Instagram Vs. Facebook Marketing Packages: Which Are Better?

Ali Kazmi

  • Jan 01, 2021

Do you plan on investing in social media advertising but are not sure where to drop your bombs – Instagram or Facebook? Quite honestly, it is a hard-hitting question. Our marketing team at Xcentric has an equally tough answer to it – that everything depends. Even though both social media platforms have an overlapping audience base, the specs and demographics are quite different. Hence, in this blog, we have brought Instagram Ads vs. Facebook Ads to make choosing between Instagram and Facebook Marketing Packages easier for businesses. 

Being a digital marketing agency, we provide Facebook Marketing and Instagram Marketing Services as well to our clients. Counting on our experience, we believe that both platforms have various advantages for business in Pakistan.

Whether you be on one of them or both, the results depend on your business goals and how well your marketing strategies are planned. Hence, to help you decide where to invest, we have dived deep into our Instagram Marketing and Facebook Marketing Services.

Instagram Ads Vs. Facebook Ads Management

When providing online advertising services to businesses in Pakistan, we manage Instagram and Facebook Marketing Services Packages both through Facebook’s Ads Manager. This makes it easier for us to market to our client’s target audience on both platforms.

On Instagram, we place an Ad with just a tap on the PROMOTE button on every post and story. For clients who do not want to go into the nitty-gritty of online advertising, we consider placing Instagram Ads as they are the simplest route to generating quality leads.

On the other hand, when placing Ads on Facebook, we choose between many options of objectives and Ad sets. Moreover, by testing various combinations and showing the Ad previews to our clients, we keep them updated with the Facebook Advertising strategy.

However, if a client is getting their business advertised for the first time on both platforms and has an audience base on each, we start with Instagram Marketing first. Once we build their strong presence on Instagram, we head over to Facebook and get the most out of the client’s investment in Facebook Marketing Packages. 

Instagram Ads Marketing

Audience And Demographics          

When it comes to Instagram Ads vs. Facebook Ads, we choose that platform for our clients where they already have an audience base demographics to cover their niche. But first, what is the difference between demographics and an audience base? Usually, marketers use these terms interchangeably. While demographics is a term that refers to the overall user base or the platform, the audience though is our client’s account followers that we plan to reach.

To plan out advertising campaigns for both Facebook and Instagram, we take a look at the demographics to ensure that our client’s target audience is active on the platforms. Considering demographics, Facebook has the widest ground than any other social media platform.

Quite honestly, considering the demographics, Facebook never disappoints us. We have always found more or less of our client’s target audience on Facebook. However, that is now how it goes on Instagram.

The demographics of Instagram included more of the Millennials and Generation Z in the last few years. Hence, before targeting an Ads campaign on Facebook or Instagram, we make sure that the audience of our client is a part of the demographics.

Moreover, talking about the audience, both Facebook and Instagram go side by side. Facebook’s audience information can be viewed in the Insights tab and Instagram’s audience is right inside the application’s Insights. All in all, being a Facebook Marketing Company, we have placed Ads on both platforms for different clients of ours. Safe to say, they have always been a success.

Instagram Ads vs. Facebook Ads

Type Of Content 

When deciding between Instagram and Facebook Marketing Packages for clients, our marketing team has a look at the existing content and their marketing budget. To be precise, they look for the answers to these questions:

What kind of content does the brand’s target audience like?

Does the brand want to invest more in content marketing?

Do they already have photos and videos that can be promoted as Ads?

Once we get the answers to these questions and are clear about the way ahead to planning advertising strategies, we ask our clients how they want us to place their Ads. If we go ahead with placing Facebook Ads, we provide our clients to choose between the following Ad types:

  • Single Image
  • Carousels – two or more scrollable photos or videos
  • Promoting already exiting posts that are already shared on the feed

Talking of Instagram Ads, we provide the same options as for Facebook Ads. However, there is a bit of a twist. As the links in Instagram posts are not clickable, we add CTA buttons instead; for driving the audience directly to the website. 


Being a business ourselves, we understand that it can be challenging to test out different goals and objectives; serving a specific audience. Hence, let go off the worry by hiring us – we won’t let the Instagram Ads vs. Facebook Ads war bug you any longer. Considering that we are a leading Facebook Marketing Agency in Pakistan as well as an Instagram Marketing Agency, we know the art of balancing both.

By tweaking and placing the same Ads on both platforms, we will double your ROI and generate quality leads. Moreover, we do so without going overboard on the marketing budget. Sounds promising? Then stop procrastinating and hire Xcentric as your partner digital marketing agency TODAY! 







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