Instagram Reels – Why should it be on your brand’s Digital Marketing Trends radar?

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 11, 2020

Amid the pandemic, the use of social media applications reached the maximum peak, and so did Instagram Marketing because Instagram was prompt enough to assimilate the situation and conclude that video content is the way to future. 

Also, not to miss out on a little surprise – Instagram has launched a new feature called Reels. Perhaps, this launch is a blatant rip-off of Tik Tok – a video sharing platform that is very popular as a Gen Z favorite. Let future answer that who will face the ax; while we focus on going over everything this game-changer is bringing to trends. This article right here covers everything you need to know about Reels, and how it matters for your brand. So let’s dive right in!

What is Instagram Reels?

In earlier times, sharing photos, heart-ing them, and commenting on them was all about users could do on Instagram. However, the good news is that Instagram has come a long way since. And now, when 2020 was no less than a roller coaster ride, the Instagram people decided to check out what the competition has in trends. And how they can do well out of it with a feature called – Instagram Reels.

Reels, similar to TikTok, is a short-duration video feature that enables users to create entertaining and digestible videos. The videos are commonly set to music. To access it, Instagram users just have to open up the Stories camera. They’ll find the feature right beside the Story and Live features. 

Technically, or say from a Digital Marketing Services point of view, humans have an attention span of not more than five seconds, which makes it essential for the video content to be attention-grabbing and short. And that is the exact idea behind Reels – the brainchild of Instagram. 

Even though static images are still not history, but the savvy audience scroll passes them. Just because they are not catchy enough. With Instagram Reels, users can record entertaining videos that are flashy, as well as quick. Though being honest, such videos can be cringy. But does any millennial wants to watch an hour-long documentary on a social media app like Instagram? NO. 

Instagram Reels

How Instagram Reels is somewhat similar to TikTok?

TikTok is a video platform in the lead of the popular. But perhaps, it is about to be called as an old-fashioned app? You never know when trends hit hard. This platform features 15-second videos that are meant to be fun, entertaining, or even a bit cringy for some. 

Though we can’t agree more to this fact that this app is a Gen Z favorite in particular. According to stats, it boasts around 800 million monthly active users. So if businesses utilize it well, it sure is entertaining and engaging and can help you grow.

Now, if we talk about Reels, the first impression we get is – Oh, it’s a clone of Tik Tok. However, what we as a Social Media Marketing Company perceive with this launch is that the primary purpose of Reels, other than being a direct competitor to Tik Tok, is to treat the Instagram Audience with entertaining features. Though not to miss out – Reels took its idea directly from Tik Tok by allowing users to create a 15-second video while playing around with music and other audios. 

We are ready to create fun and short versions of our favorite trending joke or a meme by tapping into Instagram Reel’s extensive music catalog. Are you? Though Instagram Reels is not available in Pakistan yet, we are still looking forward to what this rollout is going to bring in trends soon.

Instagram Reels; A Game-changer for Advertisers and their Digital Marketing Strategies

According to stats, around one-third of the most viewed videos on Instagram are by businesses. And recently, a new source stated that Instagram is about to take over Facebook Marketing Packages and YouTube Advertising by the end of 2020. 

Top-notch brands like Chanel, Zara, and Starbucks already include Instagram as a part of their strategies. Hence, playing your hands on an opportunity like Instagram Reels is a surefire way to target the younger audience, build unique branding, and sponsorships. 

Considering that banning Tik Tok in Pakistan is in news, Social Media Managers should be ready to react and tap into this feature of Instagram to grow. And if you are still not convinced, there’s still time till Reels comes home – Pakistan. Start strategizing how you’d be using this feature to boost your engagement rates. Though additionally, we’ve covered for you what we think Reels will revolutionize; 

  • Growth of Video Content and Visual Tools

As Instagram is looking forward to harnessing the potential and popularity of the lip-syncing app – Tik Tok by introducing Reels, there’s no doubt that such videos will take the Digital Media Marketing world by storm once it is available in Pakistan. In fact, according to stats, by the end of 2020, online videos will take-up more than 85% of the digital traffic. 

