Why Choose Magento 2 For E-Commerce Development In 2021?

kashif ali

  • Feb 11, 2021

In these tech-savvy times, the biggest mistake a retailer can do is thinking that having an online presence is not essential to be successful. The E-Commerce Trends 2020 and statistics have proved again and again that the customers of today like shopping online, rather than in-store. So if you want to start your 2021 on a high note, launch an online web store on Magento. Though we understand, with countless E-Commerce platforms out there, it can be hard to choose one. We at Xcentric Services suggest choosing Magento 2 for E-Commerce Development in 2021 to play safe. But fair enough, you might want some reasons to why choose it? Keep on reading the blog as we have them all covered right here!

Countless Customization Options

When launching an online web store on Magento 2, retailers get countless customization options, which other platforms do not provide. If you being a retailer get Magento 2 development services from us at Xcentric Services, we will integrate various tools with your Magento Web Store. These tools will help you manage product pages more efficiently, add Metadata, track product availability, shipping, and overall sales. So, all things considered, choosing Magento 2 for E-Commerce Development in 2021 is a win-win.

Magento 2 for E-Commerce Development in 2021

Seamless Integrations

Even though there are countless ways to access the NoSQL database, many online web stores face problems when integrating data. However, when you get our Magento Website Development Services, we will integrate the data seamlessly using trustable third-party tools. Other than that, if you want, we can also enable you with Cloud services while integrating the data. The conclusion? Magento 2 is a knight in shining armor for online retailers who want to get their data integrated without a glitch.

Boon For Online Retailers And Developers

Considering that Magento 2 supports both types of User Interface architectures – OOP and MVC, our developers at Xcentric Services will choose the architecture according to your needs. To be precise, this feature of Magento 2 enables our developers to develop an optimal UI of the client’s online web store. Thus, building web store pages that are easy to navigate for customers.

Inventory Management Interface

When it comes to building a robustly functioning online web store, being a Magento Web Development Company, we consider inventory management as the core. By setting Magento 2 API routines, tools, and protocols, we ensure that the inventory is easily manageable for the online retailer. Furthermore, our development team also ensures that inventory management is streamlined and synchronized with sales campaigns and content development.

Magento Web Development Company

Digital Marketing

Magento 2 is an open-source E-Commerce platform that offers the options for optimizing the online web store with SEO, sitemaps, Meta tags, and URL suggestions. Also, the platform is loaded with in-built digital marketing capabilities that we use to assist online retailers. Using these capabilities, we help online retailers to drive traffic to their online web store, generate leads, and increase sales. Over years, retailers in Pakistan who got our Magento Development Services have grown famous among their target audience. All thanks to the optimization features, and of course, our team.

Advanced Search

We all know how savvy and smart the customers of today are getting with each passing day. Do you know what they have turned towards currently? Using the search feature extensively.

With this new trend, it is time that online retailers have filtered and faceted search on their online web store. The good news? Magento 2 is an E-Commerce platform that comes with advanced search capabilities. Hence, when building an online web store on Magento for a client, our Magento developers make sure to optimize it for advanced search. Rest assured, your customers will be able to discover products quickly, irrespective of your online web store’s size.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Every other person in this tech-driven world has access to smartphones and tablets 24/7. And with access to the internet, people keep on surfing through search engines and social media apps throughout the day. Hence, it has become necessary for online retailers to optimize their online web stores for mobile devices.

Unlike other E-Commerce platforms, Magento 2 offers mobile-friendly functionalities to its users, and we at Xcentric Services do not miss out on them when building an online web store. By leveraging on Magento’s amazing mobility functionalities, we keep our clients ahead of other online retailers in competition. Mobile-friendly online web stores enable customers to zoom-in, zoom-out, drag, and drop products when shopping online, regardless of the device they are using. And precisely, this is the feature that makes Magento 2 for E-Commerce Development stand out in competition from the rest of the E-Commerce platforms when launching an online web store.

Magento 2 for E-Commerce Development

Streamlined Checkout

For an online web store to have higher online conversion rates, it is crucial to have a hassle-free checkout process. No one wants to shop from an online web store that takes too long to process a checkout. The customers demand a quick and seamless checkout process that gets them the product they want – and that too quickly. Hence, a streamlined checkout process is what we deliver when providing development services to make online shopping a joy for your customers.


With the increasing challenges in the online retail world, online retailers need to equip their online web store with features and functionalities that meet customer expectations. And this calls for launching an online web store on Magento 2. It is an E-Commerce platform that provides security, flexibility, customizations, and advances online shopping experience to customers.

All these features of Magento 2 have you convinced of launching an online web store on the platform, and you need help with Magento E-Commerce Website Development? Get on board with us at Xcentric Services. We have a team of professional Magento developers who have the expertise to build an online web store that increases online conversion rates and increases sales.







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