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  • Jan 17, 2022

Every online business needs to maintain a strong social media presence to reach out and connect with the target audience. By having an Instagram E-Commerce Business account, this goal can be achieved. However, because the platform is ever-growing and boasts millions of daily active users, the competition on it is tough. On top of it, if you are not a keen user of the platform, handling a business account on it can be tricky. However, do not worry because Xcentric Services can handle it for you and convert the followers into customers that pay.

5 Ways We Handle Instagram Accounts For E-Commerce Businesses

We attribute the success of our clients in the E-Commerce world to Instagram. Our team manages to get them a HUGE loyal following. As an online retailer, if you too want to achieve success on Instagram with your business account, let us help you nail it.

While many right ways of using the social giant, there are wrong ways too, which we are familiar with. Hence, in this blog, we will be talking about the strategies we employ for building a strong following and presence of our clients on Instagram.

Whether it would be your first time on the platform or you are already running a business account for a while now, our goal will be straightforward; getting more engagement and followers. So now, jump right into the details and know how we can help you gain a following on Instagram in no time.

Instagram E-Commerce Business

1. Targeting Niche Market

A niche market is a subdivision of a large market category with particular preferences and needs. For instance, when it comes to men’s clothing, there are several niches or segments in this huge category.

The users on Instagram engage with content aligning with their interest. In simpler words, people on the platform keep searching for accounts that they can resonate with. Hence, niche accounts have more engagement, likes, and followers.

‍Hence, to feed the interest of the target audience of our clients, we make sure that they have a niche account on Instagram. If they are running an online web store selling fitness clothing, we use relevant hashtags and post content related to the gym to increase audience interest.

Overall, we put in our best effort to Grow Instagram Following for our clients by maintaining a culture on their account that is associated to a niche. As a result, a community of followers is built who turn towards supporting the client’s business frequently because they find it relevant to their interest and lifestyle.

2. Consistent Posting

Users on Instagram and the platform itself favours accounts that post consistently and regularly. When someone followers your account on the platform, it means that they have followed after seeing your past posts and want to see more such posts in the future.

So, do not keep your account dead and hire Xcentric Services for handling Instagram E-Commerce Business account. Our marketing team will keep your account alive and grow a following by posting engaging content consistently.

Normally, we follow a posting calendar which might include quotes on Mondays, product featuring on Thursdays or video content on Fridays. Overall it all depends on the industry our clients belong to and the type of content their target audience prefers.

Grow Instagram Following

3. Sharing High-Quality Visuals

Instagram is a platform for posting visuals. The followers on it are always watching out for brands that share aesthetically pleasing images and videos. So, to up the chances of people liking the posts on our client’s Instagram account we stick to sharing high-quality visuals. All along, we also follow a consistent theme.

The marketing team at Xcentric Services understands well that visuals have the power to attract the audience and stimulate the agenda of marketing strategies. Ideally, we populate the Instagram business accounts of our clients with visuals in a unique and consistent style. Therefore, appealing to their target audience, building brand recognition, and increasing conversions.

4. Right Posting Time

Engagement levels on a post depend on the time and day you post it. If it is not posted at the right time, there are chances of no one seeing it. Sounds confusing and hard? Not anymore because we are aware of the Instagram Best Times to Post.

In our opinion, the best time to post is early morning and after 6 p.m. on weekdays when people are not working. On the other hand, on Friday’s we prefer posting late at night because the weekend comes ahead. Overall, the safest days to post on Instagram are Sundays – when people are laying in their bed scrolling through their social media feeds.

Instagram Best Times to Post

5. Instagram Advertising

All the ways mentioned above were so far organic. However, to increase reach and get more conversions on the Instagram E-Commerce Business accounts, we also place paid Ads. They increase the number of followers exposed to the products or services our client offers.

Ads that we place appear in-app, look completely native, and target a defined audience. They are in five forms – stories, videos, collections, photos, and carousel Ads. Similar to other social media advertising platforms, Instagram also allows targeting specific demographics based on location, gender, behaviours, and age. Thus, guaranteeing that the Ads are targeted to the right audience.

Wrapping Up

In this blog, we talked about FIVE ways we grow the Instagram business accounts for  clients; to get them followers that later convert into paying customers. Throughout handling the accounts, we focus on consistently delivering high-quality content by using every feature the platform offers. So, if you have an E-Commerce business and your goal is to Promote It On Instagram, get on board with Xcentric Services. We would love to help you meet your business goals and reach new heights of success. For getting started with us, drop an email at connect@xcentricservices.com NOW!







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