Importance Of Digital Marketing & Our Positive Take On It

kashif ali

  • Feb 23, 2022

Are you looking for the newest ways to promote your business and always hear people talking about the Importance of Digital Marketing? Being a full-service agency, we at Xcentric Services also believe that it is a valuable asset for growing a business in this era and helps in establishing a strong online presence. In fact, 90% of the time, channels like SEO marketing and social media marketing make a business successful on digital media. Moreover, paid advertising methods like pay-per-click marketing also boost brand awareness by almost 80%. So, are these stats convincing you to invest in digital marketing? Even if they are, let us convince you more with SIX reasons why going ahead with this decision is important.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Digital Marketing

People often question why their business needs to have a presence on social media. Other than just growth, there are endless benefits to it which not many are familiar with. Hence, in this blog, we have covered FIVE reasons Why Digital Marketing is Important for every business. Keep scrolling and reading to understand why NOW is the time to adopt this marketing channel and move past the traditional marketing ways.

Why Digital Marketing is Important

1. Reach People Where They Are Spending Time

With the internet taking the world by storm, people have started spending more and more of their time online. More than 7.7 billion people around the globe now use Google and social media – whether for work purposes, simply passing their leisure time, or connecting with friends and family.

In short, the internet has grown into an integral part of everyone’s daily life for conducting searches, checking social media, and even making purchases online. All of this concludes that your customers are also online. Therefore, highlighting investing in digital marketing is now important than ever – if you want to reach your target audience.

Your customers are probably browsing through the internet right now too, looking for the products or services you sell. Think of them not being able to spot you just because you are not out there or your in-house team does not know how to plan effective digital marketing strategies? Oh well, this is a nightmare that can only end when you partner with an agency like Xcentric Services. We will make sure that you do not lose on your leads to the competitors and have a worth-noticing presence on digital media with result-driven marketing strategies.

2. Beat The Competitors Already On It

Are you wondering why digital marketing is considered extremely important now? The instant answer our marketing team would give is – your competitors are already targeting digital marketing strategies. Many of them might have already taken full advantage of it and generated many leads.

In the current times that we are living in, almost every business is on social media, has adapted for SEO, and runs paid advertising campaigns for reaching out to new leads. This in itself is a sign that you need to Invest in Digital Marketing right away. To compete with other businesses in the industry, we can help you do everything your competitors are already doing and much more.

Putting it all together, stop neglecting digital marketing because doing so will lead to you falling behind in the competition. Buckle up and direct the traffic of your competitors towards your business with digital marketing. Thus, showing the target audience that your business is also there as an option – other than that of your competitors.

Invest in Digital Marketing

3. Target The Ideal Audience

One of the obvious reasons behind the Importance of Digital Marketing is the audience targeting ability. Imagine getting the option to directly target those who are interested in the products or services you offer as a business? Thanks to digital marketing, reaching out to the already interested leads is now easy.

Hence, leave the hope that the target audience will notice your traditional marketing efforts and contact you. Let the marketing professional at Xcentric Services get you leads by precisely targeting the audience. They input relevant information about the audience a client defines and then use it for shaping the marketing campaigns.

For instance, say that the ideal customers for your business are men between the ages of 25-28. We can help you reach this ideal audience on digital media and convince them to follow your business. Moreover, the audience can be segmented too. Let’s say you want to target men and women, both of the same age group. In this case, we segment them into two groups and deliver a customized marketing experience relevant to their interest. As a result, the audience is targeted better, and the marketing campaign results are more convincing.

4. Monitored Campaigns and Optimizable Results

Digital marketing campaigns can be tracked and monitored easily. Fair enough, when businesses invest money and time into marketing on digital media, they want to see them working. On top of it, when you hire Xcentric Services to target them for you, our team will track the campaigns and tweak them whenever needed to optimize the results.

In comparison, if the business uses traditional marketing methods, knowing the results gets too challenging For example, when a TV Ad is run, there is no record of who saw it, and practically speaking, you cannot ask anyone if the Ads brought them to your business. It will be annoying for the customers and time-consuming

Hence, do not bother your audience and leverage digital marketing strategies. We assure that every campaign run on digital media will be tracked for ROI and other KPIs such as clicks, shares, likes, impressions, conversions, and more. Moreover, all along tracking the performance and monitoring, we also fix the campaigns and adapt to whatever is trending. It gets more in results and helps spend the marketing budget wisely.

Digital Marketing Campaign

5. High Return On Investment

To every business owner who does not understand the Importance of Digital Marketing, we show the results that are driven by it. Without any doubt, online marketing strategies generate a high return on investment. So when you do invest in them, they are bound to deliver. Of all the methods, in our experience, SEO and social media marketing deliver the highest returns.

For each dollar spent on digital marketing, you can earn an ROI of upto 40%. What is the delay now? Take the opportunity and get on board with us to target your digital marketing strategies. Cost-effectively, we will generate high profits for you.


Targeting a Digital Marketing Campaign is a surefire way to grow your business and reach potential customers. We at Xcentric Services can help you run multiple marketing campaigns on digital media and deliver valuable results. Being one of the best agencies in Pakistan, we deliver our clients the best of bests in marketing. So, to get started, contact us TODAY at connect@xcentricservices.com or call 0300 800 2094 for speaking to a marketing specialist.







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