Improving The Windows 10 Update Experience

John Smith

  • Apr 25, 2019

Users were not pleased with the current update system and after getting their feedback Microsoft announced to make improvements regarding Windows updates.

It is very hard to offer your services over different devices such as mobiles, tablets, and computers even different types of laptops. Microsoft tries to maximize the ease of the user and offers the best user interface regarding the operating system. The promises by Microsoft were fading away when their users shared negative feedback on the Windows 10 update system. The irritating and disruptive Windows 10 update system left users unhappy.

The automatic installation of the updates was an issue so Microsoft decided to give more control to the users so that users can schedule and postpone the update.

This was a major issue left in Windows 10 otherwise Windows 10 is the most installed operating system right now and if your computer is not running the latest edition of Windows 10, do visit Xcentric Services website for the best Windows 10 price in Pakistan.

Let’s check more about the announcement that Microsoft shared about the Windows 10 update system.

Microsoft Allow Customers More Control Of Updates

It is said that in a couple of weeks, May 2019 update will be out and with the release of the update, Microsoft is going to introduce new features that will provide users more clarity and control over the update experience, both for feature updates and optional monthly non-security updates.

Introducing new straightforward controls particularly designed to help prevent updates from occurring surprisingly and the user can select the updates that he wants to install. The most important change will be a download and install option in the settings.

The option will allow users a separate control to initiate the installation of a feature update on suitable devices with no known key blocking compatibility issues.

More Improvements To Offer More Control To Users

Prolonged the ability to pause updates for Windows feature and monthly updates. This feature will be supported by latest versions of Windows 10 which will also include the Home version. Windows 10 updates were so disturbing that the system starts updating during something really important such as presenting something on your computer and the computer just reboots. Now Microsoft allows the user to pause the updates no matter monthly or feature updates for up to 35 days.

Keeping one thing in mind, when the 35 days pause will end the user will update the Windows before the next pause.

Before the update, the active hours on the computer were set by user or default but now it will be smart enough to detect the active hours according to the use of the user.

Focus On Quality

Microsoft never compromises on quality and it is extremely important. Microsoft will be improving the quality of all the features that are coming with this update and presently working features. Users will experience a good change regarding quality.

Public Dashboard For Increased Issue Transparency

Microsoft tries to work on some major principles and one of its core principles is transparency. The company is going to invest in regular and clear communications with customers kind of support so that they can know and solve user’s issues.

Microsoft is also going to launch a new Windows health dashboard soon this month that will offer users real-time information on the current rollout status and known issues open or resolved across both feature and monthly updates.

These were some major changes that we are going to experience in the May 2019 update and by me, I meant Windows 10 user. If you are not a Windows 10 user it is ok, you can buy it now. Just go to Xcentric Store online and you will have Windows 10 price in Pakistan.







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