Instagram Marketing Strategy: Create & Optimize Your Profile

Sumayya Shahid

  • Mar 08, 2023

Instagram is the second most used social media platform after Facebook. Users on it are more interested in visual content – images, videos, and stories. Because of this usage, more and more businesses are shifting towards Instagram. However, since Instagram is a very visual platform and has tons of updates, businesses should have a result-driven Instagram Marketing Strategy in action. A well-planned strategy helps a business map out a plan to stand out in the crowd of competitors. Moreover, it also builds an audience that businesses can change into real-time buyers.

Marketers at Xcentric use Instagram to help businesses gain more followers. They plan strategies that enable businesses to reach their target market, increase their traffic, and increase lead generation. Many businesses around the world have hired us as their Management Consultants Instagram and we make sure to develop strategies that match their business goals and mission. Want to know how we can create and optimize your profile on Instagram and bring you leads? Keep on reading the blog!


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How Does Instagram Marketing Benefits Businesses?

A strong and planned strategy is the secret behind a business that drives brand awareness, interacts closely with followers, and build a relationship with new ones. Considering this, every Instagram Marketing Strategy that we plan helps a business convert more of its audience into customers. In addition to making compelling graphics, we at Xcentric also include quality content and hashtags on our client’s Instagram pages.

By adding these basic elements to our Instagram Monthly Packages, we have helped countless businesses reach out to their audiences. Furthermore, we have also developed strategies that boost their sales and increase website visits. So if you are also interested in knowing how we can create and optimize your business profile on Instagram, then keep on reading the blog.

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Getting Started With Instagram Marketing

Instagram page is the first thing your viewers are going to see, so every detail on that page should be authentic. This helps achieve the desired number of followers that you as a business are looking for. So, as an agency, when planning an Instagram Marketing Strategy, we make sure that our client’s Bio has 150 characters written to grab the audience’s attention and encourage them to engage with the client’s products or services.

When starting on Instagram, experts at Xcentric provide Top Instagram Marketing Services that include building optimized profiles for clients’ businesses. Moreover, they also give Instagrammers a suitable Call-To-Action to interact with clients’ products or services. Other than that, we do the following to make sure that the Instagram profiles of our clients rank on explore pages:

  • Write a compelling bio that describes the client’s business; what they do and how people can benefit from it.
  • Adding related keywords that are highly searched and match the goals in the captions of the posts.
  • Inserting a clickable URL that drives traffic to the website or any other landing page.

Now that we have discussed the basics of Instagram Marketing, we are going to look into the steps through which we create a strategy for our client’s business.

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Our 3-Step Process For Planning An Instagram Marketing Strategy

Being successful on Instagram requires an approach that can attract a targeted audience. Unfortunately, business owners don’t like to get tangled up in all the confusing algorithms and they don’t have the resources to target an Instagram Marketing Strategy. Therefore, they hire agencies like Xcentric to take care of their business profiles on Instagram. Below, we have covered all the steps we take to plan and target an effective marketing strategy for businesses on Instagram.

1. Identify Goals

Every business needs to create awareness about what it offers, which includes all the goals they want to achieve through its offerings. Marketers at Xcentric identify the goal of the client’s business and track the progress of the Instagram Marketing Strategy side-by-side.

For example, if a business’s goal is to increase new followers, then we create its profile and measure its growth by tracking the follower growth and leads that are generated from the clicks. Moreover, by identifying goals for Instagram we make sure that the Instagram Marketing Cost is minimized and there’s no wasting of the promotion budget.

2. Recognize Target Audience

There is no point in endlessly posting images and stories if there is no one to engage with them. Hence, it is necessary to recognize your target audience that is more likely to buy your product or service. So it is a must-step in building an Instagram Marketing Strategy – to recognize a potential customer who is going to be interested in your product.

Before creating a strategy, the marketers at Xcentric make sure to fully understand the client’s target audience – demographics and interests. Being an Instagram Marketing Company we also provide reports to our clients in which we define what is the best way to go to gain maximum engagement of the target audience.

3. Studying Competitors

Competitor research is the most important step in targeting a successful Instagram Marketing Strategy. By analyzing what competitors of a business are doing and how they are engaging with their audience, we fill in our clients where they are lacking. Moreover, by going through the differences, we identify the marketing gaps and help businesses better engage with their audience.

At Xcentric, we track down our client’s competitors through SWOT analysis. All in all, we provide affordable services in which we monitor every possible way to direct clients’ target audience toward their Instagram page and generate leads.

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Wrapping Up

Although there is A LOT that goes into an Instagram Marketing Strategy, the above-mentioned are the key elements that we never miss out on. The marketing team at Xcentric makes sure that our business profile on Instagram is consistent, interactive, and engaging at the same time. Hence, put your strategy planning worries on our shoulders and let us take care of your presence on Instagram.







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