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Ali Kazmi

  • Apr 23, 2020

In this era, generating traffic from the search engines like Google is not analogous to all those ways, practicing which the traditional brick and mortar businesses used to grow their organic traffic. Though undoubtedly, the retailers fancied similar traffic for centuries.

Today, we’re at the height of digitization. And considering that you’re reading this article, you’re aware of the importance of SEO in increasing an online store’s traffic.

Magento 2; Launched in 2015, it had an updated shopping cart and boasted great SEO features. However, it wasn’t much SEO friendly back then. But today it is best noted that Magento now addresses SEO and is SEO friendly right out of the box.

Magento SEO Tips by Xcentric Services

If you’re here looking for some tips to increase your store’s traffic with Magento SEO, you’re at the right place. Xcentric being one of the top-ranked Digital Marketing Agency in Pakistan, and also a recognized Magento Solution Partner excels optimizing E-Commerce platforms, to achieve the best. Moreover, we also have a team that specializes in Magento Web Design and Development.

Hence, considering our experience of working with the ever-growing Magento platform, we’ve shared for you some of the best Magento SEO tips. Head over, discover them, and boost your Magento store’s traffic.

1. Optimize the Product Images

Uploading product images on your online store isn’t enough in this SEO driven era. Optimizing them is the real catch, specifically on Magento. Hence, to rank your product on the SERPs of Google, and to increase your store’s traffic, optimize every image by;

  • Describing a Product Image with a proper name, instead of random numbers
  • Use targeted Keywords in the Image Description by adding Alt Text

Optimize using the mentioned ways through the configuration options available under each of the thumbnails aka, the product image. Where you can input the Alt text and can view the image resolution, size, etc.

2. Set Canonical Tags to avoid Content Duplication

Thousands of Magento Commerce sites are in trouble. The accused – Content Duplication. Magento SEO can resolve this matter by adding canonical tags. Therefore, if your online store has loads of duplicate content that connects with a central page, and you strive to show Google the exact location of the right page, then canonical tags are essential.

To help you out with some further details our Magento Professionals team at Xcentric has listed out some causes of content duplication;

  • Multiple categories for similar products
  • Pagination – Fitting in more products on a page than it can accommodate
  • Variations of products sharing minor differences

Identify the reason behind your content duplicating and fix them pages by adding canonical tags, which can be efficiently done by logging in to your Magento Admin.

Magento Professionals team at Xcentric

3. Develop an Out-of-Stock Product SEO Strategy

Managing an online store, you must’ve come across situations when the products are out of stock. How do you tackle such situations?

Our Magento SEO specialists at Xcentric suggest the best practice is to leave the page as it is. If you plan to bring the product back into the inventory. However, keep in mind the fact that today’s savvy generation refuses websites that are misleading.

Hence, the real Magento SEO catch is to keep them out-of-stock product pages live, all while assuring that they’re updated with the details of when the customers can expect the product to be back in store. We’d recommend using a Magento extension for notifying the customers whenever the product is back in stock.

4. Magento SEO Extensions

Even though you have the hold of all the tips mentioned, already, you still might need a tool to get complete control over your Magento store’s SEO. So if you’re looking for some extended features that make optimizing an online store feel like a breeze went by, consider getting a Magento SEO Extension. They’ll help you generate proper results and competitive advantage, ensuring a constant return on investment (ROI).

Magento SEO Extensions

The Upshot

Even though we’ve shared all the tips and tricks of how Magento SEO can increase your online sales, not all of them might help you. Despite this, there’s always someone that can help you in the game of SEO. Therefore, bring your Magento Commerce store to Xcentric and reach the highest SERP ranks you’ve aimed.







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