and Magento Migration

Search Engine Optimization can make or break your E-Commerce game. Hence, Magento 2 has advanced many additions concerning SEO, one example being Auto-Generation. Numerous retailers choose Magento 2 just because of its high-level SEO features.

Magento Solution Partner in Pakistan Digital Agency

Applying Extensions to Magento Environment

Magento offers a variety of extensions that are available on Magento Marketplace. These extensions are a perfect pick if you’re planning to add brand-new features and functionalities to boost your marketing game and advance your customer support services. However, you cannot copy the extensions that are currently running on your Magento 1 store.

The Solution – Replace all of them with new ones having somewhat similar features that Magento 2 supports.

It’s time to deal with IMPERFECTIONS

Migration is a seamless opportunity for you to start over once again. You weren’t happy how your website came out before? Now is your chance to deal with all those imperfections and modernize the design. However, similar to the extensions, Magneto 2 doesn’t support Magento 1 templates. So if you were planning on going ahead with just some tweaks, that’s not possible.

Hence, the conclusion is – You need to hire a Magento Digital Agency to build you a website once again from scratch if you’re looking forward to developing something unique and eye-catchy for your retail business.

Keeping in mind the Definition of Done

The definition of Done is a planned combination of demands that our Magento experts need to deliver successfully to illustrate the importance of the end product. Why do we being a Magento Digital Agency apply this during Magento Migration?  If we don’t plan a clear agenda, sketch, and perception of what DoD indicates, you might face a delay in your Magento E-Commerce Development Services in Chicago.

Hence, being a Magento Professional Partner in Pakistan, we keep in line with the Definition of Done and release every deliverable on time.

The migration process is LONG

Migrating to Magento 2 is a significant upgrade that can extend to a more prolonged period than you imagine. Steps like modeling up a plan, transferring data, implementing extensions, custom development, and re-designing can take a lot of time. And technically speaking, it all depends on your current Magento 1 state and requirements.

So, looking forward to a website that launches seamlessly and has a very low downtime? join hands with a Magento Digital Agency and take the back seat while they do the magic.Digital Agency - Magento Professional Partner in Pakistan

So far, our Magento professionals at Xcentric Services have done several Magneto Migrations, both ways; From other platforms to Magento, and from Magento 1 to Magento 2. So if you’re looking forward to E-Commerce Platform Migration for growing your business with a Magento Digital Agency, get in touch with us today!







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