Magento Customization Services: How They Help Improve E-Commerce Solutions?

Ali Kazmi

  • Dec 09, 2020

We have been providing Magento Web Development Services in Pakistan for years and have launched some high-end online web stores. However, we believe that as time passes by, the needs grow more than what Magento offers already. Optimistically, this means that your business has grown big. Though still, this does not mean that Magento is no longer the right fit for your business. If you are at this point right now, all you need is Magento Customization Services by Xcentric Services.

In this blog, counting on our experience in providing Magento Website Development Services, we will tell you how customisation can take your online web store to the next level. And that too without forcing you to abandon Magento.

Customized Themes With Magento Customization Services

Even though there are a variety of commercial themes offered by Magento, such ready-made templates do not add much value to branding. However, when you get our Magento Customization Services, we create a customized Magento theme for your business. This will help you match the look and feel of your online web store with your brand image. Thus, delivering the user experience that complements your business’s vision.

To create a customized Magento theme for a business, our team analyzes their current online web store thoroughly. The category levels in the product catalogs, the attributes of the products they sell, and the layout of representing them – we take everything into account.

Once analyzed, we create a User Interface design that caters to the requirements and expectations of our client. So yes, if you were previously worried about your online web store’s theme not complementing your branding, we have you covered with customizations.

Custom Extensions to The Rescue

The countless ready-made extensions that Magento offers are not satisfying your needs when it comes to ensuring seamless functionalities? Let our team enable you with custom-made extensions that introduce features not covered in ready-made extensions. Unlike ready-made extensions that are not maintained, the custom ones we install for our clients are improved and upgraded continuously. Hence, you do not have to worry about your extension going haywire after a few months of getting Magento Website Development Services

PWA Standards

Progressive Web Application – PWA is not just a buzzword for us at Xcentric Services. We use it as an upgrade to improve the performance and online conversion rates of our clients. Here are the notable features of PWA-based Magento web stores that our team builds;

Magento 2 development services in Lahore

· High Customer Data Security

The only concern of savvy consumers of today is data security because no one wants to shop at an online store where their credit card details are at risk. Hence, when providing Magento Customization Services, we usually leverage on PWAs. As they are configured with an SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol, data exchanging is much faster and most importantly – Secure. Therefore, your customer’s personal information like address and credit card information will be protected.

· Faster Page Loading Speed

By building Magento web stores based on PWAs, our team uses caching to enhance the page loading speed and enables stable working on poor internet connections too. Even though customers will need the internet to place an order, since most of the data will be cached regularly on their device, they will be able to add items to their cart regardless.

· Mobile Application

Currently, we are all living in a world where everything runs on that gadget in your hand, which you call – Mobile Phone. Imagine not finding your favorite brand’s application on the internet? The good news is that your customers will not have to face any such disappointment when we create a PWA-based Magento store for you.

PWA-based Magento web stores are not just simple websites that adapt to the mobile view. They can be installed on your mobile phone, just like other applications. Some retailers in Pakistan believe that this is just a mere shortcut that opens a website in a browser that stays in the mobile.

However, when providing Magento E-Commerce Development Services, we focus majorly on building PWA-based Magento web stores. They help a lot in the long-run to send reminders and notifications to customers to improve online conversion rates.

mobile app for ecommerce


Magento customizations provide significant benefits to businesses while letting them stay on Magento. However, you only get this freedom when the Magento Services Provider customizes the right way.

At Xcentric Services, we have a dedicated team of Magento developers who know the art of customization. Whether it is developing a custom or extension or upgrading a Magento web store’s technical characteristics to a PWA – they know it all.

Hence, get on board with us to achieve the freedom you need in running an online web store seamlessly. Drop us an email at connect@xcentricservice.com with a link to your current online web store and customization requirements. Our team will get back to you soon with your customization options!







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