How can Xcentric Increase Your Online Sales Conversion Rate?

Ali Kazmi

  • Jun 15, 2020

You’ve got visitors on your Dynamics E-Commerce website, but the online sales conversion volume doesn’t seem logical? Conversion Optimization Services are precisely all you need as a booster for your Dynamics 365 E-Commerce website because they turn visitors into potential customers which results in online sales conversion.

Technically, there’s an on-site conversion when a digital visitor takes a specific action on your website, which you want them to take. For example; Securing a purchase, downloading a whitepaper, enrolling for a class, or filling a contact form. However, on-site online sales conversion can be more complex, just like the steps that lead to the final conversions. For example; Clicking on a link, viewing a video, or reading a demanding piece of content.

At Xcentric Services, our E-Commerce Website Development and Conversion Marketing Services are focused on Conversion Rate Optimization. Our team uses your website’s analytics and user feedback to analyze the reasons behind your visitors not converting into customers, all while aiming to fix everything.

What will Xcentric do to increase your CONVERSION RATE?

The dilemma of Conversion Rate Optimization – It looks easy, but it isn’t. Even though businesses having an experience of working in the digital world can look at a website and point out immediate issues, the thing is, how do you know that these are the ONLY problems?

The reality is, we don’t. The only way to uncover is to test and observe. However, it can be very simplistic to make assumptions about what to test and then plunge in and start testing them. Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to run conversion rate tests based on exact data from your target audience?

In this article, we’re going to go into the details of the process we use at Xcentric for Conversion Rate Optimization. So let’s get right into the process we take our clients through.

1. Analyze

As an initial step, our team works on analyzing where your visitors fail to continue through the buying process. And for this purpose, we specifically focus on the E-Store itself and ask these questions to see what data we can gather to plan a testing solution.

How does the online sales conversion process look?

At this point, we sit down with our client and map put their selling process from the start to the end, including each touch-point between their visitors and the Magento E-Commerce Development Website. Technically speaking, the answers to this question takes us pretty granular into each part of our client’s sales process. Thus, making problem identification much more accessible.

Moreover, we also review the funnels in analytics or set them up, considering that they don’t exist. This way, we find out the drop-off points, which lets us take a deeper dive into the whys and how’s; Technical problems might take all the blame here.

What is the usual traffic breakdown of online sales?

At this point, we dive into the existing analytics data that you hold from the website, to get a better perception of core elements like; 

  • Website Traffic 
  • Demographics the Website Attracts 
  • The technology used by Website Visitors; Mobile Devices or a Website 

Is there any back-end data accessible?

Although businesses are developing, many analytics platforms do not integrate offline or back-end data by default. Hence, we go digging for it. Typically, this isn’t covered in standard analytics views because it takes place offline. However, we believe, it provides a wealth of information about our client’s products and customers, such as what caused a customer to cancel their order, or what prompted them to ask for a refund.

Magento E-Commerce Development

2. Hypothesize

As the next step, we outline the information we gathered after analyzing, to create a plan, and design a testing solution. Though before we jump right into this step of the process, we get backed up by real data and insightful answers to these questions;

What to test?

Based on the information we gathered by analyzing, we watch out for common trends; Beginning with the most frequent customer objections. For instance; If a prevalent theme of customer feedback affirms that knowing the payment details would be safer, we hypothesize that adding more trust signals to the checkout process will boost the number of visitors, converting into customers.

Who to test?

Understanding the diversity in the types of visitors on a website, not just in terms of demographic, but also in terms of where their mind is at in phases of the buying cycle is essential. An important example to keep in mind is new vs. returning customers. Hence, we but both the type of customers; New and Returning, into different tests because their mindsets are different, and we can’t support unreliable results for our hypothesis. Hence, before deciding on who to test, we segment the audience smartly based on various attributes.

Where to test?

While closing down the phase of the hypothesis, before we begin on planning and designing a testing solution, we specify the pages of your website which we’ll be testing. We know, the thought of why can’t we test multiple pages at a time must’ve crossed your mind. The buying cycles for different products vary, though we can still test similar products at once, testing two product pages at once might deliver skewed results.

Best CRM for E-Commerce

3. Implementation

Next, we implement the designed experiments and run split tests on our client’s Best CRM for E-Commerce website. However, the more complex the website will be, the more time and effort the design takes to go live. Rest assured, we’ll test the designed experiments across multiple browsers, and all while giving you a few options of picking who do you want to see your test; new customers or the returning ones?

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4. Testing

This step varies concerning your website’s specific circumstances. Hence, we test the solutions on your website till the time we find the right combination of variations that maximize conversions and online sales.

Having stated that, we spend additional time on the changes that we plan on making, just to double-check that they are in-line with the previous steps. And for that reason, we seek answers to these questions;

  • Are the changes accurately testing the hypothesis?
  • Do the changes keep the design on-brand? 
  • Are the changes technically implementable?

Even though these questions might seem too basic, we always take a step back and get the answers to these questions because we always believe in providing precise Conversion Rate Optimization solutions, more than our clients expect.

5. Reporting

Before diving in and reporting the results of the hypothesis, we make sure that we reach the demographic significance. However, there are two possible results;

The Hypothesis was CORRECT

 If your test was a success and it enhanced conversions then that’s cool, but what’s next? Getting Web Development Services is the next step because to deploy the changes on the website, and to roll out a successful design, you probably need help from a Web Development Company in Lahore

A Failed Hypothesis

Honestly speaking, failed tests do happen, and some experts fear to talk about them, but the catch here is not dropping your guns and learning from experience; that’s what we do. And from this failure, we begin the journey again with the logs of data that we collected to boost your online sales because this is an ongoing process.

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Why Xcentric?

Being a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we manage everything from research and review through to test theories, design, and build. We begin each project with extensive research to understand why your visitors aren’t converting and what issues they might have. Next, we compose concepts and design brand-new versions of your web pages with our Magento E-Commerce Development Services, ensuring better online sales conversions. All you need to do is get in touch with us – We’ll handle the rest!







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