Use LinkedIn Marketing to build your Brand

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 03, 2020


LinkedIn has emerged as a social giant in the world of Digital Marketing in Pakistan, designed especially for the professionals of the business community. However, it’s not your casual social like Facebook or Instagram where you can be friends with anyone or everyone.

The experts at Xcentric Services advise, focusing on the term ‘professional’ because randomly trolling people over LinkedIn or posting a meme circling on Social Media might bring you a level under, costing you your brand image.

LinkedIn marketing is all about building relationships, whether with your colleagues, freelancers, clients, or business partners. Though here’s a tricky tip; You can also use it to track what your competitors are up to and how they’re growing. As every next-door business shares its milestones and achievements on LinkedIn by investing in Social Media Marketing Services

Hence, whether you’re at zero, or in the middle of growing your brand, LinkedIn is a worldwide trusted path, supporting every business to grow their brand with its extensive features which are simple, yet so powerful. So take your professional branding to the next level by building a strong LinkedIn Marketing strategy with all these tips.

Define your Audience with Advanced Search

Planning out marketing strategies and sharing great content contribute nothing to build your brand if you are not aware of your target audience. The target audience can be individuals, businesses, or anyone who has shown interest in your products or services.

Luckily, the advanced search feature on LinkedIn has made it simpler to identify the specific type of people you’d benefit from by engaging them in your marketing strategy. They’re your target audience, who will play an enthusiastic part in building your brand’s image by active engagement.

So, explore the demographics, play with the filters, define your audience, and target them virtually, depending on their interests, locations, and places where they work.

Use LinkedIn Marketing to build your Brands

An influential LinkedIn Business Page is the Key

What’s the first thing you do before you step out to present yourself? You get ready. Similarly, that’s the first thing every business on LinkedIn marketing needs to do too. Building an influential Business Page is the key to making your LinkedIn Marketing strategies successful every time.

However, if you aim to build such a page, you need to take care of some pieces of information that might sound like teeny tiny tweaks and tricks, but matter a lot. So here are some great suggestions we’ve taken into account from our pro marketers at Xcentric;

  • Describe as uniquely as possible who YOU are and what you Offer
  • Include Informational Branding Elements; Website Link and Contact Details
  • Attract the Audience with eye-catchy Visual branding Elements; Your Logo and Banner

The only catch here is to build a Business page that interests the leads and directs traffic toward your website, which will build your brand. Here’s a real example of Xcentric’s LinkedIn;

influential LinkedIn Business Page is the Key

Create Brand Voice with Posts

Top-notch brands are using LinkedIn as a source for sharing their content. So, what type of content do you plan to share as your posts? Let Xcentric help you be a Social Media Marketing Company.

Considering that every business is already on LinkedIn marketing, and loads of data are already rolling out on this social platform daily, the list of content topics is limitless. Therefore, we suggest, building a content strategy based on the talks your target audience shares.

However, to engage the audience, you must create content that is the right type for them. So, whether you use Visuals, Videos, or Articles, as a route to creating Brand Voice, we suggest, creating posts that matter to your audience. In between, focus on the fact that the posts are very creative and engaging because you can’t expect that a static and boring image might generate engagement.

It’s all up to you, whether you want to share news updates, milestones, articles, informational visuals, or everything. Be creative and show the world how awesome you can be, all while being professional.

Create Brand Voice with Posts

Advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn allows businesses to create and place advertisements; to promote content or the services they offer, as every other social media platform. You can deliver personalized LinkedIn marketing Ads to your targeted audience, through published text or contextual ads.

Even though it costs, it’s very effective compared to the commonly posted content on LinkedIn. Therefore, choose the amount of money you want to spend on an advertising campaign according to your Social Media Marketing in Pakistan budget and create prominent brand awareness, promoting deeper relationships with the audience and a much stronger brand image.

Social Media Marketing in Pakistan


LinkedIn is a data-driven social media platform that is ever-evolving, undoubtedly. With this article, Xcentric has given you an insight into how businesses can build their brand by planning an effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy. But, if you’ve never used LinkedIn marketing channel before, this might be a bit challenging for you. Hence, Contact Us at Xcentric Services today. We are a Social Media Marketing Agency with professional marketers on board who can help you handle LinkedIn Marketing. 







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