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kashif ali

  • Oct 14, 2021

Like on other social media platforms, the trends on Instagram also keep changing. In 2021, with the pandemic taking the world by storm, and the changes being fast and furious, everything is shaking up. Not keeping up with these trends makes a difference, and they can make you look ahead in competition or out of touch. Though this does not mean that you stop following the social media calendar. You need to stay flexible and informed, which is only possible by investing in Instagram Marketing Services that we provide at Xcentric Services.

Instagram is a millennial-favourite platform, where there is a lot that a business needs to stay on top of. From shoppable posts to Live, polls on Stories, Instagram Reels, and everything in between, we have covered all the trends that we tap into for our clients in this blog. These are the trends that can get you the most out of Instagram – followers, leads, engagement, conversions, and especially revenues.

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Top 10 Instagram Marketing Trends Of 2021

When using Instagram for marketing a business, we consider it important to keep up with the trends on the platform. Instagram is a platform with more than 1 billion active monthly users who check out the platform countless times every day. With such a HUGE audience base, any business can probably get lost in the noise.

Hence, by hiring us as a partner Social Media Marketing Company, you can target effective Instagram Marketing strategies. We create high-quality content, be it visuals or captions, everything is sure to get the followers excited. Before you get on board with us, give a read to all the trends we will tap into for helping you meet your marketing goals in 2021.
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1.   Content Still Rules

It should not come as a surprise to you that content is still the KING when it comes to planning and targeting Instagram marketing strategies. But even though many content marketing tools help create content for Instagram, handling them can get overwhelming.

In the past year, we have seen an increasing trend towards authentic and unfiltered content from businesses on Instagram and that trend is here to stay. However, of course, this does not mean capturing and sharing anything.

While the unfiltered content is in trend, for our clients at Xcentric Services, we ensure that the content tells a story and is eye-catchy. With time, the audience on Instagram has become better at determining if the content they see is authentic and genuine. Hence, to lend credibility to brands, we smartly tap into the trend with content that still rules Instagram and is talked about.

2.   Instagram Stories

After their launch in 2016, Instagram Stories became very popular. According to stats, more than 85% of Instagram users started posting Stories. Moreover, nearly 80% of the brands on the platform claimed that they increased their conversions by using the feature. Not only that, almost 90% of Instagram influencers publish most of their content using Stories.

Considering all these stats, when providing Social Media Marketing Services to our clients, we get the most out of this feature. Also, in the Stories posted, we take full advantage of polls, stickers, emoji sliders, and more – to increase engagement. Besides, if the brand we are marketing on Instagram has more than 10,000 followers, we also use the Swipe Up feature. It allows adding links to specific blogs, videos, and even the brand’s website to increase traffic, rather than having to add all of these links in the bio for promoting content.

3.    Use Of Reels

Similar to Tik Tok, a new feature named Reels was launched by Instagram in 2021. Currently, the feature is available in almost 50 countries. It allows the users to create and edit short-form videos with a time of 15 seconds.

Businesses who already have a presence and following on Tik Tok are less likely to jump on Reels because it is quite the same thing. However, our marketing team at Xcentric Services believes that it is a great feature to use for meeting challenges. Because, if you are already there on Instagram, why move to another platform like Tik Tok to build an audience there?

For our clients that are already on Instagram, we include Reels in their marketing strategies. Safe to say, it does pay off in terms of conversions when we share content with the audience of our clients through Instagram Reels.

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4.     Live Content

In the year 2020, when the world was in lockdown, the use of Instagram Live increased. This did not come to us as a surprise. It was when the pandemic had everyone frustrated with staying indoors without meeting their friends and family.

We being an agency believe that this increase was because of humans staying in isolation for a longer period. To feel connected with the world, they turned towards social media – and of course, the Instagram Live feature.

For our clients surviving during those tough times, we also used the feature to help them stay connected with their target audience on Instagram. And now, as we are nearing the end of 2021, and the pandemic has still not ended, the trend is not going anywhere. Therefore, while providing Instagram Marketing Services to clients at Xcentric, we will never stop using the feature.

5.      In-App Shopping

More and more people are turning towards social media applications to shop for what they need – whether clothes, food, or even cars. Since most of them are already using Instagram for finding new products or services, it makes sense to use Instagram for marketing to them. The cherry on top? Instagram makes it easier for the brands to sell on the platform with Shoppable Posts – without the users having to leave the platform.

So, in 2021, to increase the shopping activities, we have started posting Shoppable Posts on the Instagram feeds of our clients. These posts show up in the feed just like normal posts with a small shopping bag on the image corner. The audience can click the bad to see the information of the products and shop it right away in-app.

6.      IGTV

Along with using Instagram Live and Reels, during 2021, when providing Instagram Marketing Services, the savvy marketers at Xcentric Services also kept an eye on IGTV. It is a feature that allows posting long-form videos on Instagram. Over time, the feature has been tweaked by Instagram to increase its functionality. Every time, we have used it very smartly to market our client on the platform and keep it on top of the trends.

To make the video content we post on our client’s feed, we use our creativity and make it pop, ensuring that it attracts the audience. However, as we have mentioned before above, the audience today seeks more authentic content. Hence, we do not only post those perfectly edited videos. Instead, we opt for a blend of candid and branded videos with a polished look.

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Having a strong presence on Instagram is a HUGE part of any business’s social media marketing strategy. The platform is continuously growing and helping brands reach out to their target audience, engage, and increase conversions. Moreover, as the platform keeps on evolving, new features and functionalities are getting added to it. Therefore, convincing the users to stay on the platform and build a follower base.

Hence, considering its reach and popularity, why not focus your efforts and budget on Instagram Marketing? With all these trends we have shared here, you will surely have more than enough opportunities to grow. But sure enough, handling it on your own can be hard. Therefore, to outperform your competitors on Instagram, hire Xcentric Services as your Social Media Marketing Agency, and we will handle it all for you. To get your customized marketing plan, contact us TODAY!







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