Need help integrating Magento Commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP?

Mahum Khalid

  • Dec 19, 2019

Today, integrating Magento Commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the most scalable and flexible processes. Mid-market E-Commerce businesses that are planning to grow big, have in popularity among them; Microsoft Dynamic 365 ERP. The design behind it is straightforward – Install the ERP system for once and take the back seat because you won’t have to install a back office for it. The system is in itself a back-office, out of which your business will never grow out, all while it is still expanding.

Conversely, many businesses selling online select Magento Commerce, as a more advanced E-Commerce platform. If you belong to the E-Commerce industry, it would be of no surprise to you, if we said that Magento commerce scales more quickly, is prompt with content publishing, and assists businesses with much-advanced features. Along with this, it stores specially tailored, out-of-the-box features for its B2B users. The cherry on top – you can always get tons and tons of Magento Extensions, at the Magento marketplace for E-Store. By all means, making it more accessible for businesses to make Magento Commerce experience a phenomenal one with the customization choices.

The Eventual Solution: Integration

Integrate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP system and Magento Commerce. You’ll surely get the most, so far the best out of them, with this tactic. Though this may sound like a risky task, if you have an in-house IT department, you can easily carry out the process of integration on your own. Get your hands on pre-built Integration Connectors, accessible across the Magento ecosystem, globally, to get some help. However, the majority of E-Commerce store owners opt to work with a Magento Solution Provider. By getting their assistance, you’ll be able to launch faster and save money, all while tracking the records of your successful Dynamics 365-Magento Commerce Integration.

If you’re a Business online, thinking to integrate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP with Magento Commerce, or you’ve already made a decision to do so, we’ve got you covered by listing some of the reasons why you should take the plunge of this Integration.

Reasons for Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Magento Commerce Integration

Unfortunately, Integration projects are famous in the industry for a bad-bad rep. The stereotypes are that they’re prone to delays and cost overruns, which come along with unavoidable ambiguities, making users say a big NO to integrations. Surprisingly, this isn’t a problem with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Magento Commerce Integration because they’re professionally managed by Magento Solution Providers, ensuring smooth processing. However, we understand that every business is looking out to avoid taking risks. With this in mind, we’ve gathered all the benefits overweighting your risks, compelling you to run an Integration.

1. Better visibility of Customer Interaction

This integration allows your customers to get a clear view of whatever interactions they’ve had in the past, with your business. In other words, it allows you to give access over the Order Statuses and History to your customers. As a result, your customers will have all their interactions sorted out at one place, eventually reducing your WISMO (Where Is My Order) calls.

2. A complete picture of Business Operations

Running a business requires you to keep an eye on its operations. The integration will have this task sorted out, giving you a complete picture of your online transactions so that you know what your business operations are contributing to your success.

3. Updated Product Information and Pricing

Commonly, customers are bound to abandon their carts while shopping at an E-Commerce store because they got to know that the product is out of stock when they were to checkout. Overcoming this drawback, when you consider integrating, it automatically updates your E-Store, displaying the latest Product Information and Pricing. Problem Unlocked – Customer Secured!

4. Automated Workflows

In this tech-savvy era, there are only a few tasks that businesses organize manually, and workflows are now not a part of them. By Integration, you can efficiently synchronize your systems. In other words, you won’t have to update your databases manually and restock your inventories, as the workflows will be automated.

Magento Commerce with Dynamics 365

Choosing an ERP Systems Integrator? Let’s Prep up!

Let’s face reality – An E-Commerce Solution Partner can make or break ERP Integration. A partner not compatible enough will ultimately add up to your costs and increase the complexity. Contrary to this, if you’re lucky enough to get the right one, to work with you, you’ll surely establish an extraordinary integration timeline. However, before you set out to hunt the right partner, you need to do your homework first, which includes the following tasks;

  • Outline your Workflows
  • Map out the Dataflow
  • Comprehend your Budget
  • Acquire a rough idea of your Business Objectives
  • Choose which platform will be your System of Records

After you’ve prepped up your homework, it’s time that you contribute your part of the research. As the next step, research the ERP System Integrators in your region and short-list them. Consider this list of questions to ask them before you choose any of them as your Integration Partner.

  • Any experience working with companies in our industry?
  • Are you a Magento Partner?
  • Are you a Microsoft Partner?
  • Do you have a track of such Integrations previously?
  • Can we get any of your referral contacts?
  • What development process do you use?
  • Will the development process involve outsourcing?

Get to know the answers, all while considering the conversation as a learning experience. Check if your requirements are achievable, get along an ERP Integrating Partner, and start on integrating your Magento Commerce with Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, if you’re still unsure about both the platforms going well together, Contact Us at Xcentric Services. We’re experienced Microsoft Partners, as well as Magento Partners, so let us help you change the face of your Business.









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