Instagram Marketing: New Updates You Need To Know About

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  • Apr 13, 2022

Wondering how to optimize an Instagram Marketing strategy in 2022 but overwhelmed with all the changing trends and updates? In this blog, you will discover the primary changes in Instagram that came this year and how to adjust your marketing strategies to keep pace with them.

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Three Key Changes That Are Impacting Instagram Marketing

Like every other marketing agency, we are familiar with the constant evolution of digital marketing sites – especially social media platforms. Staying on top of these changes and implementing them in the marketing strategies is a part of our job. By nailing it, we set businesses apart from the competition.

Every year, changes are rolled out by Instagram for improving the user experience. The users of the platform need to understand all the changes. But more importantly, businesses marketing themselves through Instagram Postings and marketers need to understand them. Currently, the platform has brought four updates and each of them has a huge impact on marketing strategies.

So, whether these changes affect your personal Instagram profile or business profile, adapting to them is important for being more effective. Keep on reading the blog to find out how these changes can be used to your advantage as a business.

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1. New Favourites, Home & Following Feed Views

User experience is the top-most priority of Instagram. Ensuring that the users on it have an enjoyable and easy experience in the application is a MUST. Hence, for improving the user experience, the social media platform is all set to roll out some significant changes.

Firstly, it has been announced that the platform will provide its users with multiple view options on the home screen. It will give them the capability to toggle back and forth between all of them. By giving users much control over their views, Instagram has customized their experiences. Here is a rundown of all those views:

  • Home View – will be organized according to what the users are most interested in, including recommendations of accounts that you do not follow.
  • Favourites View – will show all the posts from the list of accounts that you do not want to miss seeing the content of.
  • Follow View – will be a sequential feed of the content from the accounts that a user does not follow and no recommendations will show up for accounts not followed.

Now, the question is, how can you leverage all these changes to the advantage of your Instagram Marketing strategy? Well, the answer is pretty straightforward. Start off by using the Favourite view for curating a list of content whose content inspires and educated you. Add the accounts of BIG names in the industry who produce informative content. This way, you will regularly see informational content.

Instagram Marketing Services.

Overall, apart from the Favourite view, use all the other views as a lens into the industry leaders and competition. Trust us, it is a great way to keep an eye on them and stay in the know of what is about to happen. Also, when you will have more control over the accounts you see in the views, you will better plan the marketing strategy moving ahead.

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2. More Focus On Video Content

At the beginning of 2022, the founder of Instagram said that the platform will move away from being photo-based to focus more on video-based content. You have already incorporated video content in the marketing strategies you plan but are confused about how to create Reels, Live, IGTV, and feed videos?

Even though all the videos will be kept on a single platform and there will be less pressure to optimize one kind of video over any other. However, you still have to mix and match formats to effectively promote your business on Instagram. But how?

  • Planning Content For Short-Form Videos

Businesses on Instagram are investing in Reels and IGTV heavily, which likely means that the users are also prioritizing such entertaining and quick video content. Some ways you can nail planning short-form video content is by creating product demos, user-generated content, and behind-the-scenes.

  • Planning Long-Form Video Content

Instagram is a platform that has started prioritizing short videos. However, the long videos are still there in the game when it comes to some specific niches as they answer lots of questions in depth. Hence, you can use the long-form video format to make tutorials, how-to videos, give product demos, or interview industry experts.

All of this has got you confused? No worries – invest in our Instagram Marketing Services. From creating engaging content to targeting the marketing strategies and keeping up with the updates, we will do it all for you.

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3. Strict Consequences For Unethical Marketing

As a growing Social Media platform, Instagram wants to provide its users with control over the experience of the application. It includes allowing them to manage whatever they want to see and who sees their content and information. In addition, the platform is also launching notable features for protecting its young and teenage users’ experiences.  They include:

  • Take A Break

Users opting into this feature get a notification reminding them of taking a break from the application after a set time. It then prompts the users to breathe, jot down their thoughts, or work on their daily to-do list.

  • Increased Parental Control

With the increasing use of social media and Instagram Marketing strategies always in action, children underage need to be monitored. Hence, the social media app now provides parents more accessibility to keep an eye on how their child is spending time on it and set limits.

Both the features are a reminder for businesses that they create content for humans – who support brands in some way or another. Therefore, being aware of all the new controls is important when creating and posting content on the platform – especially if your audience is young.

Besides, underscoring the importance of ethical marketing, the platform has also announced that it will be strict with accounts that go against its community guidelines. Any post that is reported for breaking them will be deprioritised according to the algorithm – which means it will live down in the news feed.

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