What Makes Launching Shopify E-Commerce Store Worth Investment?


  • Dec 29, 2021

Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that allows setting up online web stores for selling products. Using its point-of-sale application and additional hardware, retailers also get to sell at physical locations. So, if you are a brick-and-mortar store owner who wants to have a digital storefront and physical presence too, invest in launching a Shopify E-Commerce Store. It helps sync the stock and enables managing stores on one device – from a single dashboard. However, this is only the scratching surface as there is a lot more to it that only an agency like Xcentric Services can handle for you.

To answer all your concerns regarding why choose Shopify, we have this blog. It covers how the platform is not just a web store builder that allows selling online. Instead, it offers retailers a quick way to launch their dream online web store and sell to customers no matter where they are. Also, if you want to customize it, our team can do that too; other than just building the store from the ground up using features, functionalities, and different APIs.

Why Choose Shopify For Launching Your Shopify E-Commerce Store?

Whether you want a simple web store up-and-running or a customized one that provides a unique online shopping experience to customers, Shopify is built for both. It is a platform that lets a business start off in the E-Commerce world and grow with it. Also, being subscription-based, it allows every retailer to set up an online web store and sell products without paying a fortune at once.

Are you still wondering if Setting Up a Shopify Store is the right decision? Keep reading the blog. We will get you through layers of benefits the platform provides when used as a foundation of an online web store.

Setting Up a Shopify Store

1.     Core Products

As soon you buy the Shopify Plan, the first thing it offers is the core products. They include everything needed for turning ideas into an online web store and begin selling. Though honestly, it is quite confusing – choosing the template, theme, features, and deciding the overall look of the web store. Other than that, one also needs to choose the payment gateways for integration, the best-converting checkout, marketing tools; and the list goes on.

To build a strong foundation, our team at Xcentric Services helps retailers choose the BEST for their web store out of all the core products that Shopify offers. Alongside, if they want to keep fine-tuning their web store and customer experience, we leverage Shopify APIs. They allow customizing the capabilities of the Shopify E-Commerce Store even more and lay a foundation that empowers retailers to beat the competition.

2.     Additional Products & Services

Every online business is unique, and as it grows, the needs also keep evolving. Hence, when developing a Custom Shopify Website for our client, we ensure that it continuously upgrades and helps the business grow in the E-Commerce world.

From using the accelerated payment options, easy access, and countless other products and services that are exclusive for retailers on Shopify; we do it all. Therefore, helping independent online retailers go a step ahead in the market, have a digital storefront, and grow online sales.

Additional Products & Services

3.     Shopify Applications

Thousands of features and applications built by third parties are available on Shopify App Store. We use them to customize the online web stores for our clients – without even playing around with the code. Without exaggerating, it has an application for everything and anything a retailer can dream of. And as a partner agency, we make sure to change it to reality.

Whether it is the later SMS marketing application or a tool that helps with placing Ads on social media platforms, by integrating the cutting-edge one, we empower businesses to grow. Other than that, if a client wants, our in-house experts can also build customized solutions by experimenting with the code.

Shopify Applications

4.     Out-Of-The-Box Products

Think of the last time you got a new mobile phone. After getting out of the box, it could record videos, take photos, connect to the internet, and offer countless other services. In simpler words, when out-of-the-box, a mobile phone allows doing everything someone would expect it to do.

When you bring a Shopify E-Commerce Store to life, what you actually get in the subscription plans works the same way as the above example. As a popular platform, it becomes a one-stop-shop offering out-of-the-box products for running an online business. Retailers get a storefront, shipping partner, marketing headquarters, payment processor, and much more. On top of it, when you hire Xcentric Services for getting the web store developed, our developers make sure to leverage out-of-the-box functions too along with the core functions.

Get Started On Shopify TODAY!

Shopify is not just your next-door E-Commerce platform. It is a retailer-favorite ecosystem that allows creating online web stores by bringing together Shopify Experts, marketers, designers – that we have onboard at Xcentric Services. They coordinate together to make the E-Commerce industry a better place for retailers.

By doing so, your products or services will be more accessible to the customers; no matter you sell within one country or around the world. Also, getting on Shopify just got easier. All you have to do is get in touch with us TODAY. So, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com and see how we increase your online sales.







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