Importance Of Windows 10 For Your Computer

John Smith

  • Mar 11, 2019

With the new technologies and latest features all over, people just want to get up to date with the trends. Microsoft looks like cashing this opportunity.

With the best product range and keeping the demand and views of the public in mind. Microsoft never misses a chance to surprise its users. When windows 7 was launched people were very pleased with the operating system because of its look and functionality.

After that launch of windows, 8 went well as a product but many people were having some different ideas about the start menu and the tiles. Microsoft then launched windows 10 in the year 2015 and from that day till now windows 10 is doing great.

Microsoft keeps on launching updates twice every year and those updates have some new and useful features that people like very much. If you are not using windows 10 you should switch to the latest operating system from Microsoft. Xcentric Services take this responsibility to spread out Microsoft products all over Pakistan because of partners with Microsoft our clients and customers trust us and our services. To get the best windows 10 price in Pakistan you can check our website and see yourself.

With the increase in technology, computers need something huge to support more applications and run properly. An operating system as massive as windows 10 can perform all the required duties and whenever Microsoft thinks that any update is needed Microsoft launches it. Windows 10 is no need for every computer.

Since 2015 the operating system is fulfilling all the requirements of the users. In the year 2018 couple of major updates were released especially the October 10 update of the windows and the users really appreciated that. Sometimes there are some issues faced by the users but the support from Microsoft addresses the issues with full dedication.

Microsoft is a technology company since 1975 and serving its users with full devotion. Some ups and downs came during this tenure but the best thing is Microsoft sticks to what it users have to say about the products.

Many of you might hear about the end of support of Windows 7 in the year 2020. That means once the support is ended the users will be using an insecure operating system in their machines, just if they keep on using it. Otherwise, they have the option to upgrade to windows 10 anytime. Well, many people felt that Microsoft is doing this to increase the windows 10 sales but the company has disclosed the reason and according to it, Microsoft wants to give the best technology to their users.

Still, many users don’t use the operating system because of their fears or the things they hear from others. Well, let me tell you that Windows 10 was free for all windows 7 and windows 8 users when it was launched and thousands of users upgraded the windows for free.

With the new built-in applications and features, there are more chances to improve your creativity and the support of almost all the apps helps you increase your productivity. This makes windows 10 an all-in-one operating system for users. For graphics designing or any office work, all the software is supported. Windows has its own Xbox application so that Xbox users can get benefits from Windows 10 as well.

It will really turn good for you if you upgrade to windows 10 on time otherwise you might face some issues and Microsoft or windows will not be responsible for that. It is your time to treat your computer with the latest Windows 10 features and beautify your desktop. Go to the Xcentric Services store to get the latest windows 10 price in Pakistan.







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