Instagram Marketing Service: Sell With Shoppable Stickers

saina anwar

  • Jan 16, 2023


Instagram Marketing Service is the use of photos and videos to sell products or services. Instagram is a social media platform where businesses can sell a lifestyle to their target audience. With constant changes in the social media world, Instagram introduced Stories back in 2016 with the intent to bring people closer to each other. Over the past few years, Instagram Stories gained more engagement through sharing of posts, reels, music – and the list goes on. One of the most useful features used in Instagram Stories is the shoppable stickers. We count them as a blessing when providing Instagram Marketing Service to clients at Xcentric.

Shoppable stickers are available for businesses that have 10,000 and more followers, allowing users to view the name, price, and description of the product. They can be identified as shopping bags in pictures and videos. Considering that you already know about shoppable stickers, let’s move on to how we can help you induce shoppable stickers into your Instagram Marketing Strategy to engage more viewers and make the conversion process smooth.

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1. Multiple Stickers

There are several ways a business can create engaging content through Instagram Marketing Service. To help bring a product out in the social world, Instagram Stories provide businesses with two Shoppable Sticker options:

  • White Bag with Blue Outline
  • White Bag with a Blue Outline and Product Name

While working on boosting brand awareness, marketers providing Instagram Marketing Service don’t miss out on using the shoppable stickers on stories. This not only helps them highlight the product name of the business they are promoting but also shows the product availability. However, there’s one thing that our marketing experts always keep in mind when using this feature: displaying multiple products in the story with shoppable stickers.

In addition, as Instagram Stories are only available for 24 hours, shoppable stickers with product names keep potential viewers updated about product availability. This way, the viewer knows about the product and the company. Hence, hire an Instagram Marketing Company like Xcentric, so that the marketers emphasize your products in front of the target audience and convert your viewers into potential customers.

2. Influencer Marketing

One of the best ways to build customer loyalty and uplift sales is by asking influencers to promote your products or services on Instagram. Over the past few years, Influencer Marketing has become a vital part of Instagram Marketing Service. Many marketing agencies including us – Xcentric, work with influencers to help businesses increase brand awareness and gain more trust of the target audience.

In Instagram Marketing Service, connecting with an influencer – who the target audience trusts and respects – helps generate more interest in the business and its products or services. If the influencers share what you sell on their feed, stories, or even as boomerangs, re-sharing their content on your Stories with Shoppable Stickers is sure to bring in some serious conversions.

Once an influencer reviews a product or service and defines how it is unique from others, the target audience feels more confident in buying that product. Hence, if you are ready to take up this opportunity, get our Best Instagram Marketing Services and let our team get you the most out of Shoppable Stickers.

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3. Content Formats

Over the years, Instagram has introduced many updates in its interface and formats. The addition of Reels and Stories has made it an incredibly interesting social media platform. In fact, introducing Instagram to the world for sharing photos and videos gained more attention than expected. Now, as businesses have started promoting their products on the platform by getting Instagram Marketing Service, more features are added to accommodate them. One of these features includes multiple content formats.

We all know about the basic use of Instagram – sharing videos and Images. But how about switching things to boomerangs, snippets, and gifs on Stories? All these features keep users engaged and with Shoppable Stickers as a cherry on top, they can now view the product as well. All in all, the main purpose of creating different content in different formats is to keep your audience excited about your posts and spice things up. However, if you are not sure about how to do that using Shoppable Stickers, get our Top Instagram Marketing Services. Our team will take charge of bringing in sales by posting Shoppable Stickers on your Stories in different content formats.

4. Popular Hashtags

Instagram allows its users to follow their favorite hashtags, which enables businesses to reach out to their target audience. However, with the minimal engagement and quality that hashtags provide, it gets difficult to attract users. There is a high possibility that your Instagram Story won’t make it to hashtags, so don’t invest your resources into every hashtag. Pick out a few hashtags that relate to your niche and then use them in Stories alongside Shoppable Stickers. That’s something overwhelming for you to handle? No worries! Get our Instagram Marketing Service, we are ready to assist you in reaching your potential audience through popular hashtags.

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Ready To Drive Sales Through Instagram’s Shoppable Stickers?

As a popular social media marketing platform, Instagram offers businesses of every size countless opportunities to reach out to new customers and build a strong relationships with the ones already existing. If you are convinced to make the most out of Shoppable Stickers on Instagram and drive sales, hire Xcentric as your partner Instagram Marketing Agency. At an affordable Instagram Marketing Cost, we will manage your feed and marketing campaigns end-to-end.







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