The Benefits Of Investing In Shopify Development Services?

kashif ali

  • Dec 20, 2021

The trend of digitalization has given businesses an array of opportunities to leverage the potential of E-Commerce platforms like Shopify. It is one of the leading platforms that allow retailers to sell online with its countless features. Are you planning on taking your retail business online? Then, investing in Shopify Development Services that we provide at Xcentric Services is the BEST option. They include installation, integration, migration, customizations – and everything it takes to launch a bespoke Shopify web store. Though we understand, before taking the plunge, knowing the benefits you will get in the future is important. Scroll down, they are listed right here!

5 Benefits Of Shopify Website Development

As of 2021, Shopify is one of the popular E-Commerce platforms preferred by online retailers worldwide, with more than 500,000 active web stores. Many web stores have achieved HUGE success for many reasons. However, those running on Shopify often get a competitive edge over others.

For every little thing one might want to have on their web store, the platform has a functionality accommodating it. Hence, if you are about to just start out in the E-Commerce world and wondering which platform to choose, let us take you through the benefits of being on Shopify.

Secure Online Shopping

1.     User-Friendliness

One important aspect of technology has always been user-friendliness. Many people that get onto selling online and using E-Commerce platforms are trying to run their business. If you happen to be one of them and are not tech-savvy, the admin panel of Shopify will be a delight.

It helps categorize and customize every tore element – from the look of the store to its shipping settings and everything in between. Hence, after our team is done with Shopify Website Development, clients click their way through most of the dashboard and start selling online.

2.     Secure Online Shopping

With the frauds in online shopping increasing day by day at a high rate, security is an important concern for both – retailers and customers. Most of the customers say that they would never go back to a web store that breached the privacy of their information, even after it has fixed the security issues.

Therefore, let team Xcentric Services develop and launch your web store on Shopify successfully, where security will be guaranteed. Considering that the E-Commerce platform is supportive of SSL certificates and HTTPS, there will be a HUGE badge of security on your web store. Thus, showing the visitors that shopping on it is completely safe and secure.

Visually Appealing

3.     Visually Appealing

Just like no one likes spending time in a dull physical store, the same goes for online web stores. In the latter, they are even more limited since the retailers only have a web store for giving the similar feelings that are derived from bright lighting and aesthetics interiors.

The cherry on top? By investing in Shopify Development Services, you can design a web store that looks no less than an attractive physical store. Using the themes provided by the platform – both premium and free, our developers create web stores that WOW customers. They do not only put effort and time into making them look attractive but also ensure that they increase conversions.

Normally, to do so, they leverage well-timed Call-to-Actions, smoothly navigating Menus, and mobile-responsive themes. Also, keeping in mind that all the themes the platform offers are responsive, a consistent online shopping experience is provided to customers. So, regardless of whether they shop using a mobile or desktop, your web store will load perfectly.

4.     Multiple Payment Gateways

Every retailer wants to increase the chances of getting sales. And that requires making sure that the buyer can use different options for payment while checking out. As a starter, Shopify offers its built-in payment gateway that is powered by Stripe.

On top of that, when clients get on board with us for E-Commerce Website Development on Shopify, we enable other card options and currencies to increase their converting chances. Be it GooglePay, VISA, PayPal, ApplePay, or any other gateway, your customers will have countless choices.

5.     Adding Applications

Another major selling point of Shopify is the platform’s App Store. Whether the client wants to run donation drives or run a referral program, we find an application that makes it all work. Most of the applications are easily installable and operational. As a client, you can always let us know your requirements, and our Shopify Experts will integrate the right application to meet them.

The advantage here is that when launching the web store on Shopify, you will not have to worry about every future activity. Start simple, and when you need an upgrade given the changing trends, get an application for it.

5 Benefits Of Shopify Website Development


Shopify as an E-Commerce platform excels at the basics of an E-Commerce web store. They sum up as security, marketability, convenience, and ease of use. In every area, Shopify follows a start small and grow BIG approach. It provides online retailers scalability and flexibility, knowing that running a business is dynamic. What started as a store selling shirts can turn into a full-on apparel store within months.

Hence if you stand apart in competition as an online business, hire Xcentric Services as your Shopify Development Company. Our team will provide you with the right support needed to launch a web store on the platform. All along, they will also keep pace with growing trends and evolving technologies. To get your development project quote, drop us an email







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