Magento 2 development : Adding E-Commerce to a Brick-and-mortar Store

Ali Kazmi

  • Sep 07, 2020

Brick-and-mortar retail stores are turning towards Magento 2 Development to generate revenue. And as they make this digital move, they are likely to have questions about Magento Website Design, themes, and the platform itself. Even though all of these are essential, being a Web Development Agency, we suggest online retailers initially focus on their products and Digital Marketing in Pakistan, as every other Pakistan Selling Site does.  

In our experience, the act of merchandising and selling in-stores is not the same as selling the same product and promoting it on Online Advertising Websites in Pakistan. While in a physical store, the buyer can touch the products and gauge them for how they fit. All in all, a physical store is sufficient in itself when it comes to Marketing Services.  

Retail Display – Online Web Stores Vs. Physical Stores

Be it grocery, clothing, or anything else, selling every product on the internet is different. And even more critical is displaying perfectly pictured products, precise product descriptions, and Inventory Management of your online web store. Undoubtedly, selling on an online web store for the first time is a challenge in itself for brick-and-mortar businesses.

However, when you partner with Xcentric Services, as a Magento 2 Development Company, we make sure that everything is perfect. From the visuals to the content and everything in between, we manage it all. In detail, here’s how we tackle every aspect of your online web store professionally;

Product Images

Selling a product displayed on the hangers and on the shelves in a physical store is relatively easy. However, when we talk about moving to an online web store, the tables are turned around because you need to illustrate a picture of every product that represents the best of it.

An online retailer can either get the products photographed or, as an alternative, acquire the photos from the manufacturer of the product. And both these tasks are more time-consuming than you can even imagine. Well, by now, you must be thinking of the solution.

Honestly,Magento 2 development it is not uncommon for brands to have millions of SKUs and several vendors. Usually, brands contact their vendors, gain access to the product images, download them, organize them, perhaps edit them a bit, and then upload them to their online web store. Plus, not to forget, they repeat this over a hundred times. Sound too impractical, right?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our approach. Magento 2 development considering that displaying eye-catchy and high-resolution images is essential to have an up and running online web store, here’s the procedure we’ll follow to help you out; 

  • Identify your brand’s top-selling products and prioritize them
  • Devote a team that will download every picture needed and upload it to your E-Store
  • Automate the processes wherever necessary

Plus, if you feel like your product images and other visuals are dull and boring, we also provide in-house Branding and Graphic Design Services that are sure to add the missing appeal to everything. 


Product descriptions are somewhat similar to product images. You must be thinking that you didn’t need them in a physical store, but that’s not the case. The salesperson at your brick-and-mortar store was the one who described your product in front of the visitor.

However, on the other hand, when we talk about E-Commerce Website Development, drafting product descriptions is one big task. So if you were thinking of copying them from the manufacturer, that’s a big NO. At Xcentric Services, we depict the exact value of the client’s product and services. Our team drafts product descriptions that translate your online web store visitors into customers, all while making sure that they are engaging and well-composed with SEO Services in Lahore in mind.

Moreover, our content marketing team also follows Online Marketing in Pakistan trends, researches how your competitors in the industry describe the same product, and then drafts a description that ensures boosted online conversions. 

magento 2 development

Inventory Management

Imagine owning a chain of five physical stores, and each one of them has one particular laptop. So, when it comes to inventory management on an online web store, what are the quantities available for this laptop?

Well, if you plan to fulfill the customer demand from every location, you have five laptops available for selling on your online web store. 

In the worst-case scenario, what if TWO of the stores had an incorrect inventory count? Instead of having one machine in stock, you have none. And what if the storekeepers at some other two stores have tossed away the packing boxes because the laptops are on display? There’s no way out to ship them.

Assuming that you’ve had enough of the bad news, let us tell you that we’ve got your back with our Odoo-Oriented ERP SolutionsWith our solutions, we will help you track your inventory from a single system to reduce human error and streamline your Inventory and Supply Chain Management process.  

The Difference in Marketing for E-Commerce and Physical Stores

Magento 2 development ,if your brick-and-mortar store resides in a famous shopping mall and has a physical presence, it eventually gains fame and gets popular among hundreds of your potential customers. However, that’s not how Magento Development works. Even if a buyer searches for a product you sell on Google, there is no assurance that the search engine will have indexed your website.

Hence, just opting for Magento 2 development E-Commerce  Services is not enough. You need to make some serious efforts to promote it and market it, just like other Online Marketing Websites in Pakistan do.

Do you want to sort it all out under one roof? From building the online web store to Social Media Management ServicesSEO Services in Pakistan, and Online Advertising in Pakistan? We offer some result-guaranteed Social Media Marketing Packages in Pakistan that serve your Marketing Services needs for each of the Social Media Platforms.

Our team of Digital Influencers in Pakistan and Social Media Marketing Lahore experts leave behind nothing when they strategize the campaigns. They will benefit from your traditional marketing channels as well as the trending ones such as Instagram MarketingFacebook Marketing Karachi, and YouTube Marketing in Pakistan.

For instance,Magento 2 development if you want to continue with TV Ads, along with including the new Digital Services that Pakistan Social Media Influencers prefer to attract the savvy online buyers of today, go ahead. But again, being a Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, our emphasis remains on opting for Facebook Marketing Packages in Karachi and Digital Marketing Services in Lahore because they are a MUST.

Magento 2 development


In our years of experience as a Magento 2 Development Agency, we’ve concluded that having an E-Commerce website is essential. Though more important than that is nailing the content of it.

Whether it is drafting the product descriptions, designing the visuals, or advertising the products to put in front of your target audience, Xcentric Services can help you with everything. Our devoted teams of Magento E-Commerce DesignersMagento 2 development Web Developers and Social Media Managers will ensure that your online web store visitors turn into customers at first, and then leads. So, are you all set to drive towards success? Get in touch with us today to proceed further! 







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