Instagram Marketing Tips That Can Make 2019 Your Year

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 23, 2019

Instagram Marketing can be daunting at first, but it doesn’t have to be a challenge in 2019. In today’s world of Digital Marketing, it is a primary place for businesses to promote their products and connect with their customers, and reach new customers within their target market. Every other brand is incorporating Instagram marketing into their business by the end of this year, but can your business find success in it? If you’re new on Instagram as a business, following these tips can make you an Instagram Marketing Pro in a go!

Sign-Up as a Business

If you’re new to Instagram Marketing, sign-up as a business, but if you already have a personal account, you can easily switch to Instagram for business. Having a business account has its perks, which can be used later to track your business analytics. Here are some of the perks which you can unlock through it;

  • Creating and Publishing Insta Ads without Facebook Advertising Tools
  • Calls to Action Buttons
  • Instagram Marketing Analytics
  • Instagram Shopping

These perks help you get an insight into your post’s engagement rate and impressions. Furthermore, you also get a breakdown of your followers’ demographics. All these Instagram Marketing tools are free of cost, so get the best out of them to make 2019 your year.

Define your Goal

Instagram Marketing is not the same for every type of marketer. All the tools you get will be of no use if you’re not aware of what your goals are and who your target audience is. As a brand, you need to define your goals accordingly. What matters to you the most?

  • Generating Sales?
  • Increased Brand Awareness?
  • Generating New Leads?
  • Making your Brand an Industry Leader?

Think about your answer and define the goals, check your analytics and decide what you want to do next to achieve your goals.

Optimize your Business Profile

Optimizing your profile is essential as the sun in the sky, on a freezing morning. Every business profile gets 150 characters to themselves for writing a Bio. Creating a great brand impression along with conveying your message depends on how you optimize your profile. But there’s a lot more to this small space, like these fields to be filled out.

  • Business Name
  • Business Website
  • The Features of your Business
  • Contact Information
  • Call to Action (CTAs)

These fields should be bursting out in a way that makes your audience curious enough to visit and engage in your business profile. What more can you ask for after having invested in Instagram Marketing? Get your creative teams to work on making your profile very attention-grabbing.

Post Product Teasers

Posting product teasers can urge people to buy your products or service without being forceful. People are more likely to buy from brands that don’t force them to buy their products. Instagram is the best way to showcase your products, which increases the excitement of your followers. Instagram Marketing through laid-back posts is the best way to tease your audience. For example, posting a product teaser, with a discount offer in the caption will tease your audience to buy your product, without giving them a feeling that you’re forcing your products over them.

Instagram Marketing

Post Visually Compelling Content                     

Are your posts not getting enough engagement? Is your profile visually strong? You need to sort this out if your pictures are too dry. To make your presence felt through Instagram Marketing, post sharp and ecstatic pictures. Do you think posting good pictures is enough for the gram? No, it’s not!

Ecstatic pictures are good to see, but if there is no story behind that picture, your Instagram Marketing won’t give you much. To get the best results from your Gram, try posting these.

  • Behind the Scenes (BTS)
  • Text-based Images
  • User-generated Content
  • Videos
  • Instructional posts

Use Interactive Hashtags

To get instant engagement on your posts, use interactive and trending hashtags. The cherry on top is, you can also use these hashtags to get user-generated content. To get the best results out of Instagram Marketing, hold competitions on your Gram and ask your followers to use your hashtags on their posts. Every time someone uses your hashtag, your brand gets to another person’s feed. The best way to create a hashtag is to make it out of your slogan. To make sure that you don’t choose the wrong hashtag, mark these tips.

  • Use relevant Hashtags
  • Use Hashtags specific to your Niche
  • Do not use “like4like’ Hashtags


Are you still not sure about which Instagram Marketing technique will work the best for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this too. We suggest hiring some professional help from a Digital Marketing Agency to make your Gram worth the stare and time of your followers.







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