Latest SMS Marketing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 11, 2019

Never came a time when it could have been said that text messages cease to exist. If anything, the trend keeps on elevating. Not only the millennials but also the elders these days tend to use SMS over calling.

This dependence on mobile devices, varying from different age groups has marketers across the globe take leverage. Let’s figure out ways to increase your sales and conversions through SMS marketing.

Transaction Status Messages is a must

It’s understandable when people get irritated for having an overflowing inbox. But did you know they are more than welcoming towards the transaction messages? It keeps them updated on order confirmations, shipping details, and order completion messages.

The chances of your customer redeeming a coupon sent to him through SMS is way higher than a printed one. Even when you are in the recruitment phase, you can keep the applicants posted on their application status. As a business, it will be a smart move on your part to use it to boost your profits.

SMS becomes the leading Marketing Channel

Ever since 2017, brands have developed a secure connection with their audience using SMS alerts. Brands can come up with creative SMS campaigns to promote deals and offers and share important company news.

Every year marketers find new ways to amalgamate other marketing channels with SMS. Do you know why? Just to avoid annoying your customers and promote more freely. One of the reasons why it is the best direct mobile marketing channel is because consumers get annoyed if they are to download apps on their devices. Rather, they delete apps they haven’t been using in a long time. They aren’t surprisingly resentful towards text messages. With no resistance from the customers, brands can actually make the best of this opportunity to promote their work.

More Conversion is on the way

As compared to Facebook, emails, and phone calls, SMS has a response rate of 99% as per some reports. Nowadays, marketers are trying to encourage a reaction from the customer using carefully and strategically created SMS content by adding coupon codes, links, and CTAs.

You can always use text messages to lure traffic and sales to your website with the links you added to the messages. The same messages can be used to gain feedback from the same people. It’s all about how smartly you use this marketing channel because reports also suggest that 90% of the SMS are read within 30 minutes of delivery. The chances of conversion increase when people click on your website links.

Top Industries’ new friend

There is not only one industry, but almost all top industries these days are using SMS marketing as an effective means of connecting with their customers. Life is made easier with the E-commerce stores for you as well as for your audience. You are able to provide customer care and can inform the consumers about their orders. Along with this, you can take feedback and address FAQs while sitting in your office.

The customers don’t have to go to the retail outlets every time their order is late or they have complaints about a specific product. Going online serves the purpose and a more efficient way would be to fill out the feedback form that is linked to the SMS. Industries tend to take this feedback seriously.

Online and SMS banking is all over the place these days. Banks send a message regarding account balance and transactions. This service is highly appreciated since you are notified every time you make a transaction through your debit or credit cards. So in case of theft, you can immediately block the card.

So whether you are a clothing brand, a cosmetic company, an electronic or a bank for that matter, SMS is effective and is practical at the same time.

SMS Marketing gets a one-up

SMS has surpassed Email Marketing by a long shot. While the Messaging response is 45%, Emails hardly get a 6% response. Most likely because an office worker receives more emails than messages. Later, they lose track of the promotional emails when attending to the business ones. Secondly, for emails to be read, you require a good internet connection to load the mail. But that’s not a requirement when it comes to messages.

In no way it means that email marketing is no more important, it still holds its place but SMS is doing a bit better.

Messaging Chatbots are the Coolest

You don’t like conversing or replying to your customer’s queries all the time, maybe because you are busy with other work. And if God forbid, your consumer feels ignored because the response to their message was delayed by 5 minutes, you are surely losing on them. To avoid incidents like these, AI-enabled chatbots work as life saviors. It effectively communicates with the customers through instant replies, reminders, and answering FAQs.

Chatbots use advanced technology like NLP and ML to learn from existing data and collect new data simultaneously, to make sense of human queries in close to human manner.

Because of the over-saturation and spam on many platforms, opportunities are opened for SMS marketing to flourish. Especially for small businesses, SMS is a blessing since it is easy to customize, helps generate leads, and is very economical.

We really hope you got some insights from this article to help you with your business. But if there is still any confusion on which you would require any clarification, remember that Xcentric is just a call away. We are here to help you in any manner we can.







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