Why Invest In Google Ads Management Services?

kashif ali

  • Jun 09, 2022

Google Ads is an effective platform for advertising on the popular search engine, where we all begin searching from. In fact, advertising through Google is a foolproof way to increase the traffic to your website and reach more qualified searchers.  However, planning a budget for Google Advertising and targeting campaigns on our own can be tricky. Hence, to play safe, invest in Google Ads Management Services provided by a team of Ads consultants. But before that, let us take you through the details of what is a Google Ad consultant and the benefits of making this BIG investment.

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Who Are Google Ads Consultants?

Google Ads Consultants are individuals or a company that you can hire for assisting you with advertising your business through the search platform of Google. Mostly, the consultants are Google Ads certified and completely demonstrate their knowledge of Google Ads. Even more, some of them are a Google Premier Partner or a Google Partner. Therefore, indicating that they are skilled and experienced with placing Google Ads.

Moreover, a Google Ads Consultant is specialized in pay-per-click and display advertising. So, when it comes to Google Ads Management, they offer valuable help.  However, keep in view that there are two different Google Ads Consultants – those who provide advice and those who make changes. Hence, when hiring one, make sure that you know what you want from a consultant. Normally, the consultants perform the following tasks:

Google Ads Management

Auditing Existing Campaigns

The consultations assess the currently running advertising campaigns of a business to check which ones need improvement and which ones are successful.

Adjusting Or Adding Keywords

An essential part of Google Ads is keywords and the consultants know how to bid for the perfect options to improve the ROI.

Improving Landing Pages

The job of an Ad is not complete until a prospective customer clicks on it. A consultant can help you create relevant and accurate landing pages to achieve this goal.

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Four Benefits Of Google Ads Consulting

Investing in Google Ads Management Services is a BIG decision. No business wants its advertising budget to go to waste – and this must be the same for you. But are you skeptical about going ahead with the decision? Here are some advantages that will convince you to invest in the consulting and Ad management services:

1.  Access Expertise

By hiring consultants for managing and tweaking your Google Ads, you will get the expertise of people well-experienced in the working of the advertising platform. From helping you design effective Ads leading to getting you conversions and monitoring the metrics for ensuring that your Ads are working well – they will do it all.

2.  Increase Efficiency

When it comes to investing in the right areas and maximizing the effectiveness of an advertising budget, Google Ads Consultants come to the rescue. They help in improving the ranks of the Ads and manage them in such a way that you will get more out of the Ad budget.

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3.  Keep Up With Marketing Trends

As the Google Ads consultants are specialized in advertising, they stay ahead of the trends and shifting markets – so you can trust them with making your Ads more effective.

Google Marketing Platform

4.  Focus On Other Business Areas

Most businesses have a lot on their plate and you must be facing a similar situation. By hiring a Google Ads Consultant, you can focus more on other aspects of your business, such as developing new products or managing customer relationships.

Why Choose Xcentric For Google Ads Consultancy?

If you want assistance with advertising on Google, finding the best Ad consultants is essential. When consultants keep an eye on your campaigns and audit them, they enable you to boost the conversions through the Google Marketing Platform, ultimately increasing the ROI.

We at Xcentric are a full-service agency that has Ads consultants on board, but the question is, why should you choose us? Here are some aspects that set us apart from other agencies offering the same services.


When choosing a Google Ads Consultant, the first thing that most businesses consider is whether they are qualified for running the Ads campaigns or not. For instance, one way to make sure that an individual or company is suited for being a consultant is to make sure that they have Google Ads certification. And, every Google Ads consultant at Xcentric is qualified.

By taking different tests through Skillshop and online training platforms of Google, the consultants have gotten official certification. While most of these tests and training are quite helpful, understanding and mastering the art of placing Google Ads takes time. Google Ads certifications that our team has bagged cover:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Shopping Ads

Another plus point is that we as an agency are a Google Partners, which gets us and our clients investing in Google Digital Marketing lots of benefits. Google Partners are always kept updated about the updates on the platform, get access to its beta features, and much more. Hence, without any doubt, our Google Ads Consultants will be of great help in advertising your business on the search engine.

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Hiring an agency with an experienced team of Google Ads Consultants is a foolproof way to make sure that your efforts and investment in advertising will pay off. While an experience of years is surely a great factor to notice, for Xcentric, you can also count on our successes and client portfolio.

Google Digital Marketing l

While you might think that choosing an Ads consultant with 15+ years of experience is a smart decision, successes also play a major role – and we have a lot under our belt. No matter what type of business invests in our Google Ads Management Services, our consultants know their way around because the search engine is their second home. So, with us, be assured that your advertising campaigns will deliver the desired results.

Team Environment

Though you can hire an individual Google Ads Consultant for AdWords Account Management and effectively implement your Ads campaigns, hiring an agency like us is a better option. After all, a whole team is always better than a one-man army when there is a lot on the plate to handle, right?

By having our team of professionals with years of experience working on your Google Advertising campaigns, you will have someone to assist you at all times. In addition, the benefits of hiring a team of consultants include better efficiency, more experience, and most importantly – increased profitability as the Ads will drive conversions.

Convinced to hire a Google Ads consultant and earn more conversions through the search engine? Get on board with Xcentric. For more details, contact us at 0300-800-2094 or email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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