How To Leverage SMS Marketing Effectively Beyond 2019?

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 24, 2019

In the Digital Marketing world of 2019, the power of SMS Marketing has been grown rapidly. A prediction from 2011 says – SMS would die in the coming years. But this didn’t happen, eventually, it grew stronger because SMS proved to be resilient. The most influential target of the SMS Marketing Campaign is the Millennial. This tech-savvy generation is the one responding in the best way to these digital incentives. Researches show that 60% of the technology-obsessed Millennials prefer receiving business messages via SMS, because they demand two-way communication with the business.

If you’re already on board with SMS Marketing, considering these ways may help you leverage your campaign successfully.

1. Form an SMS Marketing Team

To get the best out of your SMS marketing campaign, you need to create a team of skilled professionals. The team needs to communicate frequently to plan out how to work on the strategy and its execution. To form an operative SMS Marketing Team, you need to hire these professional roles.

  • SMS Marketing Program Expert
  • Retail Expert
  • Program Coordinators
  • Digital Creative Designers
  • Social Media Experts
  • Promotional Specialists
  • Financial Analyst

To secure better benefits from your SMS marketing strategy and to make it very effective, you need to have a complete SMS Marketing Team.

2. Segment your Audience

An SMS Marketing campaign requires you to segment your audience, to make sure that you send the message to the right customer. Segmenting your audience is not as easy as it sounds. For example, you’re a women clothing brand in Dubai, sending your promotional messages to a woman living in the US. Does this sound like a blunder? Here’s the answer, a woman in the US doesn’t need to be informed about a sale on your brand in Dubai because this is humanly impossible for her to come to your store, just for a sale.

We suggest, to make your SMS Marketing Campaign effective, start analyzing the purchase history and location-based demographics of your customers through a CRM application like Google Contacts. After you’ve analyzed and segmented your audience, send messages for your general sales and promotions.

3. Write Clear and Concise Messages

The best way to write a promotional SMS is to get to the point straight away. Avoid using terms that can confuse your customers, compelling them to ignore your message. The worst you can do when writing a promotional message is using

  • An Abbreviation
  • A Complex Term of English
  • All Caps
  • Emoticons

Another mistake you can’t afford making is sending Open-Ended Messages. Do you know why sending such a message is a mistake? Let’s look into it. For a moment, suppose that you are a customer who’s reading a promotional message written as “Hey customer, we’re offering a 50% discount on our products now!” Does this make perfect sense? No, this message was supposed to be very clear and concise. To be more precise, it should’ve been written as “Hey customer, we’re offering a 50% discount on our products from 10th of October to 15th October”. Now, this makes sense because you’ve got all the necessary information, such messages leverage your SMS Marketing Campaign.

4. Engage your Customers

To engage your customers, add Calls to Action (CTAs) to the promotional messages you send out to them. As a business, your dream is to get your customers to interact with the messages you send. Here are some CTAs, using them can help you fulfill your dream of getting more engagement.

  • View more
  • Click Here
  • Text to Win
  • Text to Vote
  • Buy Now

You have 160 characters to yourself when you write a promotional SMS, using one of these CTAs within those 160 characters is the best way to drive your campaign towards success.

5. Focus on your Loyal Customers

Loyal customers are those who love your brand, use them as an advantage to your brand. To get the best out of them, you need to make it your primary goal that your loyal customers are treated like royals. These loyal customers are the ones creating your goodwill by promoting your brand in front of their family and friends. A smart strategy is to focus more on these customers and dedicate extra time to them. Furthermore, offer them additional discounts and extra benefits to reward them for their dedication and loyalty.

If you are still confused about how to leverage your SMS Marketing Campaign, hire some professional help from Digital Marketing Agencies to clear the hurdles you’re facing and make your campaign a success.







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