Instagram Social Media Marketing – Why Is it Important?

kashif ali

  • Sep 27, 2021

Instagram Social Media Marketing is a great way for businesses to increase their reach and engage with the target audience. Since its launch, the platform has proven to be a powerful marketing tool; for all those businesses who want to expand and have an online presence. While sponsorships and advertising opportunities do exist, getting started on Instagram is easy – without spending a dollar. If you have still not jumped on the bandwagon, let us at Xcentric Services get you on the platform and generate some conversions out of it.

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5 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is Important

Instagram is a widely-used video and image-sharing platform. Other than just videos and image posts, it allows users to share temporary Stories that stay live for 24 hours. Another newly introduced feature of the platform is Reels – which are short videos of 15 seconds. The plus point to all these features of Instagram is that the users can directly shop from E-Commerce businesses. Do you still need some more convincing to invest in our Instagram Marketing Services? Read out the reasons why you really need to and how your business can benefit from it.

1.   Every Business Can Thrive

With many social media platforms out there, Instagram is an important one to be on for businesses. And yes, this goes for every business, whether small, mid-sized, or a well-known brand. But of course, success does not come overnight for any of these and with the help of a Social Media Marketing Agency like Xcentric Services, you can thrive on Instagram. By getting on board with us, businesses raise brand awareness, reach out to their target audience, and maintain a regularly updated feed.

2.  Direct Earning From Instagram

Over the years, Instagram has evolved and now enables E-Commerce sales within the application. In the current era, marketers emphasize a lot on earning by placing products on social media platforms, and the newest feature of Instagram supporting this is – Shop. It is a tab that is located on the home of the application and allows the users to find and purchase from brands directly.

Instagram Marketing Strategy

When providing Social Media Marketing Services to a client, we leverage the Shop by featuring products. Moreover, we also tag the products in the photos and link them to the website by posting Shoppable Posts; including a product description and price. To lead the users to the online web store, we also include a call-to-action button saying SHOP NOW. It closes the sale then and there. With this, we make it easy for a business to drive actual sales to their website and generate conversions that cannot be ignored.


3.  Instagram Live & Stories For The WIN

Being on Instagram is a great way for businesses to show their target audience that they are more than just a faceless brand. Even though this can be done using many of the features Instagram offers, for our clients, we make their impression with Stories and Live features.

The best way we use these features for Instagram Social Media Marketing is by showing the behind-the-scene insights into the brand. Some examples of it are videos of the product packaging process, employee interaction, and Live Q&A sessions with the target audience.  Such posts build credibility and trust factor with the followers because they see a human side to a business. And when they actually see you as more than a brand taking their money in exchange for a product, they become loyal customers.

4.  Hashtags To Increase Visibility

New businesses on social media platforms like Instagram often get overwhelmed, and so can you. However, by hiring us as your Social Media Marketing Company, you can separate your brand from the herd on Instagam. Keeping in view the trends on the platform, we use proper hashtags and make them a part of trending posts. In the world of hashtags, popular brands like Coca-Cola and Calvin Klein have rocked with hashtags #ShareACoke and #MyCalvins. Want us to do the same wonders for your business with a hashtag that makes your brand recognisable? Get in touch with us.

5.  Effective Engagement with Customers

Is there something better than your customers knowing that your brand exists? And how about getting the opportunity to interact and engage with them daily? The fact is that the customers of today want their opinions to be known. Especially if it is about a product. Instagram is a social media platform that allows them to do this by commenting, sharing, and liking their favourite products by a brand. Hence, by regularly posting and making sure that the Instagram Social Media Marketing posts are engaging, we make brands visible on the platform.

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Wrapping Up

If there is anything that ties these benefits, it is that businesses are paying attention to Instagram more than ever. So, if you are not marketing your business on the platform, you are only ignoring billions of potential customers. Hence, take notes from these benefits and hire Xcentric Services as your Instagram Marketing Company. Your bottom line would surely be glad that you got on board with us.







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