LinkedIn Advertising – Targeted Advertising with Demographics

Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 14, 2020

LinkedIn is seemingly a business’s professional way to socialize through a social media platform of preference. Besides displaying a LinkedIn user’s resume, it also allows its users to connect with their colleagues, their potential clients. And fellow industry professional, which in some cases can be your competitors too. With LinkedIn’s advertising features and Ad Manager, emerging brands and businesses now have more influence and targeting abilities to acquire qualified candidates. Moreover, other than the conventional aim of using LinkedIn, businesses can now utilize it for Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan, to accomplish their goals of growing professionally, and to encourage the awareness of their brand.

What LinkedIn Advertising has in stores for YOU?

Covering LinkedIn’s Advertising platform, businesses and brands can influence their target audience in both ways; Creating an Ad or Sponsoring Content. Here’s how we make both of them work being a Social Media Marketing Company

Creating An Ad – If you’ve decided on placing an Ad on LinkedIn, your advertisement can hold text, an illustration or a video. And a link to a designated landing page to your website. You can elect complex goals for your advertisement to accomplish; such as webinar signups, whitepaper downloads, or newsletter recommendation. Moreover, you can also probe into precisely where your advertisement will be displayed within demographic targeting choices. Designing an advertisement also lets you decide whether you require it to concentrate on generating clicks or impressions through a cost-per-click or cost-per-minute Social Media Marketing Services in Pakistan model.

Sponsoring Content – Rather than placing an advertisement, you can also prefer to sponsor content that has previously been posted on your business’s LinkedIn profile. This is especially serviceable as you can boost the public reach of a post that has previously worked great with your LinkedIn connection organically. Sponsored content prompts users to support your company. Captures you more responses, and drives more traffic to other platforms like your website or your Facebook Page. With the choice of either placing an Ad or sponsoring one of your organic posts, LinkedIn’s advertising platform is an all-embracing way to influence your target audience in a professional context and is a no-brainer for B2B businesses who are considering to spend all of their budgets solely on Facebook Marketing Services in Pakistan or Instagram Marketing Services in Pakistan.

Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan

Who can you TARGET with LinkedIn Advertising?

Before you plan on aiming for a social media marketing campaign, or look into some Facebook Marketing Packages in Pakistan, it’s very necessary to prefer a step backward and investigate each social media platform’s advertising channel to perceive if they offer the precise targeting capacities to influence your potential and current audience. Though here’s a list of all the divisions we delve into when providing advertising and Social Media Marketing Services to clients on LinkedIn: 

  • Locality
  • Enterprise
  • Job Designation
  • Ranking
  • Company Volume
  • Gender
  • Age

To help you begin with LinkedIn Advertising, our digital marketing specialists at Xcentric Services have come up with a spreadsheet of the potential demographic targeting blends that your company or organization might come up with that regulates with your current and possible clients.

Who can you TARGET with LinkedIn Advertising

Presenting a Whitepaper? Read over!

For instance, you’re a B2B business that has just presented your brand-new whitepaper to become an influential industry source online. LinkedIn’s advertising platform is very serviceable for you. Technically, when designing an advertisement about your whitepaper, you can request a user for their email address. And ask them to subscribe to your newsletter in trade for downloading your whitepaper. When a user downloads a whitepaper, the publisher/business receives their email address. Which they use to contact them in the future for advertising their products and services.

Further, they can narrow down the target demographic that will see their ad, which is beneficial for both parties. Considering that they’ve done their audience research well. For instance, your whitepaper advertisement could particularly be shown only to Vice Presidents, Managers. And Directors of the company’s in the New York City, aged 35-54, through the Advertising platform of LinkedIn. With LinkedIn Advertising, you can bring your business’s message in front of precise individuals at particular companies. And even target your competitor’s prevailing customers. As you can notice, LinkedIn’s Advertising is very explicit. Considering that it engages brands and businesses to promote their content based on their target demographic skills.


If you believe LinkedIn Advertising is the right platform for your business, get in touch with our LinkedIn-centric Digital Marketing Specialists at Xcentric Services. They’ll help you grow professionally by putting Linked-In-specific Digital Marketing Services in Chicago at work for you. Besides, being a Social Media Marketing Agency, we will also help you with marketing on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more. 







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