Which KPIs To Track When Investing In Call Center BPO Services in 2022?

Mahum Khalid

  • Jun 15, 2022

Customer satisfaction is very critical – it can make or break the game for a business selling products and the one offering services. Keeping existing happy customers is not only cheap. Because such customers are loyal, they grow into brand advocates and attract more potential customers than any other digital marketing campaign. In this customer-centric world, Call Center BPO is the frontline of customer interaction and are often the only human interaction between a business and its customers.

However, investing in Call Center Services and taking the backseat is not enough. You need to measure the KPIs accurately and keep an eye on them to ensure that the customers are satisfied. Have no idea which KPIs to measure? Read the blog to find out!

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6 KPIs To Watch When Outsourcing A Call Center For Improving Customer Satisfaction

The importance of analyzing the metrics when it comes to assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of a Call Center Outsourcing is quite obvious. However, not every KPI indicates the satisfaction of customers and overall customer experience reliably, compared to the others. Below, we have a list of KPIs that you can track while a call center BPO team works on improving your business’s customer satisfaction rate.

1.      First Call Resolution

It indicates the percentage of calls in which the needs of the customers are addressed completely by the call center BPO agents without a call transfer or call back. To improve the first call resolution, every Call Center Out Sourcing Company providing outbound or Inbound Call Center Services allocates a budget to train the call center BPO agent. Moreover, incentives are also offered.

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In addition, through a skill-based routing of calls, they also make sure that the right agent receives the right call. So, to check if the Outsourced Call Center is satisfying your customers, do track the first call resolution KPI.

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2.      Blocked Calls Percentage

The percentage of customers who received a busy tone when they called your business. An agency providing Call Center BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services reduces this percentage of blocked calls by having a call queue system in place. It helps in handling large volumes of calls and also offers the callers an option to leave a voicemail when call center BPO agents are busy on another call.

This way, none of the callers receives a busy signal and neither do they have to waste time in long call queues. If your customers are not satisfied even after you outsourced Call Center Consulting, track the block calls percentage – you might find the reason.

Got no time to track the KPIs and want to outsource the Top Call Center in Lahore that tracks them too while providing customer support? Get on board with Xcentric. For more details, contact us at 0300-800-2094 or email at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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3.      Average Time In Queue

When the total time a caller spends waiting in a call queue before a call center agent responds divided by the total count of calls answered is the average time spent in the queue. When providing Call Center Outsourcing Services, agencies reduce the average queue time by staffing adequately and making sure that every agent is working when call volumes are high. Moreover, Call Centers in Lahore also provide the call center agents doing Call Center Job in Pakistan with effective tools. They help in handling calls and leverage real-time analytics. Thus, ensuring that calls are answered based on their wait time in the queue.

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4.      Average After-Call Work Time

The time that any agent spends on completing a transaction with a caller after they have disengaged is the average after-call work time. A contact center software integrated with your business’s CRM, helpdesk, and other back-office solutions allow the Call Center Representatives to update and access information in all the systems from a single interface.

Therefore, reducing the average after-call work time and ensuring that the call center team has access to accurate and comprehensive information while handling Call Center Campaigns.

5.      Level Of Service

The percentage of calls that are answered by Call Center Outsourcing Companies within specified seconds is the level of service. A call center software displays this information visually in real-time to both, the managers and call center agents. By making the team aware of this KPI, the service level is improved at our Call Center in Pakistan. Therefore, leading to more customer satisfaction and an increase in the bottom line.

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6.      Cart Abandonment Rate

Often, customers hang up before reaching out to the call center agents. As a BPO Company, we can optimize the cart abandonment rate by providing real-time analytics to our call center agents, so that they prioritize calls based on their waiting time. In fact, we also provide the customers an option to leave a voicemail when the call center agents are all busy providing Call Center BPO services.

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You have not outsourced a call center and there is traffic on your website but no conversions? Hire us as your Outbound Call Center and Inbound Call Center – we will track this KPI. And, in case the cart abandonment rate is too high, our call center BPO agents will also reduce it – before you lose a lot of your potential customers.

Want to keep your customers fully satisfied and are looking for Call Center BPO Near Me? Outsource the call center team at Xcentric. For more details, contact us at 0300-800-2094 or email us at connect@xcentricservices.com today.

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    [/vc_column][/vc_row] As we have said before, customer service is the frontline of every customer interaction. With that being said, a good customer experience and customer-centric approach are supported in the KPIs, not a guessing game. Hence, even after having invested in Call Center Outsourcing, you need to measure the KPIs associated with the satisfaction of customers.

    Even more, they should be the main objective of your customer interactions and Outbound Call Center Services. But fair enough, we understand that investing money in outsourcing and then time in tracking the KPIs is a hassle. Hence, hire Xcentric – an agency having the Best Call Center in Lahore. We do not only  Outsource Customer Services. Being a Call Center Agency, we also track the KPIs for our clients – to ensure that their customers are fully satisfied.







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