Latest Social Media Trends We Are Following Being A Social Media Marketing Company

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  • Nov 10, 2021

Think of the times when the word social media only meant posting text-based status updates and connecting with friends or family. Today, without any doubt, social media platforms have grown. With access to them and their influential power, business owners have launched million-dollar brands. However, cashing on the platforms is not a piece of cake, and you definitely need the help of a Social Media Marketing Company like Xcentric Services.

Merely making a Facebook page or starting a channel on YouTube does not mean that the customers will instantly get familiar with your brand. Instead, it takes lots of effort, time, and a strategy to make marketing on social media successful.

On top of it all, because new trends keep rolling in, the audience preferences change. Hence, businesses need to watch out for and incorporate every social media trend in their marketing strategy. BUT, of course, keeping up with all of them and tapping into the right one is a hassle for businesses. This is exactly where we come to the rescue.

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Four Social Media Marketing Trends We Follow For Clients At Xcentric

Businesses are continuously looking for methods to incorporate the latest social media trends in their marketing strategies. No one can predict what the future has in store. But still, preparing ahead of time is never a bad idea. The double taps, swipe, and scroll features of social media are here to stay. However, being almost one month away from 2022, unique trends and exciting opportunities are increasing.

To reach new heights and catch pace with trends, businesses can take the safe way and count on Social Media Marketing Services we provide. From tapping into the latest social media trends to planning strategies and tracking the campaign effectiveness – let us handle everything for you. However, before we weave all the trends into your social media marketing strategy, let us take you through the list of ones we follow for our clients.

1.   Short-Duration Video Content

Initially launched for entertainment and communication, social media platforms have now emerged as valuable marketing channels. According to statistics, more than 90% of businesses use social media for marketing and will continue doing so beyond 2021. The percentage along is enough to show the influence and dominancy of the platforms in the years to come.

Counting on the popularity of the platforms, just recently, Instagram released the Reels option allowing marketers to create short videos of 30-second duration. As a result, the video marketing trend on social media picked up the pace. Now, short-duration video content is the new trend that we follow as a Social Media Marketing Company. While long-duration content is still valuable, our marketers believe that the customers today are more inclined towards short and easy-to-digest, hence, our inclination is towards it.

2.    Increased Social Shopping

During the pandemic, online shopping trends increased at the speed of light. Generally, people prefer shopping online through social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. They crave attention and want to have one-on-one conversations with the potential brand before going ahead with the purchase.

Today, many new features are introduced on social media platforms facilitating online shopping. For example, Instagram Checkout is introduced in many regions. It allows customers to shop in-app without going to the website of the brand.

Similarly, an option of Facebook Shop is also launched to streamline selling online. Considering that COVID-19 will not end completely any time soon, we use all these features for our clients and keep them in pace with the social shopping trend.

Being a Social Media Marketing Company,

3.     Stories & Live Videos

As per statistics, the number of people using the internet has surpassed 330 million since the past year. It has almost reached more than 4.5 billion in April 2021. With the count increasing at this speed, brands and marketers need to make the most out of stories and live videos. Also, the trend of showing behind-the-scenes of business operations has the target audience of today hooked.

Among video-sharing platforms, Instagram Reels and Tik Tok became very prominent channels. Being a Social Media Marketing Company, we believe that these channels are the way to make marketing a success. During the quarantine period, people did not have a lot to do. Hence, for our clients, we decided to define their brand online through Stories and Live Videos. Safe to say, they always boosted customer engagement and got our clients viral in just a matter of time.

4.     Micro-Influencing

It might be surprising to hear for you, but influencer marketing will stay on the rise beyond 2021 too. The fact is that this form of marketing has grown from mega-level to the micro-level. Also, everyone believes in the recommendations by influencers. Therefore, for clients at Xcentric Services, we have continued opting for influencers with followers; to grow their customer base.

Every business is on the lookout for influencers in their niche rather than paying a fortune to celebrities for marketing their products or service. They help boost engagement rates, save cost, and promote the product more directly without sounding promotional.

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Final Words

Social media platforms are a fast-growing marketing channel that no business can afford to ignore. Also, especially during the pandemic, every business is breaking its bank to grab audience attention. And for that, marketing on social media is a MUST. From growing the customer base to building brand reputation and increasing conversions – social media offers many benefits.

Hence, as 2022 is about to approach, make social media the main element of your marketing plan. Though in the first place, crafting social media posts, engaging the target audience, and establishing positive relationships is not an easy play. To reap all the benefits of social media and keep up with the trends, hire Xcentric Services as your Social Media Marketing Agency. To get your customized marketing plan, drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com TODAY!







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