Business Instagram Account – Why Having One Is a MUST In 2022?

kashif ali

  • Jan 21, 2021

Do you have an Instagram business Account for your brand? If not yet, there is no better time than NOW. Instagram has already grown into a social giant in this tech world, and any business that is not on the platform yet is missing out on a lot of marketing opportunities. Are you now confused as to why being on Instagram is essential for your brand? Check out the Benefits of Instagram business that our marketing team at Xcentric Services has covered in this blog. By the end of it, you will surely know why investing in our Instagram Marketing Services in today’s world is a MUST.

·  Storytelling On Business Instagram Account

If there was one thing that captivated human feelings and emotions instantly, it would be storytelling. It surely is for us, as we love hearing a good story – be it about celebrities, digital marketing trends, or a happily ever after.

Simply put, storytelling is a part of human nature. From a business perspective, there is no better way to relate with your customers than through storytelling. And that is exactly what we do on behalf of our clients to provide them the Benefits of a Business Account on Instagram.

By building the presence of brands on Instagram business and sharing engaging visual content on their behalf, we connect with their target audience. Though most of all, we focus on using the platform’s essential feature that allows storytelling – Instagram Business Stories. Using this feature, we share our client’s brand stories and make customers a part of their journey when a new product is about to be launched.

Benefits of a Business Account on Instagram

·  Increased Audience Reach

Do you really want to increase your audience reach? Then having a Business Instagram Account and investing in our Instagram business Marketing Services is your way to go, regardless of your niche. Instagram has an audience base for every business, but the only challenge is finding it. As we are an Instagram business Marketing Agency, our marketing pros at Xcentric Services can help you find your audience base.


With over 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram gives businesses a rare opportunity to get their brand in front of the world, sell products, and market themselves. We take up this opportunity and use Instagram Business Tips to increase each of our client’s audience reach on Instagram.

·  Boosts Engagement Rate

Without any doubt, the Instagram business boasts the highest engagement rates of all the major social media platforms – including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In fact, Instagram also has the highest brand engagement rate. This means that the audience on the platform is more open to branded content than on any other social media platform.

Hence, when you get our Business’s Instagram Advertising and marketing services, we will boost your customer engagement rates by placing Ads and updating your Instagram Feed regularly. Moreover, our team will also put in the best efforts to spark conversations with your audience by using relevant hashtags and posting visuals with the right-fitting captions.

Boosts Engagement Rate

·  Influencer Marketing

Influencers on Instagram are more popular than ever because of their huge audience base and extensive reach. What is more amazing is the fact that there are TOO MANY of them on Instagram. So first and foremost, when you get on board with us, we find influencers relevant to your niche and partner with them to better promote your brand.

You will be amazed how far and high our take on Influencer Marketing will take your business as all these personalities are trusted by the Millennials and Generation Z. Want to be the lucky business that reaches new heights by partnering with influencers? Get in touch with us at Xcentric Services and the rest of the responsibility is on us!

·  Keeping Check On Competitors

In many of our previous articles, we have stressed enough why it is MUST for businesses to have a Business Instagram Account as soon as they go live. It is quite safe to assume that if not all, but many of your competitors are already there on Instagram.

So why not have a presence on the platform and keep an eye on their performance? Though do not worry, you will not have to spend your precious time being a Sherlock Holmes – our marketing team will do that for you. All you have to do is get on board with us. We will help you build on your competitors’ flaws, engage with the target audience better, and in the longer run – stand your Instagram business out.

·  Selling On Instagram

Not to mention online web stores, but even if you are just a brick-and-mortar business, you can still sell on Instagram business. Over the years, Instagram has evolved drastically as a social media platform, so much so that we now emphasize to our clients to leverage product placement on Instagram business.

Above and beyond marketing the products of our clients on Instagram business, we also sell their products on the platform through Shoppable Posts. Such posts enable tagging the products with details like product descriptions, price, and a CTA – SHOP NOW, which links to the online web store. Therefore, making the platform an alternative marketplace for businesses.

Need Help With Instagram Marketing?

All these benefits of being on Instagram have influenced you to add Instagram Marketing to your digital marketing radar, and you now need some help from professionals. Let our marketing team at Xcentric Services take charge of planning your Instagram Marketing Strategy. And you can take the back seat while we get you remarkable results.







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