Videos made on Reels will primarily live in a user’s personal stories, shared with Close Friends or Direct Messages. Moreover, as an addition to its ephemerality, Instagram allows the users to add their Reels to Highlights. However, being a Digital Marketing Company, we hope that it will gradually be integrated into the Explore tab before it is available in Pakistan. All in all, considering all the praises it is getting by savvy marketers, genuinely, Reels is a game-changer for Digital Marketing in Pakistan strategies and the video content world. 

  • Bringing back Authenticity and Experiences

Instagram attributes TikTok for initiating the evolution of Video Marketing. However, the Instagram people are still excited to make this a unique and engaging experience for brands embracing this video-sharing concept. The plot, of course, will be driving the Instagram audience to experience a shift away from the thoughtfully filtered and edited content that controls the app; compared to the raw and real one on Tik Tok. 

So, if Instagram Reels is a success, brands surely have a window of opportunity for partnerships and Instagram Marketing Services. All fueled by experience-driven actions, creativity, and self-representation that the audiences, especially the Millenials and Gen Z support. 

Coupled up with the update of removing like counts from the posts, Reels might support Instagram’s push in promoting a positive and less pressurized Social Media Marketing. Thus, making the audience more comfortable to express what they feel like about a product image or a video a brand shares; versus just hitting the heart button that brands count as an achievement. Though not to forget, scoring on your heart reacts as a brand is a big NO; it doesn’t justify real engagement.

Instagram Marketing

What Instagram Reels launch means to us as a Digital Marketing Agency?

Instagram has already revolutionized the way we create, share, and interact with the content we see on social media. As a Social Media Marketing Agency, we’ve categorized the content shared on this platform as all fun and rapid-fire. 

And undoubtedly, this impressive form of visual content has managed to catch the audiences’ eye, mainly for its aesthetics. Strangely enough, that is a reflection of Social Media Marketing in Pakistan as a whole. 

So for us, the launch of Reels is an addition to more entertaining and quirkier content on Instagram. Because that’s what the savvy audience of today looks forward to – FUN. 

We believe that rather than trying to be perfect, brands need to shift towards being entertaining and engaging; when it comes to creating visual content. Imagine sharing a quick photo of your brand’s behind-the-scenes while you are prepping-up for your next product launch. You shared it on IGTV or Instagram Stores. But for a second, think about how well it could perform on Reels? The engagement you’d get on it would surely be HUGE! 

All in all, what we think is, even though Reels will do the same job as Tik Tok, it still is an opportunity for brands on Instagram; to boost their brand authenticity and transparency. Are you looking forward to connecting with your audience on Instagram in an incredibly powerful and engaging way? Reels is your next step in the direction of digital growth. So whenever Reels grows to Pakistan, adapt it immediately. As the platforms are ever-changing, to stay in the game, brands and marketers need to be flexible, and always willing to learn new features.

instagram reels


Reels is a unique opportunity for Instagram to compete with the Gen Z favorite – Tik Tok, as well as for brands who prefer to keep up with their Digital Marketing Services in Lahore and Video Marketing efforts centralized on a visual platform. 

Most probably, Instagram Reels won’t disrupt your overall Instagram marketing strategy. However, only the test of the future can tell if it will be a game-changer. After all, it is more than just a sticker you use to embellish your Instagram Stories. 

In the end, it all depends on YOU that how well you use this feature; to speak your brand language and integrate it into your strategies; to communicate authentically with your audience. Once Instagram launches Reels in Pakistan, if you need some professional help from a Digital Marketing Agency to strategize your campaigns, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services. We help brands flourish with our Social Media Marketing Services that capitalize on engagement and strategies that connect brands with their target audience. 







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