Is Google Marketing Services The Most Trending Thing Now?

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  • Feb 23, 2021

In just one glance at 2021’s marketing landscape, we can conclude that the past year has affected consumer search behaviour in every possible way. With most countries of the world imposing lockdowns every now and then, people were confined to their homes only. They are stressed out, overworked, and scared about what is yet to happen. On top of it all, the competition on search engines has also increased as marketers roll out their balls on the internet. At this point, all a business needs to do is get Google Marketing Services – because the current trends all about it, and we at Xcentric Services never miss out tapping into them for our clients.

What Is Driving Google Ads Management And Marketing Trends?

Of course, after investing in Google Marketing, businesses do want to see convincing numbers, and when it comes to Google Ads, these numbers do not lie. However, we are not going to lie, these numbers are a big deal for EVERY business out there on the internet, even us too. In our opinion, these are the things that are driving Google Ads Management and marketing trends:

  • Unpredictable Consumer Behaviour – which makes allocating a marketing budget difficult even when customers are always scrolling on their mobile phones.
  • Uncertainty – all thanks to the pandemic that is defying every marketing strategy and logic.

Quite obviously, it is getting hard to navigate the marketing trends for advertising. But hey, let’s take a deep breath and go back a few steps, we have got you covered. Given the current uncertain situation of the pandemic, realistically, there is no way to look through it all. Hence, as an agency, what we do is – tap into the latest Google Marketing Trends that have an impact. All being well, this will surely give our clients peace of mind and support to hang onto the digital world.

Google Ads Management

Google Ads Trends We Are Watching Out For

In the world of Google Ads, a couple of trends keep on creeping up and catch the attention of businesses and marketing agencies like us. While neither of the trends promises to stay forever, there are a few that we are watching out for as they indicate the direction of Google Marketing in 2021. Check them out before you invest in our Google Marketing Services!

1.      Increased Online Advertising Spends

At first, when spending on online advertising, the numbers might not look too impressive. Especially, after the pandemic, the numbers have gone downright grim. BUT, still, as a marketing agency, we are increasing the spending on Google AdWords Account Management. Indeed, many other agencies like ours must have also set their sights on bouncing back in 2021 by focusing more on placing Google Ads. Because after all, a business still earns $4 for every $2 spent on Google Ads.

So all together, investing in Google Marketing is still going to stay in 2021’s trends. Since it is an effective way to reach the target audience by hitting Ads on time, we aim to generate high sales for our clients – even while the pandemic takes over the world like a storm.

2.      Responsive Search Ads

Reducing the manual input is the new normal when we talk about placing Google Ads professionally. This is the exact idea behind our Google Marketing experts at Xcentric Services considering placing Responsive Search Ads instead of the traditional single image Ads. By using Artificial Intelligence when creating Google Ads, we automate headline optimization and variating the CTAs based on the target audience. At this point, all we do is create engaging content and visuals – and the rest is all the magic of RSAs powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Not bad, right? Most of the time, technology, Machine Learning, algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence are smarter than us humans. In fact, RSAs prove so effective for our clients that we skip out the idea of placing text Ads. The cherry on top – Google has also made RSAs a default option, so it’s a completely new trend that we are tapping into very happily.

AdWords Account Management


3.      Video Ads

Similar to how we target keywords and demographics by placing traditional Google Ads, the new trends call for launching Google Video Ads campaigns. Such timely Ads target the consumers while they are watching their favourite videos on YouTube. For us at Xcentric Services, this is yet another way to reach the target audience of our clients.

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we never forget that after all, YouTube is one of the top search engines of the digital world. Hence, for brands who want to expand their reach, we consider placing Google Video Ads on YouTube. Placing such Ads is effective for many reasons, one of them being the fact that the viewers’ eyes are already glued onto the screen when watching videos on YouTube. This helps in instantly catching their eye with an Ad, getting more impressions, and increasing the engagement rate. According to the current trends, we currently consider the following options for placing Video Ads:

  • Ad Sequence
  • Out-stream
  • In-stream skippable Ad
  • Non-skippable In-Stream Ad

Frankly speaking, we can dedicate a whole aspect of a pay-per-click campaign to these Ads, depending on how far the client wants to go down the rabbit hole.

Google Video Ads

The Takeaway

With new trends making their mark in the digital world, businesses need to roll up their sleeves and put in efforts to define their target audience. They need to know WHO their target audience is, WHAT they need, and WHEN.

But we understand, finding answers to all these whats and whys along with handling business tasks is hard. Hence, looking back at all the Google Ads trends, the safest way to tap into trends is getting our Google Marketing Services. At Xcentric Services, we have a dedicated team of marketing experts who know how to tackle the trends at the right time. Contact us today to get started on the trends of 2021 before it is too late!







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