Ranking Elements of SEO Marketing That Businesses Should Focus On

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  • May 23, 2022

More than a hundred different factors impact how a website ranks on the search engine result pages. While improving all those elements does help, some of the ranking factors are more foundational or influential as compared to others. So, even if you invest in SEO Marketing, it is important to know which elements your strategy should be focused on. After all, you cannot just invest in Search Engine Marketing for your business and take the back seat – without knowing if this will bring you value or not. In this blog, we have discussed all the important SEO elements that you need to be familiar with – give them a read.

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3 Important On-Page SEO Packages Elements To Consider

If you already have a website for your business, then you likely understand the basics of what Search Engine Optimization is. In fact, you may even have invested in the Best SEO Services in Pakistan already to run an optimization campaign. BUT, do you know which on-page element the Best SEO Agency should consider for ranking your website on SERPs?  On-page SEO refers to all the elements on a website that can be controlled and the following are the most important ones:

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1.  Indexability & Crawlability

A website does not show up in the search engine results if Google is unable to crawl and index it. So, being a business with a website, you need to get your indexability and crawlability right by investing in Website SEO Packages. Google crawls the web by using bots for discovering pages constantly and crawlability is referred to as the ability of Google to find your content.

The crawlers of Google discover the content through the links and after the content is crawled, they send the data back to Google. There, the pages are analyzed and added to the indexing queue – and only the indexed pages end up showing in the search results. Here is a checklist that the Best SEO Experts in Lahore, Pakistan recommend following to enhance the indexability and crawlability of a website:

  • Upload Sitemap – a directory of your website linked to the important pages. Maintaining updated HTML and XML sitemaps helps Google easily find content.
  • Add Internal Links – add links between the website pages as it
  • will also help Google discover your content.
  • Check Robot.txt File – a text file in which you can mention the pages for the crawlers to crawl, though make sure that all the information given is right.

2.  Content Quality

Many times, Google has made it clear that one of the most important elements of E-Commerce SEO Packages is creating content that provides users with the useful information they are looking for. No matter whether you invest in the Best SEO Services in Lahore or not, if the content is not high quality and relatable to the target audience, you will not rank on SERPs.

Hence, ensure that the pages of your website provide information that is useful, accurate, and related to the topics your target audience searched for. In return, when they get what was expected, your website will get traffic. However, there is still a twist – the following tactics might lead to Google interpreting your content as spam or low-quality:

  • Duplicate Content
  • Auto Generate Content
  • Content With Stuffed Keywords
  • Non-Informative Content
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3.  Keyword Usage

Previously, websites were able to rank just by stuffing all the pages with keywords – to the point that reading the content became difficult. However now, if an SEO Expert in Lahore follows this practice, it significantly hurts the rankings.

Search engines are now smart and increasingly go beyond looking at just the keywords for understanding what a page is about. But, keyword usage is still a crucial SEO Marketing element.

Best SEO Services in Lahore

To run a search-optimized website, you need to include the targeted keywords in the title tag, meta description, and H1 heading of its pages. In addition, use the keyword multiple times in the content, as well as include the primary keyword once in the first hundred words.

Even though whatever we have talked about above are not hard-and-fast rules, they are some foolproof guidelines to follow for increasing the SERP rankings of your website and making the most out of SEO Packages in Lahore. Besides, the most important thing of all – make sure that the keywords sound natural in the content and enhance their experience rather than annoying them.

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Which Off-Page SEO Elements Can Boost Your SERP Rankings?

Off-page SEO is a kind of search optimization that involves the use of off-site optimization techniques for improving the rankings of a website on SERPs. Being a Professional SEO Agency, we  consider the following as the most important elements of off-page SEO:

1.  Backlinking

Backlinks are the links that you can get from other websites to yours. While they are an important element of SEO Marketing, the search giant Google considers both – the quality and quantity of backlinks.

So ideally, you need to get a large count of backlinks from high-authority websites. Though you cannot control who links to your website directly, use the following methods to improve the backlinking profile – that’s what every Best SEO Expert in Pakistan does.

  • Create high-quality content that others would want to link to on their websites.
  • Conduct outreach by looking for pages that relate to the topics you talk about and asking their authors to link to your website.
  • Write guest posts for other websites and add links to your website in them, but make sure that they are relevant and authoritative.

Above all, avoid link-building techniques which are considered spammy by Google and even Best Companies for SEO, such as paying for links and linking your websites in the comments of other websites. Besides, you can check your backlinks using tools like SEM rush, Ahrefs, and Google Search Console.

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2.  Social Signals

While social media sharing is not a direct ranking factor, by getting more shares on your posts, you can boost the SEO ranking of your website indirectly. The more your posts are shared by people, the more you earn backlinks without even investing in Backlink Packages.

In addition to just the ranking, social sharing leads to an increase in website traffic which is viewed by Google as a positive signal. Now, the next big question is how can you encourage the target audience to share your content on different social media platforms. Here are some ideas that we count on as a Top SEO Company in Pakistan:

  • Build a social media marketing strategy and post regularly
  • Add social sharing buttons on the website to make sharing easy
  • Write about trending topics that relate to your business
  • Draft share-worthy and attention-grabbing headlines

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