How can your Business Retarget its Audience?

Mahum Khalid

  • Oct 25, 2019

The idea behind every Digital Marketing campaign in 2019 is to target customers and pass them down in their marketing funnel. Retargeting Ads are a form of Social Media Marketing, not the typical banner ads. Retargeting is just like socializing with new people. You don’t end up finding a perfect friend at that very moment. Instead, you start building a bond slowly over time by knowing each other’s personalities. You can always harness the power of retargeting, either through List Based Retargeting or Pixel Based Retargeting.

Here’s how you can drive people towards your business through retargeting.

Targeting the Newbies is the way

Newbies are new customers who’ve come up just to visit your website without any intention to hit the “buy” button. These newbies are a part of the awareness phase of your marketing funnel, so it is notoriously impossible to move them down the funnel at this stage.

Furthermore, you can only nurture them through retargeting. To achieve your goal, when newbies visit your website, convince them to share their email addresses by offering them some content in return. Target a marketing campaign through Google or Facebook Ads aimed at the emails of the newbies you’ve collected, to drive them towards your business.

Get the Confused Researchers Onboard

Retargeting can be applied to maintain and sustain a customer’s interest in your products. The confused researchers can be your future clients if you them after identifying and solving the problems they’re facing.

Gather a list of products the customer has clicked on at your site and for the next step, opt for Facebook’s carousel ad format to keep on reminding them about their interests. For example, if a business owner has clicked a blog post “How to advertise my business online? “, get them on board by driving them to your Facebook Marketing services.

Hold on to the Purchasers making their Final Decisions

The purchasers making their final decisions are the “Hot Traffic” for your business. They increase traffic to your website by actively searching for the products they desire to purchase. Holding on to these customers by providing solutions to their concerns about the payment options, delivery duration, and business policies can drive them towards your business.

Conduct a survey, find a solution, and then the customers through Facebook ads. These retargeting ads can give them a reason to be your client. These ads can be titled special discount offers, limited-time promotions on purchases, or notifications about which payment gateways your business offers. According to research, 92% of consumers look out for deals and promotions, which means offering them these pluses through retargeting ads will drive them towards your business.

Go an extra mile to increase your Customer’s Lifetime Value

Going an extra mile for your customers turned buyers is the key to boosting repeat sales. For example, a buyer has purchased a digital marketing services package for a month for their business. To give them value, offer an extension of a further month for these services, at a lesser promotional price. Offering the buyers supporting tools for products or services they’ve already purchased, is the best way to retarget.

In conclusion, excessive retargeting can be a bad idea too. So if you are not sure about going overboard with your retargeting goals, it’s safe to hire a reputed Digital Marketing Agency to help you with retargeting, while you focus on your products and services.







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