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  • Sep 01, 2021

Most of us have heard the term SEO concerning digital marketing and the internet in general. Regardless, it is surprising that only a few actually understand what the term means. If you are not one of them and are new to the term, we at Xcentric Services have you covered as a Pakistan Top SEO Company. By the end of this article, you will learn everything about SEO and how we plan effective strategies; to increase rankings for businesses.

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How We Plan Effective SEO Strategies?

SEO is basically some qualitative measure taken to increase online website traffic and rankings on search engine result pages. Quantity also plays a BIG role in this as publishing more content, adding more links, and using targeted keywords helps rank websites over time. So, here are a few best practices we follow at Xcentric Services when providing Professional SEO Services.

1. Keyword Research & Targeting

Keywords are phrases that the people on the internet usually use to search on search engines like Google and Bing. These keywords determine a website’s ranking. Therefore, targeting the right ones at the right place is important to help a business climb up on rankings. Well, if you are worried about how you will, leave the responsibility on the Pakistan Top SEO Company – Xcentric Services.

Over the years, our keyword targeting strategy has changed a lot. Previously, it used to be stuffing as many keywords as possible in the content. However now, such content is considered spammy by Google Algorithm. Hence, our SEO experts do their own research for every client and use highly targeted keywords – that are later fitter into the content naturally. Also, the search engines are getting smarter day by day, and we can make staying on them work for you the smart way.

2. Metadata

Built on the foundation that is laid with keyword researching and targeting, metadata is not just important but a surefire way we direct traffic to a website. It is one of the first things the visitors and Google get to see on a website on the search engine result pages. Google uses crawlers to scan through websites and their metadata to gather information matching search queries. Hence, the metadata needs to be relevant if a business wants to stay on top of the rankings.

Metadata includes meta descriptions and meta titles – such as the page titles and short preview content that you see while searching on Google. Moreover, for images, we include ALT tags while providing the Best SEO Services in Pakistan – because they are also considered as metadata.

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3. Link Building

Moving towards the more technical side as the Pakistan Top SEO Company, we also consider acquiring backlinks as one of the most crucial factors in SEO. Backlinks are what a website gets when another website links to its articles or blog posts. Not only does this gain high domain authority but also increases clicks on the link and visits on the website.

For our clients at Xcentric Services, we gain organic links by simply publishing engaging content as guest posts on the website with high domain authority. The more we get backlinks, the more traffic our clients get on their websites. To speed up the link building process, we perform the following activities too when providing E-Commerce SEO Services in Pakistan:

  • Guest Blogging
  • Answering on Quora
  • Testimonials
  • Infographics
  • Technical SEO

Carrying forward, there are many technical issues at the backend of every website. Once addressed, they can make a HUGE difference in its SEO score. And, if a website does not have a user-friendly interface, it will be hard for visitors to take any action. Hence, whether it is optimizing the website speed, removing irrelevant backlinks, or creating an XML Map, we can do it all; to secure high rankings.

Why Is SEO Important?

For businesses that look for cost-effective and long-term investment in digital marketing efforts, SEO is a win-win. Not only is SEO budget-friendly than paid advertising, but the effects it has on rankings are also long-lasting. While PPC campaigns require updating and the costs fluctuate, our Best SEO Services Packages involve using organic data to plan targeted keywords.

Certainly, at first, SEO can feel like a turtle losing the race. However, after us providing you Best SEO Services for Small Business and targeting strategies, you will see increase in website’s traffic. Moreover, the more we stay on optimizing a website, the more domain authority and backlinks we build – on better keywords.

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Lock Your SEO Success In 2021

This post has only highlighted just a part of the best SEO practices we follow. However, in reality, it is a marketing channel that grows every day with new changes in the Algorithm. To stay prepared and handle whatever is to come your way, get on board with Xcentric Services. We are the Best SEO Company in Pakistan that can help you fight the test of time in the SEO world and put in our best resources to rank you on search engine result pages. Drop us an email at connect@xcentricservices.com to get your customized plan for E-Commerce SEO Campaign Services in Pakistan.







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