Why Getting Magento 2 Development Services In 2021 Is Worth Investment?

kashif ali

  • Jul 06, 2021

Are you planning to launch your E-Commerce store? Among countless options out there, Magento 2 is one of the most popular E-Commerce platforms of the current times. It is the latest version of Magento utilized by more than 200,000 online retailers around the globe. The primary motive behind the release of Magento 2 was to improve the user experience. And hence, it came packed with innovative features. Still not able to realize why you should get Magento 2 Development Services? In this post, we at Xcentric Services have given an insight into its benefits. Let’s get through them!

Magento 2 Development Packages

Why Magento 2 For E-Commerce Website Development?

Whether you are planning on launching your first ever online web store or considering switching from one E-Commerce platform to another, Magento 2 is the platform to prefer. It provides online retailers all the reasons to launch an online web store by hosting advanced features. Here are all the reasons why you should invest in Magento 2 Development Packages for launching an online web store:

1.  Improved Scalability & Performance

Magento 2 is known for improving scalability and performance. When developing an online web store on Magento for a client, we build on its advanced indexing feature. The indexer is known for speeding up the query response and update data regularly – while including product catalog, prices, and users.

Moreover, we also leverage the core integration feature with Varnish Cache. It is a popular HTTP acceleration technology allowing full-page caching for online web stores and making them loaf faster. So, in the end, on getting our Magento 2 Development Services, online retailers get to provide their customers a seamless online shopping experience. Thus, leading to higher sales.

2.   Effective Customer Conversion

One notable benefit of launching an online web store on Magento 2 is that it offers multiple options for cross-selling and up-selling. In return, this helps increase the overall potential of order values and convert customers.

Magento Developers at Xcentric Services leverage these advanced specifications for clients and add promotions to the checkout page. Doing so not only helps increase the sales potential but also reduces the cart abandonment rate. In addition to putting efforts in cross-selling and up-selling, we deliver a feature-rich experience Magento web store that attracts more customers.

Magento 2 Development Packages

3.   Powerful Platform

Ready to launch an online web store but managing countless products up on it for selling sounds like a hassle? Well, leave that on us. By building your online web store on Magento, a powerful E-Commerce platform, we will handle all your requirements. This will include giving you the power to manage huge counts of orders simultaneously, large inventory, and payments from multiple gateways.

Magento 2 is a powerful E-Commerce platform that can process 40% more orders per hour compared to other platforms. Moreover, the platform is scalable for handling high traffic volumes and improves the checkout experience for customers. Therefore, making it a reliable E-Commerce solution.

4.    Advanced SEO Features

According to research, the primary source of increasing the traffic to any website is organic search. Hence, when we develop an online web store on Magento for a client, we ensure that it is fully optimized. But how? With the advanced SEO features that allow designing a search-optimized website, URL structures, and implementing metadata across the website. Though to highlight, here are some SEO practices we always follow when launching a Magento web store for a client:

  • Introduction of rich snipes on product pages to define markup data
  • Setting up and optimizing XML sitemaps
  • Advanced marketing features that raise search engine rankings of the web store

5.     Intelligent Search Options

We, as a web development agency, always look forward to improving the customer experience by using the intelligent search options provided by Magento 2. The feature allows website visitors to filter through products with multiple search parameters.

Moreover, we also benefit from Magento 2’s search term cloud, which stores recently viewed products, product tags, reviews, and much more. It allows our online retailing clients to customize their search terms with auto-suggested terms. So, all in all, the conclusion is, we guarantee that the search feature is relevant and quick for every client website on Magento.

6.     Limitless Customizations

Every business out there is trying to get unique in what it offers. If you, as a business, wish to stand out in the competition, let us help you launch a fully customized online web store. Magento 2 offers this opportunity, and we never miss out on it to empower client websites with much-needed extensions and integrations. Right from choosing a theme to cater to every client’s need, we provide custom Magento 2 Development Services.

One of the most popular customizations we often do for clients is implementing the one-step checkout process. This customization helps reduce the hassle of moving from one checkout page to another while providing the customer the comfort of quick online shopping. At the same time, this customization also reduces the cart abandonment rate, which is caused by long checkout durations. And fair enough, we all want to place our online orders in just a few seconds, right? Count on team Xcentric Services for getting this customization on your online web store.

Magento 2 Development Packages


Magento 2 is not only a leading E-Commerce platform but also delivers many other benefits to online retailers and their customers alike. From small businesses to mid-sized ones and large enterprises – Magento 2 disappoints none. Hence, go ahead, hire Xcentric Services as your Magento E-Commerce Development Company. Our team will be more than excited to launch your fully customized online web store on Magento.







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