The Importance of Keywords and Page Speed for your Online Store

Ali Kazmi

  • Aug 24, 2020

Ever tried your hands on strategizing an SEO Services campaign? If your answer is a yes, we assume that you understand how much in-depth the importance of keyword research goes. And genuinely, at some point, you must have asked yourself – Do KEYWORDS matter? Well, yes, they do.

The importance Of Keywords is the foundation of an SEO Services in Pakistan campaign. Precisely, they are your roadmap towards success, which is why you need to be careful about choosing them. A few wrongly targeted keywords, and BOOM, you go down the path of failure. And on the brighter side, if you win the gamble by choosing the right ones, your success is guaranteed.

Why the selection of Keywords is a BIG part of an SEO Campaign?

importance of keywords

Imagine encountering a problem. What is the first thing you do to find a solution? We know the answer – GOOGLE. Now, if the answer you were looking for involved buying a product, you will probably consider the top search results and make a purchase comparing them. And that is the exact catch – being on the first page of the search engine. Hence, selecting keywords is a huge part of strategizing an SEO campaign.

When a person searches for a specific term or a keyword, they might be searching for it from the literal sense, or maybe certain clues that lie underneath. For instance, let’s suppose you search for the Best Magento Development Agency 2020. In literal senses, this keyword locates every agency that boasts positive reviews and is known as one of the best.

However, the information that needs consideration is that those searching this keyword are looking for reasons for why an XYZ agency is the best, supposing that they are new to the E-Commerce Website Development world and are researching to choose an agent; to put up a Pakistan Selling Site based on Magento.

Technically, the important of keywords also acts as personas, in the sense that they help you locate your target audience. However, even though the keywords you target on a specific page are the primary target, they should connect with your target audience on a bunch of related searches.

All in all, along with knowing the importance of keywords, you need to make an educated and informed decision while selecting them for your SEO campaign. And for that, you can play around with options until you find the right-fitting target keywords. Though if you are skeptical of your decision, hire a Digital Marketing Company that can help you nail your rankings by hitting on the best opportunities.

importance of keywords

The SEO Ranking Competition – A Marathon or a Sprint?

When savvy marketers talk about Search Engine Optimization Services in Pakistan campaigns and keywords, they name it a marathon, not a sprint because it demands time, effort, and lots of patience to get the results.

Here’s what we do at Xcentric for SEO projects – We dig into the opportunities that empower you by boosting your rankings. So, while you build on your overall domain authority by creating content that offers something to the viewers, and shows the search engines that you have the expertise, you can slowly start working on long-tail keywords(Importance of Keywords) that your competitors bet on. This way, you can form a content strategy that reaches your target audience and shows them how familiar you are with the industry.

Though before jumping to the conclusion, in this article, we’ve also covered some ways you can boost your web pages’ speed because when it comes to Magento Website Design, time matters. Let’s get through them!

Improving Page Speed – 5 Best Practices

Even a few seconds make a difference when it comes to keeping your target audience’s attention. Hence, the importance of keywords for a website’s page speed. An extra second in your loading time is a matter of concern because it can lead to drops in page views, conversion rates, and your hard-earned audience. So with all this in mind, we’ve covered for you the best practices that help improve page speed and keep a website up and running.

1. Evaluate Page Speed

The initial step of fixing your loading times is to analyze them and identify the obstacle. You can run a test that reveals the load times of every component on your webpage and conclude what takes the longest time to load.

Popular tools like GTMetrix, WooRank, and WebPageTest can help you analyze where these delays are coming from, show where the gap begins to appear and when a web page loads completely. So, by getting a perception of the areas where your page speed hurts, you can take a more precise approach to locate the problem domains and the solutions to have quick loading times.

2. Optimize Image Gallery

One of the more frequent causes of delays in load time and page speed can be image files. Most of the product images businesses use are high-quality, and that’s the exact reason behind loading speed issues. As an alternate, prefer using a free image re-sizer that brings down the file size without compromising on the resolution quality.

3. Remove Excessive Plugins

Some plugins, like Google Analytics, provide value to Web Stores with the information they fetch. However, contrary to this, these are some plugins that slow down the loading time.

So check your HTML code, analyze if you need all the plugins, and remove the ones that are not essential. Rest assured, this practice helps improve your website’s speed and loading time and provides your viewers with a far better experience.

4. Lay-off Unnecessary Codes

Before a web page is viewable, the CCS file is required to load. So if you have built on the same old code for years, you might have piled up on unnecessary coding.

The above scenario causes a delay in the visibility of your website. And eventually, you will lose viewers that have not reached you yet. So, to optimize your page speed, review your CSS, and remove the extra elements that are of use. You’ll surely give your web pages a noticeable boost with this practice.

5. Cache the Web Pages

Caching web pages means reducing the number of requests you make to the server. By doing so, you can boost your page speed considerably. Savvy websites that use this practice are usually successful when they experience high traffic volumes.

Hence, play your hands on this and make sure that your website is well prepared for a rush of viewers and makes it easier for returning visitors to reach your website easily and quickly.

Struggling with Keywords and Page Speed Optimization? We can help!

With the help of our SEO Services in Lahore and expert Magento Commerce Developers, your SEO problems can surely be addressed. Are you ready to head up your website’s ranking and performance? We are a digitally-armed Digital Marketing Agency, all set to top-rank your website, all while ensuring that your viewers will be impressed with how you operate, leading to boosted conversions. So look no further, get in touch with us at Xcentric Services today!







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