The E-Commerce Trends We Follow As a Magento Development Company

Ali Kazmi

  • Oct 21, 2020

Are you planning on launching your online web store, or you already have one that you want to revamp? Wherever you stand, consider picking Magento as your E-Commerce platform. As the E-Commerce world is growing dominant, Magento, being a part of it, is coming up with enhanced features. Hence, to make sure that your online web store flourishes, hire a Magento Development Company and see how your business takes off!

As we write, Magento is evolving minute-by-minute and improving its performance to stay in the competition. And being a Magento Web Development Company, to enable our clients with its power-packed features, we keep our Magento development team updated with what’s trending in 2020. Do you want to know what recent E-Commerce development trends are we following to make sure that online web stores are ready for the long run? Continue reading!

AI And Chatbots

Personalized online shopping experiences is what the savvy customers of today demand. Isn’t it? This is precisely the reason why we’ve started implementing AI and chatbots on every client’s online web store.

Technically, AI keeps on studying customer buying behavior with the help of Machine Learning. The major picks are consumer buying intent, product searching, and actual purchasing. But here, let us tell you something – People don’t believe that they are using AI technology. However, the reality is that they are using it A LOT, without even knowing.

Chatbots are other heroes taking the digital world by storm because they engage with online customers effortlessly. And together with AI, they play a crucial role in satisfying the online customers. Considering it all, we install extensions and plugins for AI and Chatbot integrations on our clients’ Magento web store to keep them in par with the trends.

Personalized Shopping is the TREND

While the count of new online web stores that are rolled over on the face of the internet increases, online retailers need to focus on being consumer-centric. And that’s where our Magento Development Services can get you an edge over others.

We put up highly responsive online web stores on Magento with a potent scope of personalized product pages. Isn’t it what the Millenials and Gen Z-ers prefer? YES, it is!

Increased Organic Traffic

Once we build an online web store for a client, our major focus is on driving organic traffic with the help of SEO to achieve the best conversion rates. The cherry on top here is the fact that Magento ticks off every essential parameter of SEO. Hence, it is undoubtedly a high-performing E-Commerce platform. 

Moreover, in 2020, the smart search feature of Magento is taking over the trends. Being a Magento Development Agency in Pakistan, we swear on the results of this upselling tool by Magento. It is surely effective, boosts sales, and increases the conversion rates, all while providing customers with an exceptional online shopping experience.

Magento Material Design

A few years back, Google released a designing philosophy called Material Design – also known as Quantum Paper. Since then, the designing language has been famous for enhancing the online shopping experience by using;

  • Layouts with a base of Grid Design Patterns
  • Padding
  • Reactive Transitions
  • Animations
  • Robust Design Effects

In Pakistan, most of the Magento Development Companies provide retailers an online web store that flaunts a traditional and sleek look. However, at Xcentric Services, our Magento Web Developers enhance the visual appeal of our client’s online web store with Material Design. Thus, driving in more online customers and boosting their online conversion rates!


In 2020, the trend of micro-interactions took off, and we took care of it with our Magento Website Development Services. By leveraging on the micro-interaction trend, we help our clients in offering a human-like interaction experience to their potential customers. Safe to say, tapping into this trend did charm their customers and the results were pretty notable!

Push Notifications

Magento enables the option of sending tailor-made push notifications to your online web store’s visitors. However, before sending one on behalf of our clients, we make sure to analyze the buying patterns and clicking behaviour of their potential customers.

Though primarily, the main motive behind this PUSH feature of Magento is to re-target previous customers. So yes, if your customers have abandoned their cart on your online web store, we’ll communicate with them through this feature of Magento.

Whenever the customer opens up their internet browser, they’ll see that push notification, which is a great communication tool. Plus, it also gets us on-the-spot feedback, and most importantly interests the customers. Thus, helping us build an organic online customer base for our clients.

Magento Development Company

Utilizing Negative Space

Negative space, also known as white space, is what you see around images on an online web store’s pages. Quite often, online retailers make the mistake of stuffing their online web store’s pages with tons of images in every other corner. The results? An online web store with congested page – Disappointing, no?

Imagine visiting such an online web store? We know you’ll surely get irritated and leave at once. Well, that’s exactly what happens with online buyers. BUT, what if we told you that our Magento Development Company team knows how to make the best out of this negative space? When we build E-Commerce stores on Magento, we utilize these negative spaces wisely and improve the scalability for the visitors.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling it the show-stopper in 2020’s E-Commerce world. However, before implementing it, we prefer interpreting our client’s product inventory in detail. And once it is implemented, the huge silos of data can be utilized in a smaller time frame. Thus, promising an endlessly engaging UX.

Mobile – Our Best Friend

Mobile phones are everyone’s best friend these days and ours too. So when we build online web stores, our approach is to make it as mobile-friendly as possible. For that, we leverage on Magento’s advanced caching techniques and versatile APIs that are in trend for guaranteeing an ideal online shopping experience.

Wrapping up

In this article, we’ve unboxed every E-Commerce Development trend that we follow being a Magento E-Commerce Development Company. And by this point, we assume that you’ve perceived how Magento is continuously growing. So why not take the advantage of our full-fledged Magento E-Commerce Development Services? Just get in touch with us at Xcentric Services and let’s try your luck in the E-Commerce industry!







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