How Xcentric Strategizes Instagram Marketing Campaigns to Slay Competition?

Ali Kazmi

  • Oct 02, 2020

Instagram is growing an influential social media giant in the digital world. And now, savvy marketers have started using it as an indispensable digital marketing tool. We call it Instagram Marketing Campaigns  for businesses that aim to get the most value out of social media marketing in Pakistan. Why not add it to your marketing radar?

Being an agency, we consider adding an Instagram Marketing Strategy to any business’s marketing portfolio as a no-brainer. The businesses of today demand exposure. And when they have a strategy in place, reaching out to the target audience on Instagram and engaging with them is not difficult. However, the idea isn’t only to build a social presence in Pakistan. Businesses leveraging on Instagram Marketing also need to drive business. Precisely, they need to increase their online sales with such efforts.

In other words, it is essential to focus on building a strong audience base and think like a business. Because if you think that posting images with captions is more than enough, you need to THINK AGAIN.

To set yourself apart in competition, you need to plan an effective strategy that will help you achieve your goals. Sound like too much technical work that requires a marketing mind? Let us help you out with our impeccable Instagram Marketing Services that ensure we’ll do differently than the rest. Because after all, our clients need to be unique and one of a kind that attracts people of Instagram. Here’s how we do Instagram Marketing the right way at Xcentric Services;

Formulating a Content Strategy for Instagram Marketing

Strategising an Instagram Marketing campaigns requires a strong base to stand on. Because without one, you’d be only firing in the dark. Hence, for every client, we focus on planning a precise content strategy that is crucial to their success on Instagram.

Ultimately, people scrolling through Instagram feed are always eyeing out for engaging content that also relates to their needs. Xcentric Services empowers businesses in Lahore to reach their target audience in the Instagram world by creating valuable visual content.

We assume that the first question you have in mind right now is – What type of content? Technically, or say from a marketer’s point of view, every image on your Instagram profile needs to make a positive impression. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the content on our client’s Instagram profile resonates with their target audience. And for that, we create the following types of content depending on their objectives and audience;

  • Product-Focused Content

When it comes to creating result-driven Instagram Marketing campaigns, we prefer creating product-focused content for our clients. Precisely, it is just posting the visuals of the products our client sells. Though the only tweak is to use enticing visuals that make the product stand out from the rest.

Instagram Marketing Content

  • Culture-Focused Content

Usually, we have clients coming to us who don’t sell any physical products. Yes, we’re talking about service-based businesses and software companies. Well, honestly, in that case, we don’t have product images. But hey, we have a solution for this too!

For our clients who offer services, we bless their Instagram feed with behind-the-scenes shoots and images that show the company’s culture. In simpler words, we post everything that displays the company’s culture, who they are, and what they stand for; to make their brand identity stronger.

  • User-Generated Content

This content strategy works wonders for those clients who already have an audience base which brags about their products and services. Plus, considering that people on Instagram love getting involved with brands, we believe that it’s a great idea to not post content ourselves.

You must be thinking that we’ve gone out of our minds. But well, that’s a tactic we know how to pull off like a pro agency. Though obviously, it’s not an easy crack. BUT, if Nike, Dunkin Donuts, and Starbucks can do it, why not you? Let’s jump into the trends with team Xcentric!

Smart Monetization

If you’ve always been thinking that social media marketing is all about just increasing brand awareness and the followers, let us break the ice. Instagram is more than that and we’ve always been using it to add to our clients’ bottom line. Yes, that’s true!

However, the approach we take towards monetizing each client’s Instagram account for business is different in Pakistan. Here are a few ways we do so, all while drawing a line between ethical monetization and spamming.

  • CTAs

We never hesitate to add CTAs when we post on our client’s Instagram because they get more followers and convert them into leads. And ultimately, this leads to more online sales.

Though there’s one thing we promise – The CTAs won’t just SELL. Our social media managers will put in their best of creativity and make sure to not overdo them.

Instagram Marketing Strategy In Pakistan

  • Promotions & Discounts

Millennials and Gen Z-ers have started buying on Instagram now. Hence, we prefer having a strategy for that up our sleeves. And for that, we ask our client to offer the target audience time-sensitive discounts; to create a FOMO. This way, we not only covert the followers into customers, but also attracts the attention of many non-followers.


Strategizing an Instagram Marketing campaign the right way is all about leveraging on all the above factors. However, if you are a newbie on Instagram, generating online sales from the platform might require you to take some risks and put in serious marketing efforts. So why not let our Instagram Social Media Marketing specialists at Xcentric Services help you with it? They have years of experience in helping businesses like yours with Instagram Marketing Services that work wonders. To know more about how we can help you, simply get in touch with us!







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