Is Your PPC Campaign Not Performing Well?

kashif ali

  • Feb 11, 2022

The most popular search engine of this digital world is Google and securing a place on the rank#1 of its search results is not only difficult but also worth many dollars. For us at Xcentric Services, ensuring that the PPC Campaign of every client is taking it on the top of the search results of Google is the end goal.

While search engine optimization does help with securing them a high position on the first page of search results, reaching that first sport without pay-per-click marketing campaigns is a big NO. Are your campaigns not performing well and their quality score is low? We can help you improve them and if you are thinking HOW – this blog will answer all your concerns.

5 Ways We Improve The Quality Score Of PPC Campaigns

Quality score is something that determines how a website ranks on Google and the relevancy of its paid Ads for the users. Being a key factor in how often the Ads appear when an in-market user enters the search query of a campaign, we keep the quality score at the forefront for optimizing paid campaigns. Below, we have listed the five ways how we can improve the quality score of your PPC marketing campaigns and take you to the top spot on Google.

PPC Campaign Strategy

1. Relevancy

Ultimately, having a good quality score boils down to the relevancy of the campaign, its keywords, and the landing pages being searched. Hence, the paid marketing experts at Xcentric Services make sure that all the keywords used for a campaign are relevant.

Right from the Ad copy to the landing pages where the users convert, the content and keywords are kept relevant. Therefore, guaranteeing that when the users come across the Ads, they do not feel like it is not related to what they are searching for.

2. Keywords

While relevancy sounds obvious, planning and incorporating the keywords consistently and effectively throughout the PPC Campaign is also something important. For instance, a minor change on the title of a landing page can indicate Google to better understand a landing page.

Also, looking at the algorithm too, Google rates the quality and relevancy of a landing page depending on the keywords. Hence, for our marketers, choosing and incorporating the right keywords in Ads is a big deal – that they always nail.

Google Pay-Per-Click

3. Negative Keywords

Focusing on keywords is important. However, when planning a PPC Campaign Strategy for clients at Xcentric Services, we focus on negative keywords too by updating and monitoring the campaigns. Actually, we have a whole list of such keywords that are avoided while placing Ads so that the advertising cost is reduced and the overall score of the campaign quality improves.

By doing so, we make sure that the target audience of our client does not come across Ads that are identified from negative keywords. It helps increase the overall click-through rate because the ones who DO see the Ads ad those interested in what you sell. So yes, a crucial thing for us is keeping a check that the Ads have no negative keywords in them and are showing up for relevant keywords only.

4. Converting Ad Copy

At first, this might sound simple, but the BEST way to attract the target audience is placing an Ad copy that looks relevant and is persuasive.  Sure, we can secure you the top spot on Google’s search engine result pages. However, we still put in our best effort into creating and placing enticing Ad copies that the audience is convinced to click on.

The key that works for us when targeting a Google Pay-Per-Click campaign is a catchy headline. At this point, our marketing brains come into action and think of a headline that is somewhat clickbait yet relevant to the landing page and keywords.

Addressing the pain points of the audience and highlighting the benefits of what our clients offer works here. In simpler words, people these days only pay for a product or service that solves their pain but in such a way that they feel it is of the best quality or a great deal – better than the others.

Make Money With Pay-Per-Click

5. Call-To-Actions

One of the surefire ways to secure the visitors and convert them is having solid call-to-actions in place. A clear and concise CTA on an Ad takes the organic traffic driving to the right landing pages in just a click. Overall, the advertisements that are functional, informational, and have action right in front in the form of a CTA provide a create user experience. Consequently, improving the quality score of the PPC Campaign.

Thinking about what a usual CTA looks like? It can be CLICK HERE, BUY NOW, DOWNLOAD HERE and the list goes on – and we get very creative here. All things considered, our goal is to make the Ad stand out and make the most out of every dollar spent on getting clicks.


Every business wants to Make Money With Pay-Per-Click marketing. However, the result of every paid campaign depends on its quality score, relevancy, and the user experience it provides. All of this combined means having a lot on your plate along with other routine tasks. Hence, you can hire Xcentric Services as your PPC marketing agency to make it all work for you. By using highly-relevant keywords and creating converting Ad copies, we can generate some real sales. To get started, drop us a query at connect@xcentricservice.com TODAY and we will get back to you with a complete advertising plan.







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